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Imperialist Made Crisis of Migrants and Refugees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/23/imperialist-made-crisis-migrants-and-refugees

I hope the guillotines start running 24/7 soon.

The Aristocrats must fall.

Our world depends on it.

It my opinion that one of the factors that lead to Canada’s transition form what was seen as a nation of peace-keepers to one that is now just another Imperial power , was the adoption of NAFTA and the entry into other such organizations promoting “Free trade” and access to another nations markets and resources without restrictions.

In so doing the Government of Canada surrendered all of its authority to the Corporations. As far as the Government of Canada is now concerned , Canada can not do well unless its Corporations prosper. In order for those Corporations to prosper they demand full access to other markets and other Countries resources.

The Imperialist Coup in Haiti which Canada backed, was done to remove Aristide from power because he intended to nationalize the Countries mineral resources for the good of the people of Haiti. Canadian mining companies deemed this a threat to their survival , they snapped their fingers and the Government of Canada jumped to obey.

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Sorry to say, dear neo-tankie anti-imperialists, but while the US certainly does a lot of harm around the world - notably in the Americas, it is not to blame for the horrors of Syria and the need for a substantial portion of its population to flee. Assad and his ally Putin, crushed and executed our Syrian leftist comrades and rained hell on its cities, not the US.

We really seriously need a new spirit of internationalist solidarity on the left. And pursuant to it, this insular, US-centric, and alt-rightish conspiratorial narrative needs to go.

By my calculation based on the numbers in this article, one out of every 110 people on earth is a refugee.

Which is a drop in the bucket compared to the forced mass migrations that are soon to ensue due to sea level rise; food shortages caused by climate disruptions like floods, droughts, and disease outbreaks; and water wars.

Yep. It’s not going to end well.

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"Oil’s Wells That Ends, Well."

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Hold onto your eats. With the loss of pollinators and phytoplankton both caused by toxins billions of starving migrants will flood our communities long before the high tides of global warming. It ain’t going to be pretty and no wall, or army, can prevent it.