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In a World of Corporate-Backed Politicians, Beware the Sounds of Sirens

In a World of Corporate-Backed Politicians, Beware the Sounds of Sirens

Roy Eidelson

“Citizens of the democratic societies should undertake a course of intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from manipulation and control, and to lay the basis for more meaningful democracy.” — Noam Chomsky, 1989 (Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies)

Eidelson sez:
“… we’re serenaded with ‘only a huge defense budget can keep us safe;’ ‘higher taxes on the wealthy will cripple our economy;’ ‘a single-payer healthcare system can never work here;’ ‘climate change disaster can be averted with small steps;’ ‘minimum wage hikes will force mass layoffs;’ and other (hits).”

Well, crap. I ordered my box set expecting to get the companion DVD with exclusive backstage footage, as well as the “making of” video. But the promoters said those items will cost me an extra $500 million.


As Noam Chomsky says, we must defend and protect ourselves from the manipulation and control, that influences 95% of the voting electorate to continue voting for the two most corrupt political parties in the United States of America that use their place on the stage, to exert "Manipulation and Control."

WTFU America!


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Hi PonyBoy, I love the mind of Non Chomsky----especially since he’s correct. As to the author of this… I think he left out that 3rd siren, named AIPAC----. And as to the siren allusion—I think quite a few politicians of both parties put wax in their ears when the People speak.

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Yes, Tom, both Noam Chomsky’s very insightful quote, “Citizens of the democratic societies should undertake a course of intellectual self-defense to protect themselves from manipulation and control” by this siren and deceitful Empire, and Roy Eidelson’s fine article here on CD, warn that the < 1% UHNWIs and the corporations & banks they own, are utilizing the most deceitful form of propaganda ever imagined to; distract, dis-empower, delude, and more powerfully “divide and conquer” ‘we the vast majority of left progressive people of America’ by turning all the people’s most serious ‘Issues’ against them— precisely by “dividing and conquering” us with the over-abundance of our own“Issues” themselves.

For example, the demonstration, march, and protesting data-base ‘Resistandprotest’ lists over 200 “Issues” of all states and dates, which allows many millions of people to not only pick and choose any number of “Issue” based, and “Identity” based Events to participate in, write about on alt-media sites, contribute funds to, and supposedly focus their individual efforts on.

But, of course, “focusing on every single issue”, is inexorably focusing on NO single meta-cause of all the Issues.

While the tactical attractiveness of having millions of people demonstrating, marching, and protesting all these hundreds of “Issues” may well engender and enthuse lots of people to separately highlight and bring attention to all of our serious “Issues” (and larger “Symtom Problems”) in our society, this lure to actions, appeal to contribute, and willingness to cooperate and commit to an array favorite ‘Issues’, is exactly anathema and poison to any focused ‘strategy’ (and aligned ‘strategic narrative’/‘strategic messaging’) being able to be focused like a laser on any central and ‘common meta-cause’ of the multitude of individual “Issues”/“Symtoms” of all our problems in one unified front.

Quite simply by the concentrated power of a unified Evil — inducing ‘we the people’ to protest all “Issues” the Siren song of one disguised cause of all our problems can drive the people apart and “divide and conquer” the more numerous people, as Empires throughout all of history have always been able to lord over the people.

Thus, just as Chomsky recommends, ‘we the people’ MUST have the self-discipline to “undertake a course of intellectual self-defense to protect ourselves from manipulation and control” by the Empire which is trying to divide and drive us apart, and to hide its sociopathic identity as an Empire — but the now most obvious ‘Empire-building’, “Empire-thinking”, and visibly insane Emperor Trump actually provides ‘we the American peope’ with the best chance ever to overcome both this global Empire and Emperor Trump himself — who, as often is said is just a ‘Symptom’ of the underLYING SIREN of the Empire itself!!


Psychopaths and sociopaths are like ants–they spread their pheromones everywhere they go and thus attract each other to concentrate their power in places like Wall Street, corporate executive suites, and Washington, D.C. While they each act primarily in their own self-interest, they are not above establishing alliances with others to advance their self-interests. The tenuous nature of those alliances between those narcissistic mixed-personality disordered people explains the constant revolving door of morally questionable and ethically challenged characters cycling in and out of White House staff and cabinet positions. Though psychopathology is likely a genetic/inherited disorder, and sociopathy is mostly the result of socially dysfunctional enculturation, these two personality types are “birds of a feather that flock together”. The best of them are charismatic grifters with PhD level skills in manipulation of individuals and groups. All of them share one fundamental belief–Rules apply to everybody else, but they do not apply to me. Most of these personality types are called to account for their behavior by the criminal justice system fairly early in life. Only the most gifted of them successfully avoid that calling to account until late in life. Trump, and his corporate and political acolytes are just the latest to sing seductive siren songs promoting destruction of our democracy and our cultural heritage. If you don’t like the message in his music, just terminate the voice of the messenger.



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there’s nothing here other than playing defense. and that’s been a losing proposition for years.

the bottom line is power has a near constant, uninterrupted stream of access to the human mind. It’s always one way—when was the last time you saw an ad followed by an immediate rebuttal? ‘Never’ is the correct answer.

At this point, we have to entertain the idea that perhaps it’s time to pull the plug from the whole infernal machine. The notion of decolonizing the human mind from the brutalizing effects of non-stop advertising and marketing aggression one mind at a time is hopelessly naive.

We’re under attack. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. And the result is this perverse universe of a privately owned world. We’re past the point of tinkering around with power in order to restore a balance that really never existed. This is a time for radicals and revolutionaries. It sucks, but it happens. And anyone trying to slow down that realization is serving power and protecting their own interests.

Pull the plug on the political headwashers. Stop their broadcasts. End this farce of a capitalist age. Yeah, it’s a tall order, but anything less is defeat for the entire species.


It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home. Carl Rowan

It’s actually extremely easy to sort out a fake corporate ‘progressive,’ or ‘liberal,’ or ‘social-democrat,’ or whatever you want to call someone who says they are trying to loosen the death grip of our capitalist/military dictatorship.

If the candidate is registered as a ‘Democrat,’ then you can be assured their progressive or social-democrat talk is all fake, that they will throw workers & poor people under the bus, first chance they get.

They will rationalize & justify, but in the end, they always sell you out. Because that is the function of the Democratic party…to entice liberals & lefties to squander their energies pursuing fake or meaningless ‘reforms,’ to keep them from ever organizing into any kind of effective resistance.



There’s a fine line sometimes between being against the oppressive, militaristic policies of Israel, and being anti-semitic. AIPAC and Israel are such an infinitesimal part of the enormous corruption and destructive impulses of the US that adding it to just 2 sirens picked from among all the hundreds of voices–corporate sirens, cultural memes and frames used by conservatives to seduce people (like the promise, epitomized by the lottery, that each one of us will be rich any day now), the military, religion, all the various ways every election in the last 50 years (or 250?) has been corrupted, (especially the Lesser Evil Gambit)–elevates AIPAC absurdly out of proportion. That makes me pretty sure you’ve crossed the line.

The corporate duopoly is one of the main tools the oligarchs use to control the US and through it the world. Without an understanding of the psychological centrality of dichotomies and how people can be manipulated through them it may not be obvious, but AIPAC is so far down the list from these 2 enormous voices of unreason it’s just a little bit nuts to put it with them. Please reconsider.

See also Appendix A, Decoding the Diamond Body: Beyond Jung, in The Warrior Within (and I think in each of the King, Warrior, Magician, Lover books on male archetypes by Moore and Gillette).

The use of the Odyssey here is great but a much more important and relevant allegory is the Iliad, and the Cassandraiac scientists and activists being ignored now, to the peril of Troy–and all its attackers.


Hi JAZonian: LOL, but I am also against the oppressive military awfulness of America, and that does not make me anti- America. I am totally against the power that AIPAC has in the American government, and that does not make me anti-Semitic----
Personally, I am horrified with how many in Congress were willing to overthrow America’s First Amendment by making the support of BDS illegal. People have already lost jobs because of their BDS support!
This is as trashing the First Amendment is as unAmerican to me as the history of Joe McCarthy! Yes, we’ve already that that in American history. Senator Schumer and his work in trying to diss BDS is shocking—American terrorists in Congress, I guess.
To tell you the TRUTH, it makes me sad to have so many throw the term anti-semitic at anyone who expresses an opinion that someone in Israel or in America does not agree with.
The term has lost all meaning----but as I see Israel today, it does not seem to be a very honest history in how it has operated since 1948.
I am sorry that you feel that I …" have crossed the line." But you see, as I read and learn more, I see that she Israel crossed “That line,” in 1948 and Palestine and Nakba-- had to come into existence-------and this treatment of the Palestinians has only gotten worse. Israel celebrates the history of Masada—it’s RESISTANCE story. I would think that you too would be impressed with Palestine’s history, as they have been resisting since 1948—for 70 years! . That is truly inspiring and I will continue to support BDS, because it is ACTIONS towards others that kill—not words or questions.

Most racists are unaware their attitudes constitute racism; they just think they’re right about the superiority and inferiority of various groups.

I suggest you reread my thing to divine the hidden meaning, which is actually not hidden at all but pretty obvious. Obviously, I haven’t “thrown” the term anti-Semitic at anyone, nor have I used it against everyone who expresses an opinion that Israel is oppressive. I expressed such an opinion–that Israel, in relation to Palestinians, is oppressive and militaristic. Of course we should express that; it’s true.

The term “anti-Semitic” has not lost all meaning. It means the same as it always has, “hostile to or prejudiced against Jews [or other Semitic people]”.

My opinion about your anti-Semitic leanings is because, as I said, you elevated AIPAC and its influence above, say, the influence corporations have. You’re against the US’ oppression; why isn’t that a Siren? Why didn’t you make corporations one of the now 5 sirens? The right has tried to make hitting protesters with cars legal. Why isn’t intolerance of free speech regarding protest equal to the duopoly and AIPAC, and a Siren? People were fired, discriminated against in many ways, when they expressed opinions against the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan in 2002. Why isn’t the fake patriotism that’s lied about with the term “support the troops” one of the now 7 Sirens? The most dangerous and destructive lie in the world now is climate denial, in whatever form it takes–outright denial of its existence, of its human cause, of the urgency, of the radicalness of the solutions…Why isn’t that the 8th Siren? Why aren’t the attacks on Rachel Carson by chemical corporations and now the right in general the 9th Siren? Why isn’t the seduction of an idle life one? In fact, there are hundreds of such Sirens in the US. As I said, the fact that you chose only AIPAC, out of all those clearly seductive frames, as one of the very few influences worthy of being thought of as a Siren suggests it’s more powerful, more meaningful, more significant than all those is what reveals you as anti-Semitic. And of course, your inability to differentiate between what I actually said and what you read into it confirms it, just like people who think all reservations about Israel constitute anti-Semitism. Inability to distinguish their fantasies and projections from reality.

The use of the bifurcation of the corporate party, both Republicans and Democrats, is uniquely powerful in keeping people subservient to the oligarchs; the use of all the other lies, including AIPAC, comes out of that original and overarching deception. That’s why they’re the 2 Sirens and nothing else rises to being Sirens.

I understand you don’t get it. As I said, most racists are unaware that their attitudes are racism. But I’m not arguing this any more. My meaning is clear and simple; you didn’t get it the first time and you won’t get it the 100th time, so there’s no point in arguing about it with you.

HI JAZonian" Hmmmm I think you need to reread carefully what I wrote, but if you don’t that’s o.k. too.
BUT… : ) First of all, it is weird to even use the term ," racist, " because anybody in the world can convert to being Jewish----if fact, if Moses could come back, today he would be surprised to se so many white people in what is now Israel.
You seem to object to my leaving out things which you think are important. But conversely, you seem to miss things which do seem racist—like Israel declaring that Arabs can’t really be real citizens of Israel, and have fewer rights. This is why so many support BDS because many in Israel, like Netanyahu, are being racist by excluding certain racial groups. However, again, anyone can convert----see Ivanka Trump.
Sadly what happened to the indigenous people in South Africa is what is happening to the indigenous people of Palestine. Remember only the Jewish leaders were dragged off to Babylon—not everyone. And too, people keep or change religions based on where they live or how they survive. Religions and genetics are never static. What the white people did to black people in South Africa is how many in Israel treat Palestinians. Apparently, and this is sad to say, Many in Israels, who have suffered NO "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, " are attacking the Palestinians and their land as if the Palestinians are the Nazis of WW 2.

There are many things I can respond to, but you keep expanding the definition of sirens and I just wanted to remind you that My arguments are not about race as there is no Jewish race, or Catholic race or Protestant race or Muslim race— there are religions which began in certain geographical regions but there are believers of all ares in all religion-----sand DNA is a moot point.
If there’s no point on arguing with me, why did you continue? And too, LOL the ending of your piece is making me smile, because it seems that if I don’t understand, then it’s not worth it for you to waste your time. However, I find hearing other viewpoints NEVER a waste of time—if done honestly. : )