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In Attempt to Muzzle Opposition, 'Petro Dictatorship' Declares State of Emergency in Maldives



Do these characters by any chance have to fulfill specificTPP receptor criteria like having a prone, full suppressed population? are they involved with the TTP mess?


Ye gods! What else is new? Watching what is happening in the world today is like watching a turd being flushed, spiraling down to head for the septic tank.


The Maldives are in the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea - pretty far from the TPP area....


And this dictatorship is being provided legal support by Cherie Blair (Tony's wife) and her "new Labour" lawyer friends. No doubt Bono will hold a special benefit concert for this dictatorship too


I'm sorry to say that the plethora of poop, careening off the fan of late, has distracted me from the latest developments in the Maldives. Now former President Yasheed is back in prison for 13 years?! That beleaguered man is the true face of his beleaguered country. How telling that his efforts against "oilygarchy," in defense of his vulnerable island nation, and the planet itself, have resulted in a terrorism conviction. The new normal is truly Orwellian. Thoughts and prayers to Yasheed- a true man of the people.


Nice imagery. I used to live in a place that had a septic tank. Every now and again I would hear the warning signs of what sounded like a rumbling, bubbling gush. I knew what was coming. Suddenly, every drain in the place would erupt, shooting foul, black and brown excrement-filled water two to three feet in the air. Ye gods indeed, but your image stirred up my memory of the above image, which also accurately describes the state of the world today. An eruption of shit drowning the globe.

And, looking at the picture and reading the article, isn't Yameen, a money-besotted thug, just the kind of man the US can get behind? Just sayin.


I wrote a short article a few years ago titled "The Black Hole Theory of Government," I looked at it recently and thought I had been right on. I wish more people had listened.


I keep trying to wrap my head around something more tangible than 'full spectrum dominance' and know that in some way that means the Maldives must be targeted/strategized in some way.

Your response goosed me into looking further. Maldives are a member of SAARC - which includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and a number of observer nations, including Russia. ... 3rd largest economic body after US and China. High stakes prevail.


I keep seeing, in the consequences of capitalism the exponential morphing into precisely that. Like a fume that permeates and poisons, inverts and perverts - because its legacy always has been that methodology - what else is "colonization"? Tag, you're it, you get sent into the black hole. Everything that had anything to with you is now mine, all mine to be ravaged.

The real living of life, lived every day between humans and all creatural nature is utterly invisible to this system in direct correlation to its exceptional black hole of continual extraction of value(s) and marginalization. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.


Well, this is another State that is doing what most UN nations are doing, at least in the abstract. We can say how each of these States, including US, Britain etc, are different in how they became a police state, but the abstract tells all: States are becoming police states in unison, though they may claim to Democratic, Socialist, or even a Monarchy, but they all are police states now. The Orwellian society would of course account for these differentiations, remember, its simple: war is peace, ignorance is strenght, etc. The police state can exist in any economic system or political system because it is an abstract thought.


And it's not like we haven't had warnings from history. The story of the golden calf from the Bible is a perfect example of a warning about loving money at the expense of what is truly important. Yet, the same dance continues, not only unabated, but accelerated by advances in technology. It is, however, the dance of relatively few on this planet, to the demise of everyone else. How so few can control so many remains somewhat of a mystery to me, but if there is hope, it lies with the proles.


You are right. I've noticed lately, however, that many of We the People seem to be finally awakening. I hope it is not too late, for in this awakening may come change, and eventually healing, but Lord, are the cards stacked against us!


All countries need a wealth cap to keep money-besotted thugs and dictators like Yameen from erupting like Kakistocrat's septic tanks.


I seem to remember that as soon as Nasheed was overthrown in the coup of 2012 by members of the Maldives military, the US recognized the new "government" immediately, so I'd agree that this guy Yaseem is also exactly the type the US can get behind.