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In Authoritarian Tirade, Trump Claims Americans 'Want Law and Order' Policing Whether They Know It or Not

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/authoritarian-tirade-trump-claims-americans-want-law-and-order-policing-whether-they

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Shit, if T.rump is so all fired up about law `n order, why hasn’t he turned himself in?


Its about power, he cannot maintain it without a hate motivated American assassination squad, (The police), a massive prison complex, and a mercenary hostile invasion force at his beckon call, (US military).


Hey, isn’t this the SAME fucking guy that was bitching about Obama’s excessive executive orders? What is this one now, the three hundred sixty-five thousandth “Trump executive order”?

Edit to add: And, what about ALL the golfing Obama did? Just to clarify I ain’t a fan of Obama.


The only surprise about this is that ANYONE is surprised that Trump, once more, falls far short of making any effective recommendations for REAL reform.

He and everyone in his regime/mob are thugs, and thugs need armed, uniformed goons to keep them in power.


One definition of “diplomacy” is “when confronted by a vicious dog, saying ‘nice doggy nice doggy’ while you feel around for a rock”.

I hope those guys clapping are thinking “nice psychopath nice psychopath”.


Exactly! That is why I say that unless we progressives non-violently destroy the current regime of thugs and goons that I call a Mafiaocracy; it is just a matter of time before they will destroy us violently using the paradigm of law and order


Der Fuhrer knows best !

Republicans have always been like this


The trump Klan are nothing but imperialist fascist pigs! Let 'em get fat, bloated, and diseased! Go to Mint Press and read the article on how amerikkka is tightening the noose on Cuba. The last breaths of a rotting empire. Cuba that’s sending doctors all over the globe to fight covid 19 and the tangerine tyrant wants more sanctions! Typical racist, fascist, imperialist bullshit coming from the land of the slave.


When Trump says, “Law and Order”, he means obey HIS Laws and follow HIS Orders.


The faces of all that is wrong with the United States. I’m thinking if all the people in that picture were relieved of their positions and had no more power the country would immediately be in a much, much better position. Not 180 degrees but maybe 80-90 degrees in the right direction.


And many of the democrats too. I know old democratic power broker Mayor Ricard J. Daley probably loved seeing one of his CPD goons beating a young protestor’s head until they were bloody or knocked out.


Don’t forget the DEATH PENALY. A regressive oligarchic police state has to be able to kill people - legally that is.


True and
I’m sure RJD loved it. Read Mike Royko’s book on him “Boss”. I grew up in the northern burbs so very familiar with it.


I really do wish all kinds of physical evil upon this man…old age evil. Not from outside influences; except his lovely niece, Mary Trump. Looking forward to her book when it drops.


It’s like Hitler’s inner circle of evil.


using logic in any form to attempt to normalize or explain impeached45pos is silly, now, doncha think ? at this point he is throwing up anything that will stick in his beloved deplorables two brain cells long enough for them to vote for him. Anything else is crap. And anything he touches, dies, so no worries.


The Nazi William Barr is gleefully looking forward to some federal executions soon. (Can you tell I’ve been watching Hitler and his circle of Evil on Netflix?)


Oh, well the police are doing that without a conviction, and so is the military and the intelligence organizations with their drone assassinations. No need to use the blunt instrument of rule-of-law anymore, they just skip the reasonable cause, the innocent before guilty, the jury of their peers, and the whole trial process itself. They just kill at will, and are applauded for it, as if they were some sort of servants of the public interest. As far as I’m concerned in any event where violence is present, police are guilty unless proven innocent.


I am typing to hastily therefore when I look back there are things written like the DEATH PENALY not the DEATH PENALTY. Disqus or whatever it is won’t let you edit after a very short time. As far as the death penalty, I’ve been thinking recently of the 1970s decisions in which the death penalty was brought back. There were studies presented to the Court that showed clear evidence of racial discrimination in jury selection and sentencing in Georgia. One was “Gregg vs Georgia” and the other was “McCleskey vs Kemp”. I don’t think the supreme court cared if the penalty was applied unfairly - they allowed executions to continue and this in many ways was legal lynching. Georgia is really, really backwards but then so is much of the rest of the country. The death penalty is another tool of racial violence so conveniently at the hands of the state.