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In 'Astounding' Exchange Rare for Corporate Media, Peter Beinart Calls on US Lawmakers to Witness Firsthand the Plight of Palestinians

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/20/astounding-exchange-rare-corporate-media-peter-beinart-calls-us-lawmakers-witness


If I didn’t see the video, I’d have a hard time believing this appeared on CNN.


Grand Funk, “Can I get a witness.”
Who would we be so daft as to suggest we pay attention to something we already have been paying attention to for decades.
Sometimes I think I just woke up in retro-world, where things are backward or outdated. Well if this is this writers epiphany so be it.

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Also hard to believe… CNN has actually been running stories about Climate Change!
When they quietly mention the words climate change, I want to yell at them…“Where the hell have you been the last 40 years?”


It’s time we all start calling it ‘global heating’ or ‘climate disruption’ or ‘climate upheaval’ or ‘climate chaos.’

Climate change isn’t cutting it, man.

From the video, Rich: “If an organization supports terrorism, that organization should be beyond the pale”
Exactly Rich, israel is beyond the pale.

How much more israeli “democracy” can the Palestinians take?


You mean like the CIA, NSA, or let’s just say the whole US government?


I guess it’s time for me to subscribe to The Atlantic.

Many thanks to Mr. Beinart for a breath of sanity.

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A few years ago it was projected that life there will not exist in 5 years because it cannot exist. It will be a waste land. Get them to visit? They won’t even visit Pine Ridge, here in their own country, with their own people. Apartheid here and there. Does not gawd cry? Oh boy, it made the news, on t.v. no less. It didn’t happen in a vacuum, it happened in ignorance and stupidity. Shame on your myths, your souls. Shame.

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So, I guess that the Commandment of “Do unto others…” has been updated by Israel into:
“Do unto others, before they can do anything about it.”
I guess that’s the real commandment, yep as the Israeli settlers began their attacks and murders on the Palestinians long, long ago in 1948. : (

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What is most heartbreaking is that some still have their front door keys to houses they can see that were once their families homes.


Hi Ditton:
I read that in another book from the 1990s and the author a Mr, Dahlrymple ) sp? ) The author was taking a tour of the ME in the 1990s and following John Christomos ( I think that was the name) and that John was afraid that Christianity was ending in the 1500s. So William Dhylrymple the author made his own travels following the old Christian monk’s tour as closely as possible. One of the places he stopped was in Israel and he spoke with some Palestinians who had once lived on the land, and were allowed onto that prior Palestinian land once in a while ( this book though was from the 1990s) They heard an Israeli tour guide describing the ancient well on that land—and said it was drilled by a great Israeli . One of the Palestinians sadly said, not true, when the Israeli guide mentioned that some long ago Jewish Patriarch had made that well----no it was the Palestinian man’s grandfather. So—sadly the Palestinians not only see their land stolen away, but they also hear the Israelis rewriting Palestinian history. I wish I could remember the title of the book, but Dahlrymple, an English writer wrote in the 1990s. Oh and there is an amazing part in it too when the writer goes to visit Syria, and you just have to find this book and read it–oh wait… maybe it was something titled like ,“From or To the Holy Mountain…” so try looking under the author’s name or the title. I got it to help a student with her college course, and that was an amazing book! But, as I am moving ,it is packed away somewhere. so I can’t get he exact spellings----sorry : (

Don’t forget their brothers from different mothers…Mossad.

It is, wherever you stand on this issue, a journal very much worth reading.

And on this issue, this grandson of Jews who came to this country fleeing czarist pogroms stands with Beinart.

Thanks for the tip. I’m sorry to say but my body doesn’t allow me to read books anymore. My neck just can’t take it. And I love to read :-((( Many years ago I had 5/6/7 books going at a time and now I’m lucky with an hour on the web. I used a 33 inch flat screen for my monitor so I can see and read. It’s a bummer. Anyway, finding true and accurate histories is hard but very rewarding. It’s like finding the source of the Nile :)))

What an astonishing performance by Peter Beinart.

It almost brought tears to my eyes to see someone on CNN actually defending the Plight of the Palestinians.

Of course CNN had to have a Right Wing Bigot on the panel in the form of Rich Lowry of the National Review, a publication founded by William Buckley, another racial bigot who opposed Nelson Mandela and South Africa’s fight for Freedom.

Of course Lowry tried to shut down Peter Beinart by constantly referring to the Palestinians as Terrorists.

I would have asked Mr. Lowry if he thinks that George Washington was a Terrorist for killing British Soldiers in Americas Quest for Freedom & Liberty?