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In a Dozen Interviews, Media Never Bothered Asking President Trump About Climate Change


In a Dozen Interviews, Media Never Bothered Asking President Trump About Climate Change

Adam Johnson

President Donald Trump’s disastrous withdrawal of the US from the Paris Climate Change Accord understandably has the media in a frenzy. “Unconscionable and fatuous,” proclaimed The Economist (6/1/17). Trump “shamefully abandons the fight against humanity’s greatest threat,” wrote Bloomberg News (6/1/17).


The hard reality that faces all Americans is that we are no longer the free people we thought we were. A free press is the ideal but it's the money, honey, that puts them in their place....

...and they know their place.

And how much the job pays!


After receiving a degree in Environmental Science in the mid 70's, I worked measuring and monitoring industrial chemical waste output . I also had a natural talent for design,graphics and art. From my less than a year in environmental field work for corporate clients, I was far more willing to compromise my creative projects of color and design with a corporate client than compromise of the concentration of toxic chemical released into the air ,water and land by a corporation, in order for me to have a job. I went back to school, studied graphic design and landed a Art Director job with Post- Newsweek in their broadcast TV division. A great outlet for a commercial designer and artist to get to use the developing computer graphics, at that time. It also provided me a personal experience with how ...and why...commercial news is made.
Points about civic response of corporate commercial media towards environmental protection, or any topic that is counter to it's advertising base.
- The corporate media is no more liberal or conservative than it's owners.
- An intelligent understanding of ecology and earth science by the owners and staff in American media is cultural and class related from their own environmental experience...or in general and typical, within a corporate media organization... a lack of experience.
- The advertiser/media financier is who you serve and promote the message of.
I don't expect the main stream media to understand a topic they have very little first hand experience with.


Climate change won't 'sell' until its affects are so unmistakable that even Trump notices the flooded basement at Mar a Loco. That's the problem with a slow motion crisis. It's too late to do something about it, by the time it's lapping at your front door.

90 million barrels a day. Up in smoke.

Shut down Enbridge Line 5!


I'm not sure what your point is. We all know Donald Trump quite well by now. He has no particular stance. Not on environmentalism. Not economy. Nothing. His only view that he holds throughout is that he is a "negotiator".

Ask Donald his views on the economy. Ask him his views on climate change. Ask him his views on the nuclear triad. He doesn't have views!

What is more he didn't even have a view on this Paris accord until last Thursday. He said (and I believe him) he didn't know what he would do. He didn't have, doesn't have and has never had a policy on anything, except of course he will say things that boost his ratings. That's not really a political stance.

So I'm not sure why you want Donald's opinion on climate change. If you have watched much of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver you might notice something. For every single issue that Donald has said something about, he also has held the exactly opposite position. That is what he is. So I don't know. Are you trying to attack the media for not doing their job? Hillary Clinton by the way is someone you can get a policy answer from and it is pertinent for the media to ask her questions about it.

It is not a valid question to ask Donald Trump about his policies. All you can ask him about is "What kind of negotiator are you?" because that's what he is as a human being. Perfectly flexibly on every policy and willing to make deals on every subject.


Continued great insight by Adam Johnson.

Of course the Captured Media didn't ask Trump any questions on Climate Change.

Look who owns the Media.


"In a Dozen Interviews, Media Never Bothered Asking President Trump About Climate Change"

Did we forget that the fossil fueled oligarchy buys the media and that Trump is one of theirs?

Direct Democracy


I'm not sure what your point is.

Trump's position on global warming, climate change, ACD is well known. His political leveraging of his own willful ignorance in accordance with those who cheered him on is aligned of course with the corporate agenda of Big Oil's having pushed the "global warming is a hoax" propaganda through various fronts like the Heartland Institute founded and funded by Koch Bros, for instance.

He has no particular stances on topics? Really?

Immigration, torture, corporate tax breaks, deregulation of regulatory agencies, "free market" based healthcare system, buildup of the MIC, increased surveillance, expanding military operations in the ME aligning with Neocon Holy Warrior generals, cutting the social safety net through neoliberal economic policies of wealth redistribution, attacking public school system aligned again with neoliberal economic agendas, ad nauseum.

No views on nuclear triad? Regardless of the details on the 3 delivery systems, does he not want to build more nuclear weapons? Also his Administration has deployed the THAAD system in South Korea, which is considered an offensive system augmenting that nuclear triad.

Seems his Administration not only has views but has taken many actions according to those views, and Trump had most of those positions detailed on his website.

Considering everything he said during the campaign, who he appointed to his cabinet, and who he has chosen to guide his Administration (think Bannon), I find it baffling that you fell for the line that Trump was undecided until Thursday.

So much for analysis.

And this whole contention that Trump holds opposite views on everything is ridiculous. I suppose if you are so blind that you can't see through the fog of his constant political maneuvering it may appear as such.

Oliver? That's like going to John Stewart for political analysis, or the insufferable Bill Maher. Don't do it!!!!!!!

So, according to your summation that "For every single issue that Donald has said something about, he also has held the exactly opposite position" I should expect that Trump has held the position for no change in immigration policy, or that he has called for higher tax rates for the 1%, or that he has railed against the militarization of police, or that he has called for supporting reproductive rights of women, or that he has called for an overall cut in military spending, or that torture is against international law and should not be used much less expanded, yadda yadda yadda.

He's just a negotiator!!!!!!! Willing to make deals on every subject? Really?

I bet the men and women union organizers he has busted on his construction sites beg to differ. Or the countless people this jerk has sued for resisting his various slanders and acts would beg to differ. This jerk is constantly suing people left and right. Oh yes he's as pliable as taffy.

As per the reason the MSM didn't ask Clinton or Trump about global warming, climate change, or ACD.

There should be no mystery about this. I mean this analysis has only been done a million times by those following the money.