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Implementing a Two-Week Grace Period After November 3rd So All Voters Can Be Counted

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/27/implementing-two-week-grace-period-after-november-3rd-so-all-voters-can-be-counted


States own the election. Sorry Hair Führer, you’re fired!

Two week grace period is a no brainer. ALL votes need to be counted. And any disqualified votes need a hearing of some sort. Challenge me, I challenge you back.


Once again, with wisdom, foresight, intelligence, honesty and integrity Ralph Nader demonstrates what real leadership is about. Thank you Ralph!


Every time Ralph Nader opens his mouth, I still feel anger at his part in helping Gore lose the election. It was ego…hubris…stupidity. Our world would be so different had Gore won. And no, I’m not ready to get over it.

Here is a chart displaying how each state is set up to receive ballots by postmark and count ballots.
Please feel free to pass along. Hope your state allows post office a few extra days to deliver and under staffed county election offices to count. Oh, and no shredders, fireplaces or Franklin stoves.


Nice idea. Both teams are already offside.

Nearly 70 million people have already voted. Analysis indicates that the vote is overwhelmingly for Biden (_https://www.npr.org/2020/10/26/927803214/62-million-and-counting-americans-are-breaking-early-voting-records). The election is over. Biden has been elected. Folk who haven’t voted should definitely vote, but progressives should start planning for how to keep momentum for social change under Biden.

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You should get over it.
The premise that Ralph Nader cost Gore the election was dis-proven long ago.
If you want to be angry with someone, you should be angry with Joe Biden who gave us Clarence Thomas and the coup validating decision of Bush vs Gore.
As well as the republican Brooks Brothers riots that stopped the counting of that election.
Now LOTE Joe Biden is our only hope in getting rid of the Trump menace.
We are screwed with whomever is assigned as the winner in 2020, but it is really sad that we are counting on “Nothing will change” Joe Biden to save us.
Sadly, I even cast my ballot for Joe.
That is really a sign of desperation.


Good grief! Still swallowing that DP BS! How sad - the SC, by stopping the Fla recount, gave the election to Bush, if the recount would have been allowed to continue, Gore would have won - did you know that more Dems voted for Bush in Fla. than the number of folks who voted for Nader, btw? And you seem to be operating under the assumption that if Nader was not in the race, all his votes would have gone to Gore - where did you get that impression?

The Rs will do the same thing this time they did in '00 - throw enough monkey wrenches in to get it to the SC, which is why Barrett was pushed through - she knows why she was picked and she, as she said, “will do her duty”


Poor Ralph - I voted for you 4 times, but for all your smarts, methinks you are still rather naive …

Apparently your not ready for reality either. Gore did win, but conceded before it was over and wouldn’t fight, he didn’t really want the job. Had you and many others not been convinced a third party candidate can’t win, and voted for him, then we would have had a different world. Citizens voting their conscious is never stupid.


You’re a poor judge of character.

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I agree with Ralph on every account and have predicted that Trump will cling to power regardless of the election results whether it is now, the day after the election or two months down the road. There are too many loop holes in the entire electoral process that can be worked to undermine any democratic consensus. Though I don’t like Biden at all, I still agree that he is the lesser of two evils in a big way. If Trump does eventually leave office, Biden will not fair much better. However, Trump would only step down if he is given ironclad guarantees that when he steps down, he will not spend the rest of his days rotting in a federal maximum security complex plus he must get away with all of his stolen loot. This is possible (Trump stepping aside), but Trump will drag it out if he thinks he can’t trust the incoming corporate cabal. In any case, I really can’t see how fireworks won’t start on November 4th. I really hope I am wrong, but I haven’t yet had a sign to think otherwise. We’re a country of coups. It would seem almost natural that our corporate government’s numerous string of successful coups abroad, would encourage the same group of meddling madmen to implement the prized formula back on home turf.


Thanks again to RN for rationally and reasonably proposing a two week grace period after Nov. 3rd. Other groups like Protect the Vote are mobilizing for after the election actions to protect the process. But the Congress must also raise it’s voice, as well as State governors and county boards of elections. Two weeks of grace!!

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It’s sad that there are so many people who feel this way. Ralph Nader is one of the most amazing people we have in the public sphere alive today and has contributed more to the public good than Al Gore has and was impeded from doing more over the last 20 years by small minded attitudes like yours.

I won’t litigate the case for Nader and the 2000 election - it’s all been said before. I’ll note briefly that Gore himself doesn’t blame Nader at all (he said this in one of Michael Moore’s early Rumble podcasts) and echo @ReconFire’s point that isn’t well understood by many - Gore won and was not very shrewd when it came to simply demanding a recount of the entire state instead of the boneheaded move of asking for recounts only in Miami-Dade where he thought he had the advantage (which, interestingly would not have put him over the top).

Ralph’s weekly podcast (available on any podcast app and ~https://ralphnaderradiohour.com/) is one of the best for progressives I know of - great guests and Ralph asks meaningful questions unlike a lot of hosts.

Also I found this story very moving ~https://www.washingtonian.com/2019/11/03/ralph-nader-is-opening-up-about-his-regrets/. More information on his grand niece who died in one of the 737 plane crashes than I had heard before.


I recall that in 2004 John Kerry repeatedly promised his supporters he wouldn’t pull an Al Gore and concede the election before all the votes were counted. People were still mad about the 2000 election, as I still am, and I’m still mad about the 2004 election too, because I got tricked into voting for a lying Democrat one last time. He kept reassuring people he wouldn’t do that, he’d wait and make sure the votes were counted for sure. He conceded the election on election night, as Ohio was being stolen, literally an hour after John Edwards, his running mate, gave a speech reiterating their promise not to concede before the votes were counted.

Voting for Ralph Nader was the right thing to do in 2000, and Ralph has never made me regret my decision. I should have voted for him in 2004 as well, but I gave in to the pressure to show solidarity against Bush, you know, the greatest evil the world has ever seen, who now dances with Ellen Degeneres while Ralph Nader is still spit upon. And then Kerry just tossed my vote aside and conceded with no fight. Kerry made me regret my vote immediately. I won’t be dumb enough to fall for lying Democrats again. I happily voted for Ralph in 2008, and Jill Stein in 2012 and 2016, and this year it will be Howie Hawkins for me.

gandolf, are you dreaming along with Ralph — when Sauron (or Emperor Trump) is effin the Kingdom?

I remember debating Ralph regarding EMPIRE being the existential threat to ‘we the people’, in the Portland Maine Unitarian Universalist Church during his 1996 Presidential run about EMPIRE.

How do you feel about the effin Disguised Global Crony Capitalist EMPIRE and the dual-party Vichy-facade of faux-democracy — owned and controlled by these ‘Ruling Elite’, UHNWIs, <0.003%ers, TCC, self-appointed “Masters of the Universe”, and “Evil Geniuses” [Kurt Andersen] — now that their nasty ‘Chucky-doll puppet’, faux-Emperor Trump is about to eff our formerly “promising” and sometimes progressive county (PKA) America up the arse — eh, Ralph?

How them apples lining up for the Nov. 3rd modernized and virtual Reichstag Fire II coup??