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'Impossible to Stay Quiet': With Nearly 100,000 Kids Infected by Covid-19 in Just Two Weeks, Medical Experts Warn Against Hasty Return to School

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/10/impossible-stay-quiet-nearly-100000-kids-infected-covid-19-just-two-weeks-medical


Now we will see which parents love their children and which parents love Trump.


"The United States’ top infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci said last week that with proper precautions—social distancing, mask wearing, lower class sizes, etc.—schools could reopen for in-person learning.

"That’s nice but the combination of children’s lack of discipline and situational awareness on top of school administrators’ concern more with learning over health means it won’t work. I’ve watched children in some outdoor bike camps where I ride; and they all all on top of each other. Being careful takes an attention span, the younger they are the less span.

The incident in a Georgia HS where two students twittered a photo of a very crowded ( shoulder to shoulder) and mostly mask less group in a hallway is very telling. They were suspended for their efforts; while the administration made excuses. In some cultures no good deed goes unpunished.


i guess murdering and traumatizing immigrant children wasn’t enough cruelty for Trumps taste , so he now wants to continue his sadistic behavior and go after school kids . AOC said it best -
" He’s a monster "


Meanwhile the Government of New Zealand reports no new cases of COVID for 100 days.


They attribute it to a respect for Science and great Political leadership. The Trump administration has neither of those.


…i just really can’t believe…that people are seriously about to send elementary-school age children - the only purely Good human beings there are - out into the morass.


Surely these people aren’t really going to send their own children… teenagers, i can see parents pushing out the door. But little ones? Surely not…


I’m grateful at least that some physicians are speaking out and publishing the data about kids and COVID-19. Their profession should give them a duty to warn in this instance!


I also wonder how schools – financially strapped as most local and state governments are – are going to do lower class sizes.


It’s difficult to know what to believe:


This is UK’s take on schools.

Good one PB.
But it looks like the only way to get rid of trump is to stick him up on Mt. Rushmore.

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Indeed, President Trump has been following the border policy template that Barack Obama created very closely: caging children by the thousands, deploying ICE to terrorize immigrant communities like an American gestapo, adding to the decades’ old border wall, and hastily deporting immigrants, including refugees, by the hundreds of thousands per year (Obama managed three-million deportations by the time he was out of office, more than all 20th-century presidents combined!).

But when it comes to “murdering and traumatizing children,” writ large, Trump has certainly disappointed the neoconservatives in his own party and in the Democratic Party. In fact, the neo-fascist U.S. foreign policy establishment has been quite dismayed at Trump’s steadfast refusal to start an unnecessary war with Iran (and his multiple attempts to withdraw troops from Syria and Afghanistan – bad Donald!).

Where each of Trump’s immediate three predecessors killed between 500,000 and over 2,000,000 Middle Easterners – predominately Arab Muslim civilians – Trump’s retreat from the neocon agenda has slowed the death toll to scores of thousands during his presidency: ~http://invitation2artivism.com/minimizing-genocide/

That’s why the oligarchs and MIC are hoping Joe Biden – a career neocon whose played a role in wars that have resulted in millions of deaths – manages to defeat the Orange Menace in November. They need to get WWIII back on track!


Both of these rotten parties have been horrible this whole time, not just Trump. Worthless, utterly worthless. The Democratic Party is a dumpster fire, and many of those that vote in its primaries and most of those that don’t challenge those running the party are just as guilty as those running that party.


The first reopening went so well why not keep the insanity going? I’d like to see a list of Congresspeople that are sending their kids to public schools.


Not really. COVID doesn’t magically stop at the doors of schools. To the extent that we didn’t have tons of data on it spreading in schools, well, that was a result of many schools closing. Lots of recent evidence here and elsewhere that when schools open, it returns in full force. Hard to have data on something when schools are closed to study the spread. But, it is absurd to think it wouldn’t spread in schools, just as it would in any other enclosed area. It will, and what Trump is pushing for is barbaric. Fuck him and all the ridiculous “pro life” assholes that dismiss the pandemic. It is their selfishness and stupidity that will result in this dragging on, and causing far more death, pain and suffering.


If you still have a job and you’re petrified to endanger your vulnerable loved ones or have no options: food, broadband, power… guess, you’ll try to ignore the various studies just out, about outrageously underestimated viral loads & high infectiousness of school age kids and prevalence of multi-system inflammatory syndrome…




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Recently, there have been articles about children who do not suffer or experience serious illness as do older people but increasingly it is affecting and even killing young people, the youngest I read about was 5 years old. It was also pointed out that children are vectors for SARS-CoV-2 even if they do not develop COVID-19.

Sorry but don’t recall the links but here is a recent one from VOX

And from The Washington Post



If you wait for Bezos, Gates or Bloomberg to stop calling actual science obstructionist, fear-mongrering “conspiracy theory,” we’re in pretty bad shape. These links were posted over the preceding weeks. Not exactly alternative blogs?





~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/08/07/barb-a07.html (meanwhile, outside de Blasio’s sphere o’ interest)


ONCE AGAIN – this article points to the need for MEDICARE4ALL –

100,000 kids infected by the VIRUS in just two weeks after schools being opened –

1 in 3 – admitted to ICU

- “Black” kids 5X as likely as “whites” to be hospitalized
- Hispanic kids 8X as likely as “whites” to be hospitalized

Evidently they are finding that kids as young as 10 years of age can transmit the virus.

Parents and educators have [expressed] concern over the push to reopen, and some have [protested] moves to put kids in physical classrooms. Schools that have resumed in-person learning [are reporting] rapid spreads of Covid-19 infections among students and staff, prompting digital learning alternatives.

But politicians—Democrat and Republican—[continue] to tie the health of the nation’s economy to reopening schools, and newly released studies [refute] the idea floated earlier in the pandemic that children “[almost immune”] to getting and spreading Covid-19, but do indicate children may be at lower risk than adults.


They will probably try to declare all sorts of common behaviors of children as expellable offenses and expel them.

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GATS shows with great clarity that their ultimate goal is privatizing public education, healthcare, etc, and making it somebody else’s problem.