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Imperiling Progressive Change 'For as Long as We Live,' One in Five Federal Judges Now a Trump-Appointee

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/06/imperiling-progressive-change-long-we-live-one-five-federal-judges-now-trump

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There is a difference between justice and the rule of law. We’ve known that for years, but this difference will likely become abundantly clear from here on.

Judge’s decisions will need to be scrutinized carefully, and judges removed for misconduct - impeached.

More civil disobedience to highlight injustice will likely be necessary.

And yes, court reform. This judge for life crap has to go. Add more judges to courts if necessary.


Yep, The impeachment of Judges will now become normalized

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The seizing of the judiciary is historically a classic move by fascists. From here on out Amerika will drown in it’s own fascist swamp and that can only change if the revolution comes from within. Because who is there to save us…?


And who perpetrated this farce/fraud/travesty upon the US people? Who set up this whole vile stinking mess of a federal judiciary dominated by brainwashed, human-rights-denying, corporate-supremacy-affirming, Federalist Society hacks?

Answer: the corporatist duopoly set up this whole stinking mess. The foul GOP-DNC alliance that preserves the neoliberal fascist Washington DC Establishment set this up. Schumer and Obama and Trump and Pence and Biden and Hillary and the whole sick gang of billionaire buffoons who control DC… they’re the ones who did this. Human rights sold off to the highest bidder. The commercialization and monopolization and cheapening and vulgarización of every living being, of every feeling, every experience, every glance. They’ve killed the commons, destroyed democracy, and reduced nearly all human cultures of the globe into a squalid, brutish war of each against all.

They’ve shut down human progress to consolidate their wealth and power intergenerationally, forever into the future. They’ve raised a monster world where their mutant mental gestures — let’s not demean thinking by calling their cognitive processes “thoughts” — now rule the production of truth. Their fake epistemology now is taken for the only path to truth. And it’s a “truth” bereft of meaning, bereft of value, bereft of care, bereft of love, filled with cynicism and sarcasm and smugness and egoism and identity.

But mark my word. This fake implantation of the truth of humanity will not stand. The people know who they are. They are alive and alert and in solidarity. They are not a heartless bloodthirsty mass. They are not programmable. The neoliberal blueprint will always fail in the long run. The only real question is how much of the world it will destroy in the process of its own collapse. It will never destroy the human spirit, which yearns for justice and peace on a cosmic scale, at home and across the planet.


It’s a good start. And there’s still at least another year to go!

What is scary is that we have found that the republican senators have no allegiance to country, but put party, or at least trump, on the top rung. Will appointed judges be the same.

I don’t like my country anymore, and continue to wear my flag pin upside down as a personal reminder of the cut throat government we have.
Right-wing judges are only part of the problem. The people who’s brains that have been Foxed are a bigger problem.


How is it that Trump managed all these appointments in around three years and Obama in 8 could not do the same?

That “lets work across the aisle” stuff now being promoted by |Joe Biden does not seem that effective , does it?


Begone, fascist troll.

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Be specific, which rulings are you unhappy with.

The only way to have relative peace in America is to switch back and forth from a democratic president to a republican one , and back again.
For the people, it’s like a marriage where the couple argues for four straight years, then has make-up sex for the next four. Except for Mike Pence of course.
It may be time for a separation, or possibly a divorce.

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The problem can be easily addressed by a law (which President Sanders will readilly sign - because he will have written the damn bill that will increase the number of federal judges, say, by 10 (to 10,000), apply term limits, and make the SCOTUS (according to a brilliant idea by Rob. Reich) a temporary gig, where the justices cycle up from the lower courts for one year stints. Presto. QED. Problem solved. (and BTW the entire mostly-trogledyten current SCOTUS will be out on the street) In addition, we allow federal court cases to breeze through in months (or weeks) instead of years (justice delayed is justice denied, after all), and such delays are the means by which the plutocracy starves out plaintifs, and encourages absurd settlements.


That only seems to happen when Rs want something, like a $700 billion war budget, there are enough Ds like Manchin, Heitkamp and Collins going all “bipartisan.” When Ds want something, like filling the SCOTUS seat left vacant by Scalia’s death, suddenly it becomes a blood sport.


However, we know that Republicans and the establishment media (Owned of, by and for the rich) are much more likely to impeach those on the left. Leftists are much more tolerant than those on the right - it’s just the nature of things.


The presumption in your statement is that there is something ordained or natural in our absurd and caustic two-party cabal system. There is only one party now, the two-headed corporate whore monster. Bernie is trying to decapitate one of those heads, and restore it to a mostly-public-serving entity. If that were to happen, there would be no impetus for the public to pay any attention to mutilated bloody remaining hulk of the duopoly.


True, and the sad thing is the politically, gullible American voters will vote for the GOP-DNC alliance in 2020. Amerika is really a fascist, military, controlled, country pretending to be a democracy. Con/gress with very few exceptions, is not two party’s but really one fascist… war party!


Our neoliberal “D”-labeled president should have pushed the envelope and appointed his SC judge; I guarantee that a Republican president would have done it.

Neoliberals take the fall for Republican policy every time (Republican Romneycare/ACA, permanent tax cuts for the rich, Patriot Act w/o Constitutional Amendments, corporate subsidies, expanding the bloated military, regime-change wars, funding coups, etc…).

It’s time for the left to play by the same rules. It seems the only time the other side reach across the aisle is to offer bribes campaign finance assistance.


In the interest of austerity, if such judge positions include a 70% pay-cut, two problems would be solved: less applicants who are all more qualified in their commitment to public service; and better
gender equity and minority representation.

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Corporations would step-up and pay them millions for 15 minuet speeches. Thomas has already set that in motion; his wife, Ginny, has gotten quite rich in the process.


We’ve seen for decades how bought and paid for judges block needed change that benefits people and planet. And we’ve seen where it has gotten us. If the change needed is blocked by judges it will have to be forced.