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In Another Blow to Keystone XL, Judge Rules TransCanada Can't Conduct Pre-Construction Work


In Another Blow to Keystone XL, Judge Rules TransCanada Can't Conduct Pre-Construction Work

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Opponents of TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline—from indigenous and environmental groups to local farmers and ranchers—celebrated a win in court after a federal judge ruled on Friday that the fossil fuel giant cannot conduct pre-construction work on the pipeline until the full environmental review ordered last month is complete.


If Trudeau can’t stand up to the XL Pipeline, he should resign. There are no conservatives that can’t stand up to liberals, there should be no liberals that can’t stand up to the conservatives.


Nice to see a positive article on CD for a change. Most articles seemed to be here for anger-making or other negative “vibes”. Sure, I know the country and the world are both a fucking mess, but it is nice to send out some positive vibes, kudos, and soul-lifting posts once in a while. THANK YOU JUDGE MORRIS!!!


Check his bank account…
(Also the “liberals” you mention)


Call it a Victory for now… but they won’t stop. Anyone who thinks they will does not understand how these evil companies work. They always get what they want.


The value of clean water is second to none. It is the basis of all life and must be protected. The trump regime is trying to bypass/eliminate/destroy the Clean water Act, passed in 1972 and then vetoed by then prez Nixon - his veto was overridden in the Senate by 52-12 to override, with 36 Senators not voting, and in the House “by a staggering 247-23 to override, with one Representative answering “present” and 160 Representatives not voting. Of the 247 Representatives who voted to override President Nixon’s veto, 96 were Republicans and 151 were Democrats. Democrats accounted for 10 of the 23 “nay” votes.”

My question is: how can this one current supremely ignorant psychopath reverse the will of the people, the Congress’ override of Nixon, and destroy the CWA by the EPA removing an estimated 60 to 90% of waterways and wetlands covered under the Act?

An administrative reduction that essentially guts the CWA should be impossible unless the law and override passed by Congress is entirely toothless and meaningless - how can decades of laws passed to protect people and the environment be reversed by one ignorant imbecile in corrupt service to the worst polluter industries and powers?..like removing protections of The Wild - vast wilderness areas - and National Monuments reduced by huge area, solely to gift the same fossil-fuel conglomerate and mining industry polluters - how can this one malignant moron in league with polluters and exploitation of what should be public resources accomplish this evil?


I do not advocate for this or suggest anyone do this but…
XL Pipeline owners and employees are no different then a robber/murderer that breaks into the house of a single woman who then shoots said criminals in the head. Self defense. Is it not reasonable to consider head shots for owners and employees and relying on self defense of self and family?

I await the shit storm.


“…yet another reminder that it will never be built.” Another reminder that “they” will never give up. We need to take a good look at the Army Corp of Engineers. The Army Corp of Engineers have a history of telling us everything is OK. From “Dirty Harry” in May of 1953 to Keystone XL pipeline we are all downwind and or downstream. Don’t let your babies drink the milk. Don’t let your babies drink the water. Pray for peace for the earth. “They” will never give up with their toxic stressors.


Trans-Canada, stick your pipeline up your…


I hear you. Sorry, but no shit storm from me…
Your logic makes sense for other “murderers” as well.


Their bank accounts must have donations from companies like Keystone XL. They have enough money to retire & fade into obscurity. I want Judge Brian Morris to be our next POTUS.


Well, the employees of the pipeline and oil companies some of them not all they well-paid - as well as just consumers who will see their cost of living rise if the pipelines are not built, will also claim that taking up a gun is necessary to defend themselves too - jsut like the Mouvement des Gilets Jaunes in France is close to doing due to the environmentally-motivated fuel price increases in their country.

No, better that we shelve all this talk of killing poeple…


Oh yes you are right lets not talk about killing. Oh wait the burning of fossil fuels is already doing that. As well as killing coral, the oceans and all plants that can not with stand the climate changes. I know, I know its their fault for not being mobile. .


As far as I’m concerned, all of the fascists are breathing good air a rat could be breathing.


I know there is different site to make this comment on but since Emphyrio has mentioned the bullshit goingsv on with the “Clean Water Act” it’s a good place to mention the hundreds of millions of dollars we spent dredging and cleaning up these waterways. This is like washing your windows and then throwing eggs at them because your friend is a widow washer. Stupid is, as stupid does.


This pipeline is suffering the same economic throws that the fracking fields of the US are currently enduring. Tar sands extraction and fracking are both very expensive processes (by most estimates they cost three times what a normal well does to drill and operate). Their business model relies on one market fact, they both need the price of oil to be above $75 a barrel in order to be profitable. Since the worlds economy had never really recovered from the 2008 recession (depression) and many of the larger western capitalist democracies have begun green energy production in earnest, the price of oil may not recover to the pie in the sky predictions of $100+ per barrel until either the supply falls off its predictable plateau, or there is another crippling economic downturn that would cause nations to abandon their march toward renewables and fall back on the “burn anything” paradigm in order to merely survive.
Also, one must keep in mind that the entire worldwide fracking industry, and it’s little sister the tar sands, are all being done on BORROWED money. Many estimates place the price of fracking in the US alone at over 600 BILLION dollars, with very little return on their investment realized up to now. This whole industry has been called a Ponzi scheme second only to the US led securities and derivatives markets.
And we all know what happened to those.
We are in for a fall. A HUUGE one.


Stopping pre-construction activities only makes sense. Why allow the land to be ruined for a project that very likely won’t happen.


Your post makes it occur to me that perhaps deliberate spoiling of water is done to cause those impacted to become dependent on water that is supplied by water investors who see privatization of water as their next black gold. There was an annoying radio spot here for years saying "Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink … "The next world wars will be fought over water … "That is why we at RBC (Royal British Canada) Dane Rosher (sp.?) are proud of our investments in water infrastructure … “Call now to make water part of your portfolio!”


Wisconsin is still fighting it’s battle against Aquila mine project along with tribal and many other organizations.This mine threats water resources as well.


By Jove, I think you’ve got it!