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In 2021, the Best Way to Fight Neofascist Republicans Is to Fight Neoliberal Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/04/2021-best-way-fight-neofascist-republicans-fight-neoliberal-democrats

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I guess it is “neoliberals” who called the Georgia Secretary of State urging him to “find more votes,” passively threatening, cajoling, sounding like a mob-boss who thinks he might be on a line tapped by the FBI. And, it’s neoliberals who are saying the problem is the leaking of the phone call, clearly done for both legal and demonstrative reasons, versus the content of it.

The cleverest neoliberal democrats are those who portray themselves as “progressives.”

With yesterday’s unchallenged embrace of Pelosi’s “leadership” by the phonies who tell

us they are progressives, the neoliberal assault on life was clearly reinforced by these fakers.


…it’s foreseeable that Biden—like Clinton and Obama—will run his presidency as a corporate-friendly enterprise without seriously challenging the extreme disparities of economic injustice.

Too bad that Norm didn’t realize this in time to scuttle his many columns advocating support of the “lesser”, but more effective evil that is Uncle & Kamalacop, eh?


Finally Solomon writes about the failure of the system, albiet very gingerly. In our corporate dictatorship, neoliberals are the only kind of liberal voices allowed. The alleged progressive caucus are simply neoliberals in training. As long as our candidates are vetted by the same money they crave, and receive after kissing the ring of the bankers (aipac and wall street) this will not change. In the meantime this system of greed based resource mismanagement will continue to destroy the world, and humans with it. If AOC or any of these fake progressives starts speaking about against war and apartheid (not likely though) you’ll see just how fast our system of Matrix/1984 style media control can destroy them as well. What rules our planet in fact? Psyops, murder, power and greed. those are the techniques and values behind every one of our government and corporate “policies”. You wanna learn about how to recapture our humanity and control? Read Shoshanna Zuboffs’ Surveillance Capitalism.


I saw the title, and had such hope. Then I saw who wrote it. And now I am just disgusted.

We told you so.


The simple graphical model I have in my mind of this is that the two parties occupy different intervals in an ideological line with Republicans on the right and Democrats on the left. Somehow, the Democratic party does not feel comfortable leaving any gap between the two intervals so as the Republican party has moved further and further to the right, to capture the potential voters beyond the rightmost edge of their interval, the Democratic party has shifted to the right with them. It is as if the Democratic party is solely concerned with capturing the few voters falling off the leftmost end of the Republican interval; they ignore what is happening to all of their former members who are falling off of their leftmost edge. As Clinton observed, they have nowhere else to go.

Well they can (and have to a great degree) just drop off and stop voting; this is the former Democratic base we are talking about. Meanwhile, the disaffected Republicans the Democratic party is trying to capture just can’t bring themselves to become Democrats. Instead they become independents and either stay home on election day or hold their noses and vote Republican.

This model is overly simple of course, but even it shows why we need more political parties to fill in gaps that the two big-tent parties leave unoccupied. We could move toward a multi-party democracy and it would be a better democracy. We need to change the way we vote. Balanced Approval Voting seems most likely to encourage more political parties while it enhances democracy.


I have been suggesting for months (years even) that when the natural enemy of Fascism (the left) joins the Democrats , they are in fact enabling Fascism as the Democratic party acts to silence them. I have suggested the only way to break this cycle is to maintain a strong and independent voice in a third party that is OF the left and represents them.

This guy has been suggesting the Democrats be reformed from within which is exactly what the Neo-liberals in that party want. When they and Solomon claim “the left has no wheres else to go” and yes they on the same page here , then enabling fascism via neo-liberal politics is exactly what happens and it exactly how Trump came to power.

Come on Solomon give it up. You are not a progressive nor do you represent the left. You are a member of the Democratic party to the bone and will do all you can to ensure they “win” . Their winning is far more important to you then giving the left a genuine voice and genuine power and far more important to you then defeating Fascism.


Progressives assume that they have negotiating power because they assume, wrongly, that the Democratic Party exists to win elections. It doesn’t.

The Democratic Party exists, first and foremost, to sabotage the Left.

-Caitlin Johnstone


It doesn’t matter how bad we are, somebody else did something…


I think we just saw that in action. Welcome to the Squad, Ms. Pelosi.


Perhaps not directly, but it has been neoliberal complicity which allowed us to arrive at this point in dystopia. And, it is the neoliberals who will do absolutely NOTHING about it.


I absolutely agree we need more political parties here in the US.

But the driving force is not Republicans moving to the right. Democrats provide the political momentum. The Democratic Party pushes steadily rightward, displacing Republicans into la-la land. As Democrats lose Progressive voters, they (Biden in particular) seek to “poach” Republican voters.

When are Progressives going to learn that the Democratic Party is a lost cause and no longer deserves support? The only way Progressives can have any positive effect on the Democratic Party is to leave. We need a "giant sucking sound’ to the Left of the Democratic Party.

I just have no clue why people remain registered as Democrats. Their party shows utter contempt for its members. Democratic Party members overwhelmingly support most Progressive causes. But Democratic congresspeople consistently vote against them – without causing mass desertion. And Democratic congresspeople consistently vote for measures that party members oppose. How’s that possible? The Republican Party doesn’t work that way.


I don’t understand where your annoyance is being directed - is towards Solomon?. I figured you are more in line with him than most people who post here. (I was mostly a fan until recently - but I don’t hate him like so many here do).

I was astounded at the tape of the phone call as well, but you will find many of the people on the left (Krystal Ball, many posters here at ~https://commons.commondreams.org/t/open-and-shut-federal-and-state-crime-members-of-congress-demand-prosecution-of-trump-for-election-tampering/85628/8) who aren’t giving Trump a pass (and I’m sure Solomon isn’t either).

I blame neo-liberals for a lot of harm in the world that is a lot worse than that phone call. Not counting Trump’s incompetence on Covid and the amount of suffering that caused, he never graduated to the kind of world havoc that many neoliberals have caused or contributed to by joining with neoconservatives or conservatives on issues of war and destabilizing other countries. I don’t see why you want to play their role down.


I was being facetious. At this point, I find the blame-people-who-aren’t-as-left-as-me shtick dumb and insulting. It erases voters, who make choices, and excuses conservatives, who are a powerful coalition in this country. It also ignores legislative reality, where policy-making involves tradeoffs, in favor of easy answers, and ignores uncomfortable questions, like should industrial policy be forever oriented around nostalgic visions of the upper mid-west, or around the coasts, which have benefitted greatly from trade deals like NAFTA? The word “neoliberalism” has become devoid of meaning, a cudgel to wield in cloistered leftist circles, and shades genuine policy disagreements, including among people on the left.


That’s what you neoliberals keep trying to sell. Kinda like the famous meme "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”

Rather than excusing it, or pretending it doesn’t exist, why don’t you try to stop being one?


My point made right there, thanks!

My opinion on that is our industrial policy should be treated as the serious national security issue that it is. There is no excuse for moving production of so many items we use overseas - steel, anti-biotics, electronics, you name it. I am completely opposed to the free trade path we picked starting around the 80s but picking up steam in the 90s. As far as where production should be located within the US, there can be some thought given to incentives for decimated communities, but more or less I believe companies doing the production should have freedom to choose locations. But this idea of importing so much is nuts.

I’m against nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake - I hate the internal combustion engine, I hate the electoral college, the 50s had a hell of a lot of problems with racism being one of the biggest, but many more.


I posted a comment before reading the whole thread. KC says his comment was “facetious.” I’ll take it as given and pull back my comment.

Good news then: Trump has opened far more tracts of federal land up to mining and resource production than all of our previous “neoliberal” presidents from the 80s and 90s combined. We can hopefully make more products here now, and provide more jobs, as extraction heavy industries grow.