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Impunity in the Billionaire Class and the National Security State

Impunity in the Billionaire Class and the National Security State

Tom Engelhardt

What a scam!

Right-on indictment:

“Lying to Congress, hacking congressional computers, and assassinating American citizens have all been green-lighted. No one was ever punished. When necessary, in the secret corridors of power, officials of the national security state simply mobilize lawyers to reinterpret the law of the land to their taste.”

These same entities also fund think tanks that salary lots of people (many of whom can barely spell or form a cogent sentence) to relentlessly take the CRIMES of a particular ILK and generalize them either to ALL Americans, U.S. citizens portrayed as “sheeple,” “human nature,” or that great amorphous, undifferentiated uniform mass referred to as “We.”

Nor does the mainstream media do much (given who owns it) to identify the chief destroyers of Democracy, the rule of law, Justice, sane economics, wise ecology, and the TRUE meaning of “National Defense.”


I am convinced MkUltra, SRI International, DARPA. and the CIA have our nation in a tyrannical death grip of propaganda and despotism. Publicly audit the CIA, FED, and DOD.

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We ( pun intended ) patriotic Americans are doing an audit. It just taking a rrrrreeeaaalllyyy lllooonnngggg ttiiimmmee tooooooooo gggggeeetttt ttttthhhheee “”""" ccccoooorrrreeeeccctttt #######ssss “”"":wink:.

The problem is that the National Security State became the government in 1963, and the best disinformation re this fact was, of necessity, aimed at the left, where it needed to be.

Read The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, The CIA, and the rise of America’s Secret Government by David Talbot. This book is necessary.

Bernie’s campaign would be greatly enhanced by an endorsement of the “Democracy Amendment”:

​Harry Braun has organized his 2016 Democratic Presidential Campaign as a Constitutional Convention in order to change the USA from being a bribery-based oligarchic Republic to a majority-rule Democracy that will make government secrecy and bribery illegal, by using theArticle V Citizen Ballot on this website to both pass and ratify the Democracy Amendment Braun has proposed, ​long before ​the next unverified elections are held in 2016.


And we are still trying to call it a Democracy.

Nowhere have I found Braun’s advocating for a wall on the Mexico border. How did you come to that conclusion?