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Imran Khan, Fierce Critic of Trump and US-Led Wars, Declares Victory in Pakistani Elections


Imran Khan, Fierce Critic of Trump and US-Led Wars, Declares Victory in Pakistani Elections

Jake Johnson, staff writer

This is a breaking news story and may be updated.

After running on vows to address Pakistan's widespread poverty, confront rampant corruption, and pursue a more "balanced" foreign policy with the nation's neighbors and the United States, the famous cricket-star-turned politician Imran Khan declared victory on Thursday as his Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party won a projected 120 of the 270 open seats in Pakistan's parliamentary elections.


Forced into a primordial stew, the Indian PEOPLES (plural!) suffer from the emblematic consequences of centuries of insane colonization with its head so far up the nether regions that there is no memory of what the sun actually looks like. The British empire has been demonstrably satanic and it’s off-shoot USA has morphed into the staging ground of countless intensifications with… the results we, all around the world, now experience.
“We became a U.S. proxy for a war against the Soviet Union when it entered Afghanistan and we allowed the CIA to create, train, and arm Jihadi groups on our soil and a decade later we tried to eliminate them as terrorists on U.S. orders,” Khan wrote in a letter in January. “The time has come to stand firm and give a strong response to the U.S.”

The above is a true statement.

Please, let us get this straight once and for all and turn our attention to rescuing all that has been impoverished by this mind and heart numbed, dying excuse for a human system.

USA first - salvage the working elements and discard the greedy, parasitic elements.


Excellent. Muslim radicalism in Pakistan has always sprung from poverty - the legacy of western colonialism.


Well, he’s got guts. Lets hope he protects them well with a bulletproof and bombproof vest.


I am Asian Indian but wish Imran Khan well. The USA & Pakistan should work on ending the war in Afghanistan, the drone strikes & terrorism. I also hope he will work with India on reducing tension between the 2 countries & their dispute over Kashmir.


There is real optimism that he will end the pillage of state coffers on an industrial scale by the two families, the Bhuttos and Sharifs, who have had a stranglehold on politics in Pakistan for far too long. Both parties, the PPP (which is full of the Bhutto family’s siblings, nephews, in-laws etc) and the PML-N (full of brothers, nephews, in-laws, wife’s family members of the Sharif family) consider the elections to be rigged; that may have some truth to it as both the Sharif and Bhutto clan will game the system in key constituencies (stuffing ballot boxes with the connivance of state officials or removing ballots favoring their opponents, using state machinery and funds for campaigning etc) and if they cant get to do their “thing”, the system is rigged.

Just for the readers here, Benazir Bhutto’s husband, Asif Ali Zardari, head of the PPP, used to be called Mr. 10% in her first stint in office and Mr. 100% in her second stint. He owned a “B grade” cinema in Karachi before Benazir came to power. He currently owns quite a few sugar mills in the country, large tracts of land, apartments in NY, Dubai, the Rockwood Estate in the UK, a chateau in France that we know of. His sister, half brother were heavily involved in taking cuts from contracts while the PPP was in power (before 2013). Wherever they could squeeze a couple of million dollars from the system, they did - never let an opportunity pass. Zardari’s sister, Faryal Talpur was planning to buy the national airline before elections in 2013. They will try that again when they are in power next time!

Nawaz Sharif, was/ is dumb as a dodo and cant string a coherent sentence together (google his press conference with Obama). His brother, daughter, son-in-law, brother-in-law, nephews are all in government and they have a system in place in Punjab where they have “rewarded” their supporters with positions in government and over the last decade or so, those people have, in return, helped the Sharif clan cheat in elections and stay in power. Thats why the PML has been in power in Punjab for the last decade or so. Whoever takes the majority vote in Punjab, often wins the federal elections.

There is real optimism that Imran Khan can put an end to systemic corruption, have a meaningful dialog with the pashtoon militants and help with peace in Afghanistan. He also intends to focus on education, improving services and enforcing laws, thereby protecting the minorities etc.

It IS a summer of hope…


He has said that he wants peace with the neighbors, Afghanistan and India, as he wants to focus solely on Pakistan. If you understand hindi/ urdu, google his victory speech in from yesterday and you will see that he says all that.


Well he cant be worse? than a “b” movie actor or a megolamaniac. And he played cricket very well. Good luck mr khan.


Once again, the landmine of religion – Muslim and Hindus – left behind in 1947 as British occupation based in colonization of India ended and the nation was split into two independent nations – India and Pakistan.

Over the last fifty years the nations of India and Pakistan have clashed on both political and military fronts because of the current occupation of both nations within the states of Jammu and Kashmir. The conflict stems from both the economical welfare of the nations and from the religious differences of the people within the Indian sub-continent. The long-term religious conflicts between the Hindus and Muslim people of the region have forced the countries into countless skirmishes and three brutal wars. Since the formation of the Indian and Pakistani nations in 1947, thousands of Indians and Pakistanis have died fighting in these conflicts. The tension and conflict between the religious groups within the region was prevalent before either state was an independent nation, but most of the hostilities were directed at the British government that controlled the regions until the 1940’s. The first political fighting within the region was lead by the Indian nationalist movement in the attempt to remove the British Imperialist rule from the Indian sub-continent. By examining the political struggle within the region from the late 19~ century through the beginning of the 20th century, we will be able to better understand the tension within the sub-continent, especially the animosity between the Hindus and Muslims.

During the 19th century the British Empire had parliamentary governments spanning the entire globe controlling their interests and their nationalist ideals. By the late 19th century the Indian people had become tired of the British rule and revolutionaries banded together to create the Indian National Congress. The Congress was originally created for the idea of making reforms within the British parliamentary government by placing greater prevalence on such issues as a better educational system and greater representation of the Indian population within the parliamentary government. During this period, many Indian revolutionaries terrorized government institutions as well as confronted the British military. These revolutionary groups attempted to force the Indian ideas of self-government upon the British parliament. By the early 20th century the British government was attempting to subdue the Indian uprisings by granting the Congress more political power. But the British had taken too long to share its political power and Indian extremists were demanding a complete independence from British rule. In 1916 several Indian nationalist groups united to support the British in World War I, but overall most of the nationalist groups had become frustrated with the unattained goal of self-rule that had been proclaimed years earlier, to be the eventual goal of the British rule within the region.


Best wishes to Imran Khan and Pakistan and trust they will succeed.

Would be nice if a liberal, progressive political leader wasn’t immediately warred upon by the US/CIA.


A lot is yet to be proven of Khan and whether he can reign in the infamous ISI thereby help Afghan government establish peace there.


I hope some lunatic does not kill Khan and that will be the end of that.