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Imploring President Trump to Reconsider Reinstating Program Offering Military Surplus to Police


Imploring President Trump to Reconsider Reinstating Program Offering Military Surplus to Police

Laura Finley

On August 28, the Trump administration unveiled a new plan to roll back limits President Obama had placed in 2015 on the controversial 1033 program, which provides local law enforcement agencies and even some campus and school police with surplus military gear. Obama issued an executive order to end the program, which had provided law enforcement agencies with everything from armored vehicles, grenade launchers, high-caliber weapons and camouflage uniforms.


A team of highly trained men in combat gear carrying combat weapons exiting an armored personnel carrier is a military unit by any name you want to give it! Since there is no other opponent other than civilians, the overkill displayed becomes quite literal. Grenades, heavy machine guns, tanks and so forth divide them from us! We are therefore the opposing force! We become the ‘enemy’ that combat weapons are designed to kill. Except that we are not an opposing army nor are we enemies. We are their neighbors.

A sobering thought that.


Don’t be fooled.

This isn’t about public safety or National Security, this is about preparing for huge citizen revolt.

Nazis have infiltrated our government and are using the guise of protecting the public to hold the upper hand when the public realizes the deception.


“Imploring”? You and every other conscious person should know by now that trump has no understanding, no integrity, no common sense or decency, or moral compass! He is a self-interested mental-case danger to everything he touches (except money/greed) and that includes further empowering and arming to great excess the police-state, now including many returning vets, a goodly proportion of which are racists and trained to kill the “enemy”, and have - civilians are just another such.

The incidents of cop murders, predominantly people of color with zero consequences are out of control, and should concern every American regardless of skin color, sex, age, or socio-economic group! All are considered “enemy” by killer cops!

Better to expect Jesus to return than trump to respond to any “imploring” to act as a responsible person with any shred of empathy!

I will yet again link a video that spells-out the utter depravity and lack of any redeeming human quality or empathy of trump.


Closer and closer to a nationwide police state. Rounding up dissenters and disappearing others into new detention camps and prisons across the country. Steel work jobs on pipelines, the wall, naval vessels and armament isn’t enough handwriting on the wall? Protecting the homeland from the coming onslaught in this American hemisphere and wasting other homelands towns and villages killed to save them. Trump is leading the world to war. Keystone XL crude tar sands main use is shipping fuel, thus global trade further erodes job creation here. The more dependent we become on global trade, the more vulnerable we become to any disruption, whether we’re prepared for such an emergency or not. Most nations are not prepared. Yet, Trump/GOP agenda is to increase global trade. Who’s to say these preparations for a police state aren’t the result of planned expectations for worsening wars? He’s dangerous and should be impeached.


This article highlights a very serious and dangerous trend in this country, a trend which has grown to the point where it is a very real threat to our supposed “freedom” and “liberty” and “democracy”. I cannot recall the citizens ever being asked about this.


General Accounting Office staged a sting operation against the 10-33 program. They set up a phony federal agency and then applied for weapons from the 10-33 Pentagon program and it only took one week and they got $1.2 million in guns and night vision goggles from the 10-33 program. In fact one of the investigators said it was just like ordering stuff from Ebay.
studies have shown that at least one-third of the stuff that the Pentagon has handed out to these police departments is either brand new, never opened in the box, or otherwise in mint condition. How much weaponry is being handed out by Homeland security and remember, the National Defense Authorization Act, authorized it legal for detention without trial. Big question is who pays and who profits from this program. Are we for or against big government


Without reading through the military hardware, this country is looking a whole damn lot like the newsreels of Germany in the 20’s and 30’s. The cops have always been assholes and now with all the hardware we haven’t a chance in hell of doing anything but dying in a revolution; I’m guessing it’ll be bloody, sorry. Things do look grim these days.


Fascists such as Trump and Sessions, along with their enablers in Congress, will find a way around such an ‘inconvenience’. Useless to plead with such and we had better consider finding a way to place some serious monkey wrenches in their designs. It is true that we are bereaved of true leadership, we have no Martin, Gandhi, Mandela, Malcolm but we have their examples. Given the heavily armed and volatile nature of this current nightmare we should consider what Gandhi accomplished in India to expel the British: Total, rolling, Gandhian non cooperation to follow General Strikes across the Nation.


Exactly right! And in case people see the ballot box as a way to reclaim their power from these monsters more plans are being put in place to foil such notions.


Indeed. He has NO affinity for humanity.


It’s not about Trump so much … it’s about the 0.1% and the oligarchs who buy and pay for the USA government.


I think we should begin offering military surplus to civilians. Afterall, we paid for it


The Wall is meant to divide us, pit us against each other. Trump leading the world to war expects a pan American invasion. Behind his guttural excuses for empathy followed with utterly insulting disregard for decency, truth, moral imperatives, is a conniving misanthrope ‘disappearing’ dissenters losers worldwide, starve them, cut off water supplies, blow their homes to bits.
The Wall is World War III


Everything from A to Z is leaving out some things, not providing the clear picture that you might.
I would like the media to bravely talk about the electronic attack equipment and software that is in every police department and your friendly neighborhood Homeland Security groups.
Laser. Electronic Sonic. Electromagnetic equipment.
When MSM reported about sonic attacks on our diplomats inn Cuba this month, they pretended as though it were some unknown ghoulish trick that the US would never do. NOT!
On our streets everyday. To who? To innocents. People who have been victims of government oppression. Just getting more of it.
Break the silence, Laura.


This is about two things. Keeping the Oligarchs safe and moving more money into the Military Industrial Complex.


Nazi Germany relocated is what it is.

We must cut the head off this snake.