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In a 'Right to Work' State, Union Grows by Fighting Racism


In a 'Right to Work' State, Union Grows by Fighting Racism

Laverne Wren

Racism is still a part of our everyday lives. The recent police murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice highlighted this fact in the national media -- forcing many of us to confront the fact that, despite our progress, we have a lot of struggle ahead.

Even with a strong union, we often have to confront racism in our workplaces. I've worked for the Kroger grocery chain in Portsmouth, Virginia, for 16 years, and I know from personal experience what it's like to fight racism on the job.


I don’t think any race is stronger than the Black one with its members having to hold their dignity in the face of such overwhelming hatred and ignorance.

Some of the ugliest of souls hide behind religion, racism, and sexism. Eventually, their karma catches up with them.

Bravo to the just of all hues… who fight back using the tools of justice, fairness, truth, and where possible, diplomacy.