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In Alabama, You Can't Keep a Good Man Down


In Alabama, You Can't Keep a Good Man Down...

Christopher Brauchli

Old times there are not forgotten...
Dixie Land

Alabama is back. It hadn't gone far, but whenever it returns, it fills the heart of the observer with wonder. Its most recent re-entry onto the national stage is occasioned by its September run-off election to fill the senate seat left vacant when Jeff Sessions became DJT's attorney general.


Whichever one of these men[?] win they will fit right in with all their fellow elected[?] terrorists!


Jeez Alabama. Made famous by George Wallace and infamous by Neil Young’s song. May as well just close ALL the schools In Al, 'cause the people there ain’t getting any benefit from them. Just goes to show the damage caused by pills, meth and intermarriage with close family members.


“Only someone familiar with how things work in Alabama…”

Cosa nostra in a few places. In Alabama, “gummit” or "arr thang.’


I can’t believe CD missed the opportunity to point out that “Roy is Moore strange than Strange.”     SAD!