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In a World Made Toxic, Nearly a Quarter of All Human Deaths Caused by Pollution


In a World Made Toxic, Nearly a Quarter of All Human Deaths Caused by Pollution

Nika Knight, staff writer

Nearly a quarter of all deaths around the world are caused by living and working in toxic and polluted environments, and the worst affected are children, the poor, and the elderly, a new report (pdf) released on Tuesday by the World Health Organization (WHO) has found.


This is an informative article, although it leaves out 2 other time bombs that are only in beginning stages of impacting human (and other) life.

The following is a presentation by Helen Caldicott where she explains that Cancers are very slow-acting and typically don’t show up for 5 years or more… after exposure.

Both Fukushima and Chernobyl continue to irradiate the planet:


The other “time bomb” consists of biogenetically altered food contraptions including those that now include at minimum trace amounts of glyphosate. These faux “foods” being consumed all over the world are breaking down inherent intestinal microorganisms and with “gut diseases” on the rise, slow-acting degenerative diseases find a ripe environment in which to proliferate.

Dr. Caldicott explains the nature of deformities showing up in babies born in Basara and Faluja. So this article also manages to leave out the exposures to Depleted Uranium and other war detritus that continue to do massive genetic damage (when not spreading Cancers).


[quote=“andrewboston, post:2, topic:19726”]

“the USA could bomb them since that’s all we know how to do”

Am I the only one who objects to this repugnant frame?

The military does the bombing.

WE are not all military.

WE do not all consent to, agree with, or support military actions.


You are an obvious paid shill. You have no job to go to… other than polluting this forum with your cheesy, generic comments.


“…clean technologies and fuels for domestic cooking, heating and lighting,” "

In other words, solar cookers (very cheap) and solar PV micro-grids in rural areas. Eliminating fossil fuels as rapidly as possible (in a US WWII-style climate mobilization) and replacing them with efficiency, conservation, wiser lives, and clean safe resilient renewables will reduce deaths. Equalizing politically and economically will help everything.


CO2 and methane pollution will kill an awful lot more than 12.6 million per year as the global climate heats up.


Welcome to the world of “God’s greatest creation”, - the murderous, me-first human species.

My apologies of course, to those perfect humans who have never in any way contributed to the horrific problems we face today.


For those of us who have been paying attention to our pollution debacle for decades, this article is no surprise but vindication that we are accurately viewing our self poisoning and pollution genocide.
This info can help us in discussions with those who continue to insist that the status quo is just fine. This information challenges “the healthy economy” rhetoric that spews out of so many mouths. The truth - if it is good for the current economy, it is very bad for human and planetary health. Time for a new economy that creates health.


Here’s how they get rid of the toxic waste in the US: in our food. It’s not just the sewage sludge, check out the Fear in the Fields articles from Duff Wilson.

And the key issue we’re missing here, is that these pollutants are effecting our behavior. Lead and crime is just the tip of the iceberg, but somehow we want to imagine that our perceptions, emotions and thoughts, and the behavior generated by them, are inviolate. Characteristics, in other words, that are most essentially, “us”. That way, we avoid confrontation with the real question: who are you?