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In An Era Of Trump And DeVos, Young Women Are Standing Up For Each Other


In An Era Of Trump And DeVos, Young Women Are Standing Up For Each Other

Martha Durkee-Neuman

The President of the United States of America is a sexual predator. During his campaign, a now-infamous tape leaked of Donald Trump boasted about assaulting women.


Pitting women against men destroys the desire of men to protect the whole of the community and drives them to the right in large numbers. Plutocrats have for decades done all they could to increase division and tension between men and women as that enfeebles the Left and allows the plutocrats to increase control over the political process. Identity politics is killing the Left and the division it creates between men and women is at the heart of it.

Also, to anyone not completely brainwashed it should be obvious that individuals are multi-dimensional, i.e., each has individual characteristics on the dimensions of race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, religion or spiritual beliefs, age, income, educational level, profession or job, physical beauty, etc... On each of these dimensions, an individual may be advantaged, disadvantaged, or somewhere in between. It is nonsensical to focus on just one dimension and define an individual by that or to make a determination of whether an individual is "privileged" by that. Yet, that is what the modern Left, urged on by the plutocrats, has been doing.

The more that women are pitted against men, the more support that Trump and the Republicans will get, and the further away that we will find ourselves from escaping this nightmare.


I don't know what @kivals might be talking about, as I see nothing in the article about "pitting women against men." But "the desire of men to protect the whole of the community" is laughable.

What I do want to observe is that not-young women are neither the enemy nor absent from the sisterhood. Yes, younger women organized and are organizing the marches, but plenty of us oldies were and are there with you. The more we stand together, the stronger we stand.