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In 11th Annual Earth Hour, Green Groups Call for Global Effort to Combat Climate Crisis and Defend Biodiversity


In 11th Annual Earth Hour, Green Groups Call for Global Effort to Combat Climate Crisis and Defend Biodiversity

Julia Conley, staff writer

Landmarks and homes around the world went dark at 8:30pm local time Saturday night, as cities, households, and businesses participated in the 11th annual Earth Hour—a call from environmental campaigners for a coordinated international effort to combat climate crisis.

This year, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which organizes the event, aimed to raise awareness about the significant loss of biodiversity that's been linked to the warming of the planet, pollution, and the exploitation of natural resources.


When I think about the World going dark, the only thing that comes to mind is Donald Trump’s finger getting near his “Big” Nuclear Button.


I would like it to be every night all night long.

The other thing that should happen is total global silence for 15 minutes. Just stop it, be quiet and listen to your heart beat. Everyone, everywhere, all together. We might be amazed at the realization of what we are doing when we try to go back to what we were doing before the silence.


Humans are a plague that destroys everything we touch. With a population now at 7-8 billion and climbing with no end in sight, there is little hope of avoiding the terrible consequences that lie ahead. I admire any and all people who take a stand against climate change and who actively fight the good fight every day. They are the light. But as the vast majority who sit on their ass consuming everything in sight and joking that climate change is a hoax…including our President. I feel myself on fairly solid ground when I say, the human race along with the majority of plants and animal species on this planet is fucked. Things just seem to accelerate…every prediction outstrips the last in it’s dire projections. Humans really are in general amazingly stupid. So enjoy everyday you can while you can.


It’s so awesome to see the stars without all that artificial light pollution.


Thanks Dan, I hear an echo. Few understand exponential growth, too bad for us and the Planet.


Yes i get you, but in contrast i think humans also hold the key to reversing the harmful effects of our living like parasites. I also think capitalism and exploitation of earth’s resources must be stopped as a first step toward healing mother earth.


Dan i read your comments on alot of blogs and they are all good. There are so many things effecting the planet but one that rarely is discussed is climate engineering or geoengineering which has been going on for decades.

His weekly shows cover alot of other stuff too on the whole planet and politics.

The person that runs this site is a solar scientist. I care about this issue since most people are ignorant on this. Plus 5g technology is coming now and will give all of us more radiation . These are new cell phone towers that will be put up across the country


Yes, global climate devastation has to somehow be reversed but to me, the immediate threat is the nuclear threat, because in my view, we will be on the eve of nuclear destruction until we reverse the immediate threat of Trump’s finger on the hair trigger of a nuclear attack on North Korea. And what is even worse! We now we have the war monger and insane, war hawk and crazy man John Bolton, who wants to attack both North Korea and Iran!


Also remember you have generals and other people behind the scenes that decide how things will go too. One person does not have total control


Good !

A social tipping point is coming as the existential threat grows both in magnitude and in the human imagination.

We broke it

  • now we are going to fix it ~


see my post below


And yet another year when communist hold siege the progressive movement and ignore the incentive opportunities with green energy co op community micro grid circular economy permaculture bio char aquaponics, bio mass solar hydrogen economies, ocean thermal energy power purchase agreements. Getting civilians into this new energy community based royalty design for community wealth, no talk of how to bring leaiure with automation. Or even how to integrate 3d printing. Everyone who sees this language for the first time. Look st yourself, I’ve been shouting this revolution for 20 years. Shame on you .


“Earth hour” is a meaningless faux-green gesture - but it seems that the USA is not even into meaningless gestures. What lights are turned off on the Empire State Bldg? Look at all the lit windows - surely, there are not those many poeple working in their offices on a Saturday night…

And in Pittsburgh, it consists of a couple big corporation like the awful “UPMC” corporate medical monopoly turning their garish logos or accent floodlights atop their towers off for an hour. It was not even noticeable.


Yes. And the moon landings were a hoax…


Yep, and Hypotonia or floppy baby syndrome just happens.


“Communist”? You mean capitalist, don’t you?


It should go without saying that I’m ignoring the troll farm here. The fossil fuel industry wants to waste our time and energy.

Now, I want, like, “effort” in the global effort.

Effort is when we displace natural gas with maybe 90% stored solar and 10% (hopefully renewable) electricity for heating at least 90% of all buildings in the winter. Effort is when we at least try to get the engineering done for this project. It’s actually pretty easy and fast!! Unfortunately you’d never know that talking to most or all of the big green organizations.

Next on the list, we have solar for sunny day electricity and fracked natural gas for nighttime electricity. What’s wrong with this picture? That’s right, we want stored solar (or something similar) for nighttime electricity. This would just about finish off the fracking industry. So, who’s designing and building all of those prototypes? <crickets!> <and crickets every single blinking year forever and ever!!>

Next, do freeways make your asthma worse? Sure, electric cars are better. Now, what’s 90% more lifetime energy-efficient (and otherwise far better) than electric cars? This climate goal will be work but it will pay off. Poor oil industry!

So, please ask quite pointed questions of your green organization. Where is the cure?!! Who is working on it?

Turning your own lights off for an hour is a start, but why not turn the entire fossil fuel industry’s lights off!


I appreciate the article title saying ‘climate crisis’ rather than ‘climate change’ as it is a crisis nearing catastrophe and soon to be apocalyptic if we humans don’t get our shit together and fast.


Ground all planes, stop all vehicles, stop all factories. Shut off all ship engines to silence all human machines for 15 minutes