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In 'Battle for the Soul of This Nation,' Biden Names Kamala Harris as Vice Presidential Running Mate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/battle-soul-nation-biden-names-kamala-harris-vice-presidential-running-mate


This is depressing.
I wanted Susan Rice, Stacy Abrams or Elizabeth Warren in that order.


Just as four years ago (and 8, 12, 16, 20 etc) there will not be a progressive on the Democratic ticket.
Just like the Charlie in the Box on the island of misfit toys, I guess I will have to cry myself to sleep and dream about next year.


Short of putting Shrillary on the ticket, we now have the ticket most likely to lose to the Tangerine Twit.


Oh, swell. Maybe Steve Mnuchin will donate to the Biden campaign now.


About as far from a surprise as one can get. I predicted this ticket over a year ago, and all I have is a BA in Political Science. Both are wholly-owned corporate tools who will do the bidding of the donor class. I think that if Joe pulls this out you are looking at not just the 46th POTUS, but the 47th as well, because Biden pretty clearly is not capable of serving a full-term and Kamala will become POTUS before 2024. The most consequential VP pick since 1944. #NeverBiden.


While I realize that a large part of their choice was somebody that they felt could lead the ticket in 2024, that just makes it all the more depressing.
Harris has never proven to be even remotely progressive.


I’ve reversed my position on reparations. After Obama (which directly led to Trump); the destruction of the progressive wing of the Democratic party; stopping Bernie twice; and inflicting the ultimate pro-corporate Kamala/Biden administration on the US people, I’m ready for old black Democrats to pay reparations for the damage they’ve done to the US and the planet.

Having said all that, I’m still voting Kanye.


Eugene Debs failed. Bernie Sanders failed. Shirley Chisholm failed. George McGovern failed. Adlai Stevenson failed. Henry Wallace failed.

You have to accept that Americans are retarded when it comes to progressive issues and have to keep pressure on the mainstream pols.

FDR ran as a fiscal conservative and changed once in office. It could happen again…


So it comes full circle. Kamala Harris was Hillary Clinton’s choice at the very beginning of this primary season, and now Harris is Biden’s VP choice. This is the closest they could come to putting Hillary on the ticket.


I point out that she locked Black people up. Lots of them.


As Republican California Attorney General, Earl Warren was a hard right wing “hangin’ judge”.
Then Ike made him Chief Justice of the SCOTUS and he became THE most progressive Chief Justice in US history prompting Ike to tell a reporter later that his only regret was making Warren Chief Justice.

Miracles happen, and sometimes there are left wing Trojan horses.


Way more progressive than Trump-Pence.


Neat. Well, he can use her identity to provide cover for him not changing anything. And like Obama, she will be largely funded by the white male power structure to not change an inequitable, undemocratic and corrupt system that disproportionately harms women of color. And the hope is that she can take over for him, potentially locking us in to decades where things continue to get worse. It isn’t depressing though, Biden winning was. This is predictable, and the the middle class professional types and the parasitic consultant class will be using her identity to shield the coming corruption and string of horrific policies. And you cannot critically analyze her record. Ending up with Biden and her is horrible, and yet not at all surprising.


The World would probably be a much different place today if FDR had been able to keep his preference of progressive-socialist leaning Henry Wallace on the 1944 ticket. The party boss’ knew how sick he was and absolutely didn’t want Wallace to succeed him. For one thing, we certainly would never have dropped the A bomb on Japan.


Oh dear, Trump has a chance.


Never Biden? When your choice is Fascist trump?
Sorry, trump must go as well as Mitch McConnell.


But rich White guys (Mnuchin) got to walk. It says a lot about her character and to whom she owes allegiance.


Biden Picks Photogenic Black Chick. Story at 11.


Yes, Trump must go. And so must people like Biden and Harris. Biden’s record is horrible, he is corrupt, lies just as much as Trump does and is in cognative decline.

Please, how did we get Trump? Did the very policies Biden supports lead to Trump? The corruption in the Democratic Party? Most of the country not voting because of the rotten choices? What about long term macroeconomic trends, the state of infrastructure and the environment?