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'In a Dark Time, the Eye Begins to See': The 2020 Bernie Campaign Represents a Fight That Must Continue

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/11/dark-time-eye-begins-see-2020-bernie-campaign-represents-fight-must-continue


Still a proud Progressive Independent, I am anticipating my condition to be included in the DSM-6–and possibly listed as a felony violation under the CFR.
BERNIE 2020!


Don’t despair, fellow Bernie supporters. We should be proud of what we’ve accomplished already, moving all the Democratic platform our direction. Mr. Solomon paints such a dark picture. I think we need to avoid dwelling on the negative and face the huge task at hand: defeating Donald Trump in November. It’s going to take all of us working together, something Dems are not particularly known for. Remember what Mark Twain said: “I am not a member of an organized political party. I am a Democrat.” We need to change that and show solidarity if we’re going to beat the tyrant liar-in-chief.


Among old time sixties people like me, the problem with Bernie’s campaign is not his ideas but his personality. I agree with everything he advocates but I can’t imagine him actually getting anything through even a Democratic house and Senate. He is the kind of guy who has been a gadfly all his life and at his age, he can’t change. He seems to have zero desire to make the kind of compromises that will win him support outside his base. A couple recent incidents show other similarities to our current president. First, he is looking to blame corporate media or anyone but himself for recent primary reverses. Second, is a pattern of deceit. The fact that he had a heart attack and tried to cover it up is not a good sign. And then there is the FBI warning about Russia preferring him as Trump’s opponent, which he chose not to reveal to the public. Both these tendencies can be found in a somewhat different form in Trump. All that said, of course Biden is a terrible alternative for a dozen reasons and would probably do worse than Bernie in a head-to-head vs Trump.

Lately I’ve been reading comments here and hearing pundits on progressive internet t.v. that criticize Bernie’s handling of his campaign as being a factor in his recent, lackluster Primary results. I cannot fathom any other candidate working as fervently as Bernie on behalf of the ordinary people of the U.S. Maybe he could have done some things differently, but there are only so many hours in the day and he used all of them. People have to open up their eyes a little bit to see what he represents. The failure of Bernie to connect with voters is largely the fault of the voters. The lack of independent and critical thinkers in our society will spell its demise, I’m afraid.


When Biden inevitably loses to the orange rump man, I will be patiently awaiting for one of the ‘new’ Progressive Democrats in Congress to say ‘to hell with the Dems, I am switching to/forming a new Party’. Let the corporatists stew in their own vomit.


So you are saying a gruff Bernie is a worst person to vote for than a dementia addled Biden? Give me a break. And if that is not what you mean, then what exactly are you trying to convey, because your final sentence is at complete odds with your overall premise of Bernie’s ‘personality’.


Mark Twain didn’t say that. Will Rogers did.

He said it because a 2-party farce places party above policy, so policy tends not to matter.

Thus, your BlueNoMatterWho, LOTE, “you have no where else to go,” “at least we’re not as bad as Trump” bullshit has been a staple of d-party rhetoric forever. And sure, most progressives toe the line like good little sheep. But then again, I remember those dream candidates straight out of d-party establishment central casting: Hillary, Kerry, Gore…

But don’t worry, plenty of other fallback memes await us when Trump beats Sleepy Joe: The d-party lost because of their failure to move far enough to the right…and hippies…and Putin…


Speaking of memes, I think it’s safe to say that Norm Solomon has just published his calm-before-the-sheepdogging post.


Don’t drop out just yet. Biden is on a more decisive track to win now than Hillary Clinton herself, but if you can demonstrate continuing progressive strength with a strong showing in Florida…

Wait, nvm. Florida is going to be a Sanders humiliation. Maybe drop out just before it to optimize the leverage/humiliation of losing ratio.

Three things to consider:

Bernie was woefully unwilling to crush Biden when Biden was down, and woefully unwilling to to confront the attacks that were sure to come after Nevada.

Turn out among young voters has been down, not up.

The base of the d-party has been, is, and will be centrist for the foreseeable future. That includes fearful older black voters. Progressives will have next to zero voice in that party and should have splintered off long ago.


Thank you, Mr. Solomon. I agree completely with all you’ve said. The informed and intelligent way you said it has made me stop screaming at the cowardly, short-sighted Democrat (note: not “democratic”, and not for a very long time) establishment for a minute. They and the money-fed corporate media are helping to boost someone to fight Trump who can’t debate, stands for nothing obvious, and swears at, shoves and/or challenges to a physical fight anyone who asks an obvious question about his policies or the smoking howitzer of his son’s $50,000 a month job sitting on the board of a Ukraine company. Trump will certainly fire that howitzer a thousand times in debates with Biden, and the Democrat party won’t be able to shelter him on the debate stage. Then what?


None of the dropped-out candidates that Mr. Solomon brings up in the article, that have endorsed Biden, surprises me, the one he didn’t bring up did, Andrew Yang. I didn’t see that one coming.

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Unfortunately, something the Dem Party failed to question was why Trump was elected on the heels of Obama’s perfectly Democrat-respectable presidency. Another mild-mannered Dem Establishment president who fails to ask that question is very likely to produce another Trump thereafter. And with the next four years for that constituency’s anger to build, that person may be far worse than the current Trump.


Bernie Sanders has the opportunity in this Sunday’s national one-on-one debate with Joe Biden on CNN to throw a victory punch by, I believe, advocating for EVERY citizen being empowered equally to gain personal ownership stakes in the future formation of wealth-creating, income-generating productive capital assets––the non-human means that power our growth in productivity. See my article published by The Huffington Post entitled “Bernie Sanders Can Win The Presidency By Empowering Every Child, Woman, And Man To Become A Productive Capital Asset Owner” at foreconomicjusticedotorg/?p=18902.


I hope you’re wrong about his calm-before-the-sheepdogging post. Has Norm Solomon does this before?

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There is still time for Bernie to salvage his quest for the Nomination.

It is quite simply just do what Trump will do in the General Election, Savage Sleepy Joe with every fiber in your being.

You have to wonder why everyone is saying that Trump will easily beat Biden in the General, it is because he and is surrogates will hit Biden with the Truth about his Dismal Record.

Bernie why can’t you do exactly what we all know Trump will do in the General Election?

We all know that Biden is in the early stages of Dementia, we all know that he is a Warmonger, we all know that he supports the For Profit Private Insurance Companies over Medicare For ALL, we all know that he supported the Credit Card Banks over Consumers, we all know that his 3 strikes and your in Jail forever Crime Bill put thousands of Minorities behind Bars, we all know that he lied about his Civil Rights record, we all know that he personally helped put the most Conservative Supreme Court Justice on the Bench, Clarence Thomas, and he will help another extreme Conservative get Confirmation.

We all know why Trump will Defeat Sleepy Joe, because he will not pull any punches about his Mental Condition or the fact that he and his son used the Vice Presidency to Peddle Influence around the World to enrich members of his family like his brother and Hunter Biden.

Bernie it is a simple recipe for success, just follow the example of what Trump will do in the General without being as Obnoxious as Trump, you and your team screwed up by not bringing out all of Biden’s faults before the South Carolina Primary, do not make another mistake like that disaster.



Apparently, Hunter has never even been to Ukraine.

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Boy is that what will keep me up at night. Pence and his Radical Religious Rightwing Robots are in the batter’s box already. It’s still not too late for the Dem primary voters to realize that Trump is the symptom of the problem.

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