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In a Fearful Moment, We Are Honored by History

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/03/fearful-moment-we-are-honored-history


Pascal also said that, “the heart has reasons which reason is unaware;”
and S.K. adamantly demands a “leap of faith” for an eternal life, and
thereby a life in time worth the effort.
Those on the side of a new humanity have to include those, like Orwell’s bleating sheep in Animal Farm, enduring their hate, fury and ignorance.
I wonder if it isn’t the opening of the “second seal” (Revelations 6.3-4), that
we’re seeing?


First rate article Mr. Eskow - very uplifting - beautiful even !

“We have been born into a moment where what we do will shape the human future. Our lives are rich with meaning, and our fear reminds us of that honor.”

“But the fear is a signal. It tells us that moment connects us in an unbreakable thread to so many of the generations that came before us and came after us—generations who fought invaders, resisted slavery, challenged colonialism, and fought fascism.”

“As for those parading Trump supporters: yes, they carry the seeds of totalitarianism. But many of them are filled with fear, too. Many have been abandoned by our ruling elites. Like us, many are searching for meaning and purpose. We have failed to give them that. That’s something worth thinking about. We must stop them. But what does hating them give us? I don’t want to cancel them. I want to redeem them. Perhaps, in the process, I can also redeem myself.”

  • R. Esko

WOW ! Incredible. Especially the comments and I quote, "generations who fought invaders, resisted slavery, challenged colonialism, and fought fascism.”Unquote. Please elaborate on the claim of fighting invaders. I’m 70 years of age and have never heard of the U.S. ever being invaded except by the Spanish Conquistadors way back and then of course the Brit rejects. The other objection I have is this, “Our lives are rich with meaning,” of course I immediately assume the writer belongs to the 1% who rule America, as from my observation there are thousands of Americans today who cannot claim to be living a life rich with meaning, whilst they struggle to survive on the streets and wonder where their next meal will come from, especially now when it’s become ILLEGAL to offer food to such people. YEP, thats really rich and meaningful I’d say. 'redeem yourself ?" Sure, walk a mile in one of their shoes, live the life they are living, see how YOU survive in such an environment, Maybe, just maybe, you might achieve redemption, but somehow, I seriously doubt it.

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Thank you. Re invaders, etc., I was referring there to all humanity and not just Americans. Best, Richard


Thank you, Richard, for another wise message to our community. What we really need to do is to reject the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, PBS, MSNBC and the rest of the corporate media. We need to reject the identity politics promoters and the “cancel culture” that would shut down free speech simply because they are too weak or incompetent to confront rightwing hate speech with their own speech. We need to go back to Bernie’s original attempt to assemble a multiracial coalition to dismantle the power of the billionaires in this country. If that power is broken, the other issues – immigrant rights, environmental and racial justice, full equality for LBGTQ +, will fall into place.

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If you do not recognize the attack on Pearl Harbor as an invasion, what would you count as such? And what about so-called “9/11,” a date chosen possibly in memory of another “9/11” in Chile in 1973, facilitated and supported by the misleaders of the Land of the Freebooters who extinguished the indigenous “braves”?

As for “lives rich with meaning,” Mr. Eskow doesn’t mention it in his comment below, but I cannot limn it in any way but as a reference to the stark challenges facing us today. I’m 74 and not in the best of shape physically, and with no real experience or expertise in political activism much less asymmetrical warfare. But if Trump is not forced to vacate the White House, that may provide the meaning for the last portion of our lives.

You make a good point.

It occurred to me this morning that Trump supporters consider any ‘modern’ an elitist - and that includes the middle class. It has little to do with wealth - ‘OCCUPY’ was wrong. It’s not the 1% vs the 99%,

it’s those who believe in science, evolution, etc… the ‘moderns’ - who are the elite, regardless of wealth.

I’d be interested in your take on this ?

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