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Imperial President or Emperor With No Clothes?


Imperial President or Emperor With No Clothes?

Nomi Prins

Leaders are routinely confronted with philosophical dilemmas. Here’s a classic one for our Trumptopian times: If you make enemies out of your friends and friends out of your enemies, where does that leave you?

What does winning (or losing) really look like? Is a world in which walls of every sort encircle America’s borders a goal worth seeking? And what would be left in a future fragmented international economic system marked by tit-for-tat tariffs, travel restrictions, and hyper-nationalism? Ultimately, how will such a world affect regular people?


Absent any idea of how to govern, Trump just kept on campaigning. That is all he has done and that is all that he will do. Rabble raising is his raison d’être. Don’t expect change from him. He must be removed, but with Pence on deck it is hard to imagine improvement. With Ryan for the time being sticking his nose out of the dugout the prognosis fails to get better. Perhaps if the Democrats can win both the House and the Senate in November it could truly be Mueller Time. (I’m no Democrat–lifelong Independent–but at this point in time, that party is definitely the lesser evil.)


You still think you can vote your way out of this.


“…the EU has similarly announced retaliatory tariffs of 25% on 200 U.S. products…”

It is long since time the European vassals broke their chains and free themselves of the evil Empire.



Prins sez: “If you make enemies out of your friends and friends out of your enemies, where does that leave you?”

Um … a Democrat in Congress?


Without the slightest mention of TPP & NAFTA’s “Investor State Dispute Settlement” tribunals, this article can only be called “incompetent”.


What do you suggest?


wall on our southern border, may as well put on on the north border with Canada and also along both OCEANS in case somebody “undesirable” tries to creep in there too.


The EU has built some 800 miles of fences to restrict immigration. Hungry has walls. It is all very weird. That is why I like Mongolia, no walls.


I wish Prins would explain how the TPP’s dispute board, arbitration board, that could sue whole countries for imagined ‘loss of profit’ from regulatory constraints - like clean water, air and environmental degradation - was a good think for the world’s problems.


“I really don’t care do u”----I am sure Trump will be vetoing the current farm bill because it is filled with subsidies----and Trump is against subsidies----and I am sure Trump will be getting rid of all those socialist price supports for dairy???right??? I mean we are against socialism- look at what we are doing to Venezuela because they are socialists------I mean that guy Maduro is so evil he needs to be stopped-he wants to feed, cloth, and house all the people of Venezuala-----“I really don’t care do u”