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Imprisoned by Injustice, Judge Refuses to Release Last of 'Angola Three'

Imprisoned by Injustice, Judge Refuses to Release Last of 'Angola Three'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Despite a federal court order to end the 43-year confinement of Albert Woodfox, the last remaining prisoner of the "Angola 3" will have to stand trial for a third time after a District judge on Monday denied a motion to dismiss the case.

Woodfox, who has maintained his innocence in the 1972 killing of Angola prison guard Brent Miller, spent 43 years in solitary confinement in a case that has garnered international condemnation.

This is so upsetting, I can hardly stand it!!!

Many people don’t know that simply being labelled as being a gang member will get a prisoner put into solitary confinement. It is something many prisoners are terrified of, and of course it can be horribly abused by the authorities, as in this case. This man should be able to take his case to an international human rights court.

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This is a terrible crime that has been done to a human being. It is medieval to lock someone away in solitary for lengthy periods of time but to lock people away for their whole lives in a tiny cell is evil.

This is not incarceration but a prolonged torture and crippling to the human psyche. What is the justification for keeping anyone in solitary so long? The state has the right to imprison but not torture someone.

This is a terrible sin - an evil act - a cruel and unusual torture.

There is no justice for this poor man even when his convictions have been overturned. This evil done to this human being is a condemnation of us all and a mockery of faith before God.

Even God weeps for this poor soul. Why is there no mercy? Why no justice? Why have we abandoned our humanity?

Do those who kept a 71 year old man in solitary for most of his life pray to God for mercy for themselves having shown no mercy for others?

Will they keep this man in his torture box until the day before he dies as well?

Will they profane the faith they supposedly espouse and speak prayers of mercy and love of God and others… yet continue to torture this poor soul.

This is sin.