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In America, You Have a Right to Carry a Gun But Not a Right to Healthcare

In America, You Have a Right to Carry a Gun But Not a Right to Healthcare

Pat LaMarche

There are homeless folks with guns and there are homeless folks with mental illness. Just like there are housed people with guns and there are housed people with mental illness. The only difference between people experiencing homelessness and people living in houses is money. One group can afford a place to live and the other can not.

No. You do not have the right to the work of others. That’s theft or slavery, depending on how you look at it. Self defense relies on no one but yourself. A right does not demand of others.

Quite the cultural insanity we’re living in …


More likely, it was intended to protect from the most vulnerable of the population–slaves (unless, you weren’t supposed to consider them as part of the population.)

Anything that you need someone else to provide to you is not a “right”.

This, in the Richest Country on Earth.

Time to Eat the Rich!

Well, let’s feed the Zoo animals well.


If you pay your taxes and you’re human, there’s no excuse for Healthcare “not” to be a right.


I don’t see it this way – he left so his wife and kids could STAY and have a roof over their heads! Call me an eternal optimist, but I would rather believe he chose to go so they could stay!

Even right here in the comment section …

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I take umbrage at the idea of feeding those poor defenseless creatures parts of the koch[suckers], or Betsy devotard and the retarded dotard, but hey, l’ll forgive you b/c we think wa-a-a-a-a-ay too much alike! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::yum:

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Pony, if you can provide healthcare for yourself, it’s a right. If it requires another person to provide it to you, it’s not a right.

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I agree with the protected FROM point of view.

So, I guess if someone is ill in your family, or if someone is a child they have no rights! You sound like a one per center. In the USA we are way behind the quality of life that they have in Northern Europe.

Try a real argument. They have the right to seek treatment, I have the right to help them.

A “right” is something that you can secure without requiring someone else to give it to you.

Sounds like you are only concerned with your individual rights, and no this is not an argument. Perhaps you have ADD?

Always with the insults…

How can someone have a “right” to something, when it requires someone else to give it to them?

One can pass legislation providing health care, but there is no inherent right to it

What are you so insulted about? Sounds like you need attention.