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In Address on Inequality Amid Pandemic, Pope Calls on Global Community to Confront 'Destructive Effects of Empire of Money'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/04/address-inequality-amid-pandemic-pope-calls-global-community-confront-destructive


This Pope has been better than most at highlighting our dysfunctional economic,social and political systems.

But as a collective they simply don’t care .
What about the Doctrine of Discovery, they must come forward and renounce this and other Papal decrees.


Thank GOD for honesty, transparency & clerical governance of our blessed faith-based, not-for-profit medical sector.


~https://mobile.twitter.com/DrEricDing/status/1312800418670489600 (released/ intubated choose one)





Yes, and also, we all need to renounce the Cro-magnons (Homo sapiens) genocide of Homo neanterthals.


Firstly: Thank you Julia for this story.
Pope Francis makes the sharp arrow point that our low wage workers remain at their jobs in hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, fast food, grocery stores, convenience stores too. This morning, NYC mayor is going back into restrictions at certain zip codes in Bronx and Brooklyn. Governor has to agree.

Neither area is wealthy. Both are immigrants and citizens working to pay the rent and buy groceries. Perhaps this is onset of second wave !! More likely, They are victims of the rich !!

The same wealthy, no / poor, yes pattern of getting covid 19 occurs in Chicago, Illinois.

As of 3:30 PM Sunday afternoon, let it be known that the americano president trump would have been dead already without massive interventions. The indications are that his lungs did fail Friday evening. The 1 AM tweet could have been written and sent by any staffer or family member. I believe he was in very serious condition then. COPD patients can tell you that they experience difficulty when fluid accumulates in their lungs and their oxygen level goes down by walking up steps, for example.

The pope may have a handle on the where abouts of 40 trillion dollars floating around the world. Not on anyones balance sheet - yet.


The Pope reminds us that there is a difference between money, and the LOVE of money.
The LOVE of money has turned into a lust for money, at least in America.


Recovering catholic here…

Best pope in a long, long time. Especially after that creepy devil wears pedo red shoe guy.

Pope should upgrade his security detail pronto. Mlk and rfk were going to begin a national poor peoples campaign and look where that got them in a hurry.


Just imagine, there was one an American politician from the heartland who preached community.

“Yes, I am my brother’s keeper. I am under a moral obligation to him that is inspired, not by any maudlin sentimentality but by the higher duty I owe myself. What would you think me if I were capable of seating myself at a table and gorging myself with food and saw about me the children of my fellow beings starving to death?” ~ Eugene V. Debs 1908



A progressive pope should be welcome here.
As should 99.8% of Catholics who I know.
Because they are friggin more liberal than
the contributors here !!
And most are not poor, but do share what they have.
Ladies in their 70’s and 80’s working and cooking all
Friday afternoon to feed a high quality supper ($25 to $30 / plate setting)
for elderly, poor, homeless here.
Husbands come in and do clean up.

Communists, I tell ya, el pinkos,
And they have infiltrated the USA up to 27% of our population.
They may double this by having married priests, men and women.
Plus the Latin mass.

Suggest fundies look out because looking up all the time for rapture gains a stiff neck. ( terrible humor, I know - but I am over 18,000 years old and do laugh at their 6,000 year history)


Just say it! “American Corporate Capitalism” Actually its Socialist Capitalism for corporations and american capitalism for the masses.

Why can’t the Pope just say it? Probably because in the course of history, the cathalic church was complicit in designing the system we have today.


The best book we could give to Organised Religions to study would be What God Wants .

There are people and institutions long in power long in place that do not want you to read this book.

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I’ll never return to the Catholic Church, but oh my Goddess, Pope Francis GETS IT!


Nowadays when babies are born hospitals make the bills partly in their names, because they may be paying it their entire lives the way things are going…


Will they even be able to make the interest payments
give up a few aircraft carriers.

Heck, I want one of those!!

Of course they will figure out that we don not need 15.
Can easily replace five with inexpensive sea camels lashed together and the aircraft fuel is in the compartments. We would park one in the eastern Mediteranean, another south of Yemen. Another between Korea and Japan. More for fun at Hawaii, Miami, Pensicola, Great Lakes, and Cleveland.

Landing on wet ice proves the skilled pilot !! I’ll bet coffe and a donut that Francis can land the plane in late January near Cleveland Burke Lakefront.

The Doctrine of Discovery was used as justification for denying Iroquois people the ability to turn their private property into “tribal lands” as recently as 2005. The SCOTUS relied upon the Doctrine of Discovery as recently as that as its legal basis for a ruling.

Hemp knows what he’s talking about.


Suddenly sounding like Bernie Sanders does not absolve the cult he leads from two millennia of genocide, misogyny, war-mongering, anti-women crusading, racism, support for fascism, child molesting, and just being rich, powerful dicks. Hey Frank, if you want to move towards socialism, declare that the Catholic Church will now pay property tax on all its holdings and use its wealth to correct past mistakes.


Wealth ??
American diocese filing bankrutcy from Oregon to New York City.
Wasted their wealth on education for one thing.

And you as an individual may declare your private property a ‘church’ and file for property tax exemption at the county courthouse.

However, folding chairs inside the garage may not impress the county officials unless you have
‘clout’ (wink).

They are filing for bankruptcy to shield themselves from child molestation lawsuits. Their educational system is, like all religious schools, indoctrination into their cult and not altruistic. The Catholic church is buying struggling public hospitals from cash strapped governments then passing rules limiting women healthcare services. They are still dicks despite Frank trying to whitewash their theocratic dictatorship with lofty, semi-socialist words.


Perhaps he could make non-acceptance of corporations’ destruction of human habitat for profit a moral imperative for the 2/3s of the Supreme Court who are in his flock.

Nope: Immigrants from all over the world came into our city and most children did not speak or write English. The Catholic schools taught them, fellow student tutored them, and they did not have to pay tuition and government did not contribute per student back then. All heritages, 68, all colors, all talented and those who have a bit less were welcome. And here, at least three generations later, all those folks still get along as they should. That was steel mill society in Ohio.

Chicago catholics particularly assisted the single black girls arriving by bus from southern state with their baby. Was not any government health care and SNAP back then. So, blast away all you want, Catholics put their wallets, time and a freindly shoulder where their beliefs are - actually helping others, practicing the beatitudes.