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In a Class War—Like It or Not—the System Always Makes a Killing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/21/class-war-it-or-not-system-always-makes-killing

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Seeing how 95% of US voters continue to vote for corporate dimcritters and corporate GOPmonsters, what part of Warren Buffett telling the media that “there is a class war and my class is winning” in 2004 don’t most murkins understand ?


“People keep electing these rich c*********s who don’t give a fuck about them.” -
George Carlin - “The American Dream” (2005)


Sociopathy as SOP


which is why participating in electoral politics on behalf of democrats is so completely class-suicidal, Norm, a connection you have yet to publicly make (probably because your livelihood depends on it).

middle class pundits need to start actually choosing sides instead of trying to create outrage they have no intention of helping to resolve because then the paychecks would dry up.

get it figured out.


Violence as expressed in the inability to exist under the severe strain of a pandemic whereas to survive you must risk your life to work. Or your livelihood has been disappeared, perhaps, to never return. The govt takes care of the upper class, or, the ruling class they actually serve. We are left with remnants of a once decent living hoping that we can eventually return to civility. The violence of being fucked by the class that exploits and doesn’t care about us. Back in '08 we saw what a little hiccup could do by deregulated banking, etc. This will be ten times worse. All wealth will be in a few hands, the dissolution of the middle and working classes altogether. The killing now is upon all of us.


That’s why I’m done altogether with voting. Why elect an asshole that will fuck me? I’m done.

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I wish George Carlin was still around for his views of trump world. No doubt trump would have called him a nasty guy a hundred times by now.

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Actually His Pestilency reserves the word “nasty” for slurs on women. With the way he says it, it carries disgusting erotic overtones which fit much too well, as it happens, with the operational model of “nasty” masochistic Dims submitting to the Sadist in Chief. Nasty business, alright.


The reoccurring theme I have been putting forward for years is simple:
We are not going to get out of this by Voting.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. - JFK

But let’s not lose sight of the fact that destroying Social Security (and all social programs) is not just a Republican goal. Clinton “ended welfare as we know it”, Biden has bee promoting destroying Social Security and Medicare his entire career, and Obama (with Biden as VP) tried to kill Social Security twice.

Most of us are in a fight for our lives, and we’re just standing here taking it.


Yep, we lost a gem in Carlin

Try frequenting Jimmy Dore

The current 5.21.20 show is a good place to start - he touches on some of this
Biden’s Meaningless “Task Forces”!

THink the ‘Progressives’ are still on our side?

Moderates Oppose Pelosi While Progressives Cave Again!

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Thrn why shouldn’t the 1% & Big Corporations pay tax rates of 75+% & Estate taxes to break up thesr deadly concentrations of resources??
Yes, the Government, WHEN NOT HIJACKED BY NARROW INTERESTS, CAN see that the common good flourishes, like under FDR!!


My favorite example of the system making a killing is the requirement to wear useless, especially cloth, face masks which are now sold by the truckload in a variety of styles or made to order. And the market flooded with useless foreign, most Chinese, face masks. Folks, face masks are the liberal counter symbol to the conservatives guns. Both are more political statements than useful.