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'Important Step Toward Transparency': Democrats Formally Demand Trump's Tax Returns

'Important Step Toward Transparency': Democrats Formally Demand Trump's Tax Returns

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Under significant pressure from progressive advocacy groups, Democratic Rep. Richard Neal on Wednesday formally requested President Donald Trump's tax returns—setting the stage for what many expect to be a lengthy legal battle.

Tax March, a progressive organization that for months has urged Neal to request the president's returns immediately, applauded the House Ways and Means chairman for acting.


I just hope that the Revelation will be televised. I want the see what the truth does to that SOB. Perhaps something like water to the Wicked Witch of the West?


I would say waste rather than steal.

There are legitimate things to investigate about Russia and Trump. This doesn’t seem like one of them.

Dems need to be careful. Stay responsible. Don’t overreach.

Before we all go running off to celebrate, let’s look at exactly what the law says. 26 US Code 6103.f.(1) provides that the chairs of the House Committee on Ways and Means, Senate Committee on Finance, or Joint Committee on Taxation can request return information on any citizen. If the information can be used to identify any individual taxpayer, however, it may only be provided to those committees while they sit in closed executive session. In other words, behind closed doors and not in regular order. There is no provision in the law for publicly disclosing the information of a specific taxpayer without the express and written permission of the taxpayer. Even in criminal proceedings, taxpayer information can be released only to the appropriate law enforcement agencies with restrictions on how the information can be used and disclosed.


It is almost as if it is a kabuki theater…


Never too late, but his returns should have been released before the Mueller Investigation. Coulda saved us taxpayers a lot of money.

Not ALMOST…it IS Kabuki theater. With all the REAL problems that asshole is causing that need to be challenged, this tax demand is just idiotic in comparison!

I would like Trump to release his tax returns, but lets not feed into stunts by the Democratic establishment. Focus on issues, focus on policy, provide solutions, stop focusing on stuff like this and trying to get everyone focused on stuff like this more than policy. Trump is entirely beatable, his policies are horrible, healthcare will be a huge issue. But, per usual, the Democrats are focusing a lot on this and not the other things because those running the party have little to offer most people (outside their donors) on policy. Hate to be cynical, but “resisting” Trump in this way has run its course.

Yes, he should release his tax returns, no, we shouldn’t focus on this or stuff like this like these people wanted everyone to focus on Russia to the extent that they did. We might learn more about Trump and his business dealings, as well as his actual net worth, I fully expect that he is involved in laundering money and has business dealings probably impact the policies he supports (just like many leading Democrats and Republicans) and that will have no impact on whether or not people have access to healthcare, whether there is lead in the water, whether we rebuild our infrastructure or properly deal with the environmental crisis.


How the heck is it possible to commit overreach with what Trump has done? The whole republican party are like brat-like children in a department store. Constant whining to get something they think they want, and stomping their feet when asked or told what to do.

I would think that democrats would get sick of playing the mother at some point.
A spanking is in order here, and I hear little Donny likes them.

Yes tax fraud conflicts of interest and shady business dealings are what we need to go after not Russian involvement in manipulation of our presidential election. Russia gate was stupid from the start but this action is where it’s at.

All presidents and elected officials have been obligated and complied with releasing their tax returns, why not Trump

I agree with this. However, the problem is that the leaders of the Democratic Party are in no position to lead a charge on conflicts of interest and corruption. In Brazil, the right went after Lula, and how many of them were more corrupt than anything they charged Lula with? Seems to be a similar situation here. Is Pelosi, Hoyer or Schumer as corrupt as Trump? Maybe not, but they are in the same rough ballpark, and Pelosi seems proud of the fact. Given their corruption, they will not look into things that could implicate them, so what exactly will they focus on, and to what extent will it take the place of focusing on policy? Again, corruption and Trump’s business dealings are relevant to me and most people. But so is Pelosi going on TV and bragging about how good she is at raking in bribes for her party. So is her using the DCCC to beat back leftist candidates that threaten her party’s big donors. The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. They are both my enemy. If someone like Bernie or AOC leads this charge, different story.

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No, his returns should have been available before he ever was permitted to run for president.

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Yes a kabuki theater, and the name of the show is: Trump’s taxes under audit!

It should be a law that if you refuse to release your tax returns, you will not be on the ballots.

His tax docs if genuine will speaks volumes about his shady dealings

That’s fine, and if he broke any laws, or if we see conflicts of interest (I think both are entirely possible), it will be illuminating. I seriously doubt, if anything is found, that most will be surprised. It still makes no logical sense to pay massive amounts of attention to this. I am sick of the misdirection among the establishment Democrats, their aversion to focusing on policy (for obvious reasons). If the Democrats want to push for this, fine, if they spend 2% as much on this versus, say, addressing the environmental crisis or solving the healthcare crisis, it’s obviously done for strategic reasons. Those like Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer and the duds running the DNC and the DCCC have nothing to offer most people on policy and so it will be one thing after another like this. The Russia stuff clearly failed, there was Stormy Daniels, if this does too, then some other overblown thing will take its place. Enough! Policy! We can’t do anything about actual issues that need solving, problems we are facing, by focusing on this, and if those in power have nothing to offer on policy they should get the fuck out of office. As far as I am concerned, most of those in charge of the Democratic Party are worthless.

Great points, I like it