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Imposing a Modern-day Version of a Poll Tax is a New Low

Imposing a Modern-day Version of a Poll Tax is a New Low

Jesse Jackson

Until 2018, Florida — the state vital to the presidential victories of George Bush and Donald Trump — deprived one in 10 voters, and two in 10 African-Americans, of the right to vote with a constitutional provision banning felons from voting, even after they had fulfilled their sentences.


No decency at all.
No shame whatsoever.

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Yes, all of that and more. Add to that desperation. They should realize that if they were reasonable politicians and in the minority, democrats would likely work with them to some degree. Won’t happen the other way around.
They actually feel superior, and feel it must be them that runs this country, and all else apparently.


They are amoral, incapable of feeling shame.

The rich have the most, and get the most out of the world, in every country, and therefor they should pay the most taxes. It stands to reason. It is the same reasoning that says that if they have bigger and better houses and automobiles that they should pay more for them than they would pay for smaller autos and smaller houses. The rich are the freeloaders of society. Tax them, not the poor.

Capitalism is a system whereby the rich, who have the money, create the new money, when it is created, and thereby continue their power and their control of money creation. That is the key.
Study it.