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In Another Record 'We Should Not Be Breaking,' Daily Average of CO2 Levels Hits High of 418.12 ppm

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/05/another-record-we-should-not-be-breaking-daily-average-co2-levels-hits-high-41812


This is called runaway climate catastrophe. And nothing is going to stop it now. Maybe, just maybe if humans had taken actions around 40 years ago to get off fossil fuels by cutting back on an unsustainable consumptive way of life things might be different. But now there is pretty much only one scenario: Extinction Is Coming.


I know ,…lets tell Biden! he’ll be sure to get right on it! You cannot any longer pretend that you respect the urgency of the situation when you are the situation!


Looks that way:


And the title of this article should read: one billion people will DIE from insufferable heat:


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To all the people in the U$A and elsewhere who serve to maximize the Gross Domestic Product of their nations: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”–Upton Sinclair

Such folly has brought us where we are. We must use less energy. We must use better (renewable) energy. We must adapt. We must cease to worship idle wealth, expending vast amounts of precious energy building temples to it. We must keep as much of what remains in the ground in the ground. To do otherwise is to maximize chaos, of which the forecast is already blinking red.


Not a minute earlier than the vermin who have plagued this planet deserve it, too bad for the rest of the plants and animals though, they had no role in this except for victims.


The links below are worth listening to in my opinion, especially to those that are calling for the censorship of Planet of the Humans. I hope we continue talking about the stark realities around us ---- truths that need to be told on Common Dreams and everywhere . . .


Michael Moore lays out the stakes of the extinction level event we are currently facing, the failures of the eco-capitalist movement and why we must change course.

Michael Moore Presents: A Livestream Discussion and Q&A With Extinction Rebellion


so it turns out Fukuyama may have been accidentally right all those years ago when he started babbling about the End of History. And even the culprit is the same: capitalism. Of course, he thought it was going to be a glorious capitalist future. That part didn’t work out. But the end of everything did! So hey, Francis got it sorta right.

  1. The Arctic meltdown is in progress. Arctic ice is at a seriously low extent (*https: //nsidc .org/arcticseaicenews/) and so the spring sun is beating down into the polar ocean, unnaturally warming it. The permafrost and the continental shelves have approximately 1.4 to 1.5 trillion tons of greenhouse gases that can be released by the meltdown. Greenhouse gas levels of perhaps 1000 ppm could be expected. We really don’t want to go to 1000 ppm.

  2. This meltdown will continue to take place without Exxon Mobil’s further assistance. Stopping fossil fuel use won’t stop the Arctic meltdown (although stopping avoids even further damage). Almost all climate organizations are doing no advocacy to directly stop the meltdown. So, we’re totally on that path.

  3. Alternatives probably exist. I recommend experimenting with enhanced restoration of the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack by pumping seawater above the ice surface in the Arctic winter using wind-powered pumps. I recommend experimenting with wind-powered artificial snow making machinery to restore the snow-covered albedo of each small section of tundra. I’m aware of the existence of rather well-trumpeted but flawed geoengineering schemes and, given the existence of some far more ecologically benign options, I would not touch those plans.

Therefore I recommend that every climate organization show wisdom and add “Inhibit the Arctic meltdown” onto their mission-critical to-do list.

Ah, there’s the rub. We as the First World nations MUST adapt. But will we? We have forced other cultures worldwide to adapt to our ways or die. What’s even worse is that our way of life is addictive, and they gladly adapted. Just look at China and India. Even scarier, look at Ladkh. a tiny region deep in the Himalayas. Helena Norberg-Hodges wrote a heartbreaking book, Ancient Futures, about how it took only ten years for western US based culture to almost destroy a sustainable way of life that was thousands of years old.
When we can’t even take measures as a comity to protect ourselves and each other by wearing a mask, essential travel only, and social distancing, I doubt we’ll adapt to the point necessary to deal with massive climate change.
We’re the first species that we know of who knowingly and willingly committed species suicide just to maintain an obscene level or wealth for a very, very few.


There is no telling how many will die. The only question is whether or not this is a mass extinction event.

If, under the Capitalism model a means could be found to generate more profits by consuming LESS and shrinking economies rather then growing them , it would have been done long ago.

The model called Capitalism can not exist under such restrictions therefore as far of the champions of the system are concerned preserving Capitalism is more important then preserving the future.

I read articles on the fall of the Mayan Empire and basically it was due to that Empire growing to fast and consuming more and more of the ecosystem around them. Nature bit back and the empire collapsed much of its remnants covered up again by the Jungle. The people again sought “balance” recognizing their error and then the Europeans came , those same Europeans consuming all they could see for the sake of profits for the few.

It madness.


Thank you for your post. I agree 100%.

I used to think people would only take to the streets when it meant helping people (protests for LGBTQ rights, immigration reform etc.) and while very important it seemed like people would not step up (in critical mass) for nonhuman life forms.

That is why I’ve always felt that the nonhuman world did not stand a chance---- because of rampant greed/destruction due to anthropocentrism.

BUT I thought eventually enough people would realize that to protect our lives we need a habitable, diverse planet and as such enough people would step up and learn how to be protectors not destroyers.

What we are witnessing right now is that I was wrong because a critical mass of people are sawing off the branch of life where we are all perched.

It’s almost as if there are different species of humans on this planet: those that are capable of compassion, empathy for all life and those who are sociopathic/psychopathic or narcissistic. Or willfully ignorant.

Before I die I was hoping to finally know/understand why some people care about others (including nonhuman species) and others don’t and never will.

To me this (those that have reverence for all life) is as perplexing as why brilliant musicians/composers seem to have been born with a mysterious channel between their body/mind forms and the music that flows through and out of them.

I’ve seen people who have devoted their lives to protect prairies, woodlands, wetlands and all that live there----this level of love, devotion is a powerful flow of love (and as such, a need to protect) that sadly seems otherworldly on this dying earth.
It should not seem otherworldly, it should be commonplace----- but it is not.

E.O. Wilson introduced Biophilia hypothesis (ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biophilia_hypothesis)

I wish he was correct and biophilia was something innate for all humans. But it is clear that it is not and as such, everything is dying.


This CommonDreams article cites the Breakthrough Institute as a source of scientific data and expert analysis.

The Breakthrough Institute is a the lobbying organ of the pro-capitalist, eco-modernist movement.

Here is a recent quote by Ted Nordhaus, one of the co-founders of the Breakthrough Institute:

“Right now I would have no explicit climate or clean-energy angle. . . It’s not the time to be talking about climate change or demanding climate policy . . . That’s going to cause extraordinary economic pain for a lot of people, most of whom don’t have the privilege of worrying about climate change . . . It would be tone-deaf to talk about climate change now.”
(Source: ttps://news.bloomberglaw.com/environment-and-energy/should-economic-stimulus-be-green-its-a-matter-of-timing)

Here’s what Michael Shellenberger, the other co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute, has said about Climate Change:

Covid-19 makes clear that the intense fears people directed toward climate should have been directed toward pandemic Imagine how much better we would have been prepared had there been a $500M/year advocacy lobby for pandemic detection, prevention & treatment instead of climate?


Far more radical measures were required weeks ago and far more radical measures are merited now to both limit the spread of covid-19 and reduce mortality With climate, most of what we need to do we are already doing, in the form of moving from coal to natural gas and nuclear

(Source: ttps://twitter.com/ShellenbergerMD)

And, while I think that the Gibbs and Moore movie reveals important shortcomings of wind, solar, and biomass, it does get things wrong and completely ignores different realities among non-White communities, communities without much wealth, and the Global South. Gibbs and Moore also fail to address shortcomings of nuclear and, therefore, have given fodder to folk, like Breathrough Institute Co-Founder Michael Shellenberger who advocate for 100% nuclear and a ‘science will solve all problems’ approach to addressing every challenge facing humanity.
Here is what Michael Shellenberger has said about “Planet of the Humans”:

Major new documentary film produced by Michael Moore exposes

  • why renewables are worse for environment than fossil fuels
  • why green leaders promote them
  • why everybody got it wrong


The reason advocates of renewables have to attack nuclear is because its very existence exposes the two-part fraud that a) renewables are good for the environment and b) saving the environment requires de-growth (the true objective of renewables)

(Source: ttps://twitter.com/ShellenbergerMD)


Perhaps the headline could be ‘As expected and miserably forecast for the last 100 years’ rather than a new record. End of May could peak at 420ppm. And next year 423ppm
Greta is correct of course, she is saying what is well known, and good on her and all her efforts.
So what to do?
All things that are produced in any society comprise of labor, capital and rent (raw materials).Without the latter two, the former, labor, you and I, cannot advance our interests, in this climate breakdown case, our survival. So perhaps capital and rent should be taken into common ownership,
But as Dave said of Hal in ‘2001:Space Odessey’:‘I’m not sure what he’ll say about it’

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Or rather ;‘think about it’

There is some good news to those who believe in God and the Bible. According to Revelation 9:20 the dire environmental issues in Revelation 8 and 9 are attributed to the love mankind has for the material goods his hands produce; which as we all know the majority of which today are produced by industry burning fossil fuels. The good news comes at some point when things are nearing their worst “environmental wise” when there is suppose to be a global earthquake, larger than anything that has been experienced by man, in which all the cities on earth collapse. Once this caldera size earthquake occurs, whose epicenter is by a city whose policies the world’s leaders adhere to, the smoke over this city will then continuously ascend without ceasing, thereby supposedly mitigating any runaway heating caused by our current runaway CO2 emissions. While this may not sound like the best of scenarios, with the world’s cities in ruins along with its principle economic policy maker rendered uninhabitable, the current world order in which the economy supersedes all, while its policies kill millions of people throughout the world annually, will then cease.

Trapped between a raging pandemic and a dying planet. How fantastic is that. Both brought to you by Crapitalism. I suppose Covid-19 and whatever follows will be, defacto, our “Green New Deal”.


Maybe we can learn to breathe CO2.