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In 2018, Israel’s Mask Finally Came Off


In 2018, Israel’s Mask Finally Came Off

Gideon Levy

2018 wasn’t a good year for Israel. It was even worse for Palestinians, of course.

On the surface, it wasn’t an especially dramatic year - just a lot more of the same, without major new wars, and without much bloodshed if you compare it to most previous years. Things appeared frozen in place. The occupation continued without impediment, likewise the settlement enterprise. Gaza tried to resist forcefully from inside its wretched cage, using its paltry and limited powers.


Sounds a lot like US history to me.


The US Christian Ultra-Right is the enabler for this Israeli genocide.
Their thinking is that they can fool their own God into bringing the Second Coming.
By pretending to fulfill the Biblical Prophecy that the Second Coming will occur after a new country with the name of “Israel” is established on the land that in which ancient Israeli people once worshiped. It does not occur to these so-called “Christians” that naming a criminal enterprise “Israel” is not the same thing as actually establishing a legitimate religious and compassionate country.
Sorry, so-called Christians.
Your God is not that stupid.
If anything, you are delaying your own wish, because it will take centuries to undo the damage that you have created with the flawed implementation of your highly political Balfour Declaration.


Shortly after the creation of the Israeli State occurred , a false history was written about what lead to that and this false history disseminated to the poulation at large. This worked very much like the false history the USA created about itself as a Democracy and champion of Human Rights.

Once these false histories entrenched and accepted as reality it becames YEARS before they are collapsed and exposed for the lies that they are. In order to maintain those false histories , a nation state or those that support those lies will oftimes suggest that a leader like a Trump or a Netenyahu as one-offs not reflecting the true nature of the Countries they represent. This too is just a lie build on top another lie. Indeed it often the case that the Trumps and the Netanyahus of the world in exposing the State for what it is , provide those interested in the truth , an opportunity to expose or discover all of those other past lies.

Wake up. Take the Red Pill.


they’ll still have the “problem” they have now: what to do with the few million Palestinians who they are now going to absorb into their formal new state as “citizens” against their will.

Round them up and exile them once they become “Israeli”?

There’s another recipe to this final move to conquer that’s missing from this analysis.


That’s because the Zionist entity that rules Palestine is a direct outgrowth of white supremacist Western imperialism that’s been going on for many centuries. Though it is now pretty much totally normalized, it has never been “normal” in a human sense.


A poll from 2016 found that half of Israelis of Jewish heritage want Palestinians expelled.

Given the overwhelmingly popular support for the IDF’s program of slaughtering non-violent demonstrators in Gaza, I imagine that even more have dehumanized Palestinians to such a degree that a much higher percentage supports expulsion of Palestinians.


Dear Israeli government: Please read the Edgar Allen Poe story " The Mask of the Red Death." In the story the rich and benefited all go to a big castle and hide away from the Red Death that is decimating everyone else. Sadly, the Red Death shows up at the party uninvited and all the "special " people of the castle die anyway. I think you believe that you have built your own special castle and only the special will survive. That’s what the rich thought when the black death came to Europe too. Plagues, whether started by religions or by nations end up getting everybody. : (


It’s maybe time for the return of the scuds.


Violence does not solve problems.
You would only be going down to their level.


HI GANDOLF, I’m sorry… but I am not sure what, " scuds," are-----and if they are military stuff----why? : )


“Scuds” are rockets launched to intercept and destroy incoming rockets or missiles before they hit their target.


Hi Reconfire-----LOL isn’t that what Putin has now, at least in a better faster way to stop incoming American anger? Hmmm, well so much for the Prince of Peace guy everyone loves to quote. Apparently," turning the other cheek ," is the way to WimpDom ----some in the government see to believe. Have Bolton, and Pompeo ever been in a war? Although ,maybe only the rich with wars stocks want war. : (


Israeli apartheid has to be defeated the same way that South African Apartheid was defeated. Boycott, divest, sanction, educate. But it’s going to be more complicated. The xenophobic hostility to Latinos we see under Trump is nothing compared to the longterm and purposeful maiming of the Palestinian people. Trump’s longing for a wall brings them together but all our leaders are culpably friendly with Netanyahu, including Clinton, Trudeau, etc. These “best friends” Israel and the US share money, weapons, military experiments, regional interests, and ideology. The two militaries are very deeply attached to one another. Meanwhile the move to outlaw BDS activism is spreading across North America as well as Israel. So much more needs to be done to reveal and explain what is going on there. Thanks for this analysis.


Five minutes after I posted this earlier comment I got a Muslim singles (women) pop-up on my computer screen.


I would suggest you look up scuds in Wikipedia.

Scuds are not launched to intercept missiles but are an offensive missile similar to a V2 rocket.

Iraq launched them against Israel during the Gulf War and the US attempted to use Raytheon anti-missile technology against them. The defenses were plagued with engineering and software problems (requiring frequent re-boots of the software), but the US tried to say that their defenses worked perfectly. One other reason that the anti-missile rockets worked so poorly (other than bad designs) was that the scuds trajectories were unstable so that it was difficult to get a lock on them.


Yes, I realized my mistake and came back to fix it. See my post below. I agree they were very ineffective.


I misinformed you, accidently interchanging the Patriot Missile Sys. for Scud Missile, my mistake, sorry.


Oh ReconFire, thank you but the name PATRIOT missile is even more disgusting than the sound of the word SCUD.
I wish people would remember in that national song, That the “rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air gave proof to the night that our flag was still there.”
Oh geez—the flag could be there forever, but that doesn’t mean that the democratic republic will be. Geez, geez, geez-----WHO named the missile a PATRIOT! A real PATRIOT doesn’t go to war and have complete strangers murdered because he or she can’t figure out how to be an actual LEADER.