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'In a Just World, It Would Be Treated as Crime Against Humanity': New Report Exposes Big Oil's Real Agenda


'In a Just World, It Would Be Treated as Crime Against Humanity': New Report Exposes Big Oil's Real Agenda

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In the years since the 2015 Paris agreement, the world's top five Big Oil firms collectively have spent more than a billion dollars on "misleading" branding and lobbying to "capture the public and political narrative" on the climate crisis while they continue expanding their fossil fuel operations.



Tell you what:- Why don’t they drink the oil they produce?



"Lobbying and Lying are Synonymous."

Particularly in this case.



The world needs to expect a more-or-less steady growth in human starvation under the current climate change / economics path.

I suppose that you could choose an employer based on whether they provide a food-denominated retirement plan. That way you could always afford food, even if you lived to be 100 years old. Of course, boomers are learning all about retirement plans right now. Detroit city workers saw 90% of their retirement money disappear in bankruptcy court. Private company workers saw their company’s assets sold off to profit shareholders, and then their company declared bankruptcy, and then their pensions were gone.



,We should have Nationalized US Oil Reserves decades ago. Now is OK too



Fuck big oil, it IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. Big oil is the enemy of ALL vertebrate life on this planet. We are currently in the Sixth Great Mass Extinction caused by our fossil fuel development and use generated climate change. If big oil continues to propagandize, lie and deceive us with their activities and continues to suck up and process fossil fuels we will NATIONALIZE all fossil fuel companies. For those companies not based here we will acquire all their assets in this country by imminent domain. Heads up you murdering oil exec. fools. You have taken rape and pillage to an astronomical level. It is END GAME folks. Wake the f up.



Big Oil certainly has the money to do whatever they want and leave us to clean up their mess. As far as the Accord, nothing has been done by most of the Polluter Countries that are a part of it. Meaningless, if no action is taken to shut down Big Fossil is there?



I couldn’t have said it better!



They should have a heaping glassful to drink, but who’s gonna make them swallow it?

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Until I can switch to an electric car, which brand of gas has spent the least in misleading branding and lobbying?

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They most probably won’t do that voluntarily but I volunteer to hold the funnel…



True. Instead of saying the toxic sludge from fossil fuels is not good for you and harms the health of our planet, big oil says things like: " we need more studies" ad nauseum!



OMG! Big oil’s real agenda turns out to be…
wait for it…



And as another generation wakes up to the reality of the situation (“We don’t want your hope, etc.”), decrying the perps and apologists is, unfortunately, only the first step in unwinding an enormous mess that also constitutes the foundation stones of this civilizational epoch. Which may already be beyond repair. Waiting for the advent of the electric car while choosing the most eco-friendly oil company would appear to reflect a misunderstanding of the dilemma.



How much of what we say is to absolve ourselves from allowing predators to destroy the Earth? Shame on those bad people!

Seems to me if there’s more of us than of them, we have some explaining to do: why the hell haven’t we broken our chains by now? What is it, it would be too risky to confront all those powerful people, somebody might get hurt?



We should have rejected capitalism all together. In a socialized economy you should need no money at all. Be born and raised to be responsible, productive people of the collective. You don’t pay a water bill, you just put in your time at your chosen job. The people that make the pipes and fittings, the ones that bury the pipe, the ones that provide the planning and run the water works all get paid the same. They all get the same socialized medical and safety net. You may even be able to choose the color of your alternative energy home and car.
Survival of the greediest just causes, and continues to invent trouble and separation.

Say yes to democratic socialism.



Good luck there. Since I no longer work so I don’t own a car, problem solved. Except for a few trips on the bus or rides to the market I boycott all the oil giants. Granted this won’t work for workers needing autos to gt to their jobs. I encourage riding bikes or public transportation when possible. Stop flying planes eating meat, etc. But really only massive govt action can help solve this and it’s not happening until a major collapse of industrial civilization. No one in power takes this serious as of yet. The US military is a huge user of oil, something NEVER discussed in climate action circles. And won’t be as far as I can tell.



Why doesn’t anyone do anything? You pose a good question. I’ve been asking the same and my comments mostly don’t get answered. Some question me what my intentions are? I tell them to use their imagination. If people refuse to fight back, they lose. That’s what’s been happening for too long. Fighting back is a no no. But Complacency is acceptable. People in general are afraid. I’m Not here to try and change people’s minds. That’s what History books are for. They can post and debate all they want, I honestly don’t care. This is a comment outlet where very few get Mad… Hope you are not one of them.



The democratic socialists as in the current ones such as Sanders and Gabbard are still capitalists. They just want restrictions and taxes to help the lesser classes. I agree though, industrial capitalism is destroying Earth and her children. Only a collapse will solve the problem. Whether humans survive is problematic and more so every year this current madness is allowed to exist.

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The Indigenous Environmental Network and the Rainforest Foundation have mounted a letter writing campaign to four major banks calling on them to
stop funding the climate crisis

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