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In Aristotle's Homeland, Canadian Mining Giant Fights Ban To Get Its Gold



Its bad enough that TBTF banker parasites are bailed-out and the public assets of nations like Greece are sold-off cheap to the uber-wealthy and corporate pirates, but there is another ploy they are desperately trying to ram through! The addendum to this mining fight (only one of many mining rapes and/or catastrophic pollutions around the world) are the so-called "free-trade" scams that would empower the canadian mining conglomerate and other sector rapists to force exploitation in foreign lands or sue for "damages" if they are denied the right to rape and pillage at will! The TTP, TTIP and TISA are ALL written by and for corporate domination of natural resources, exploitation of workers and extinction of worker rights, evading national environmental protection laws through the corporate "tribunals" that would trump local and national laws wherever they want!

Deals written by corporations, negotiated in secret by mostly corporate lobbyists/principles and pushed by corrupt politicians cannot be good for nations, the environment or the public!




What? You mean the Greeks have the nerve to resist the "strip mine" treatment? Wouldn't you think they would just be glad Eldorado Gold isn't proposing the mountaintop-removal scenario? (Or are they?)

That book looks fantastic. Thanks for the tip.


Remember, Hellas stood up to the Troika until it was sold out by its own politicians. It must be punished and used as an example to other poverty-stricken nations who have taken the IMF-Troika-World Bank-Austerity hook, and now seek to shake it loose.


Just reading about what capitalists would like to do to this beautiful forest in Greece is sickening. I do not think it is off topic to point out that a football field-sized area of land is cleansed of its trees every second in the Amazon forest. Such ongoing destruction of the natural world dwarfs what they intend to do in Greece. 9% of the profits go to logging companies, and 91% go to the beef industry because they are clearing that land so that people in the first world can eat more beef. That is why I criticize meat eating in general but it is also why I reserve special criticism for self-proclaimed progressives/environmentalists who eat meat. For that special criticism , I am labeled a hater of people, a poor spokesman for vegetarianism, and so on. I do not hate people, but I do not like hypocrisy. I will now brace myself for the barrage of ridicule that usually follows my comments.


Perhaps the future was illustrated in the film, Soylent Green.


Oh great. Another polluting extractive industry thinks/hell, knows! they can just walk in to a sovereign nation and take advantage of the freak show that is called 'austerity'.
Good Gawd, the 1%-ers are going full tilt boogie...especially for gold, dontcha know.


Financial mechanisms are most often used to enslave individuals, groups and now, increasingly, nations, to create profits from the debt-servitude of others to wealth that produces nothing - parasites empowered and protected by corrupted government make interest-slaves of millions, already wage-slaves.

When a parasite endangers the host it must be destroyed.

"the financial sector has taken over the economy. Its lobbyists and academic advocates have persuaded governments and voters that they need to protect banks, and even need to bail them out when they become overly predatory and face collapse. Governments and politicians are persuaded to save banks instead of saving the economy" - This means saving creditors – the One Percent – not the indebted 99 Percent"

Here is an interview with Professor Michael Hudson on the issue.