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In Bed with a Nation-Wrecker: 5 Ways Hillary Is As Bad As Bill



Hillary would revive the "more effectively evil" meme.


Hillary in her own words, thanks to OpEd News:


The fact that the African American community is backing Hillary tells us that the media is not spreading the word about this disgraceful part of her past.) (emphasis altered)

There are some good "visual aids" on this subject at the #WhichHillary Twitter topic; I really like this one:

If only this kid could vote!

Or, more to the point, if he only had a TV show...


Great article. I wish this information could be spread all over the South. Clearly the loyalty the black voters have for the Clinton's has been misplaced because of the lies they push about how they have always fought for more civil rights.


Thanks HisStory, I personally believe the Clintons are a criminal enterprise...


Hillary is not married to Wall St. Her relationship to Wall St. is one of pimp/prostitute. They totally own her, and she walks "the street" for them. She and Bill totally bought into this 30 years ago. She says whatever she thinks is necessary to win. She does not believe half of what she says, probably not most of it. She is just parroting Bernie to try and beat him and his better ideas. She will likely lose in the general election if she is the nominee, and she will deserve to. Then those of us who believe in a different future can try and pick up the pieces and put together a Democratic Party that truly represents The People.


One way Hillary is not as bad as Bill: he's a serial sex offender who's not paid any criminal price.

With her, you get him, the groper-in-chief. His relapse is her collapse.

Time to start composing my opera, I suppose.


What election? We get to vote for a fascist, buffoon or a Wall Street call girl who is on call anytime Goldman Saks calls!


Hillary's daughter, Chelsea, IS "married to Wall St" and thus so is Hill, who will never do anything to harm her crime family! Chelsea's husband is Marc Mezvinsky, founder and director of a hedge-fund - the likelihood Hillary would do anything but enrich & protect her family is slim to none.....anything but "take-on" Wall St!
Chelsea & Marc had a $3 million wedding and bought a $9 million town house - not exactly a family of the people......


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Oh, my goodness; when I read an article like this showing all she has done and supported, (which all looks very bad to me), I think, "She has a very good chance
of being elected."

"All thinking persons should vote for Sanders."

"That's not enough; he needs a majority."


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February 29, 2016
Dear Bernie,
I want you to win it all!
But you need to create “Peoples Party 2016” NOW to do that.
(Americans need a real alternative to the Democrats and Republicans in November.)
Precious time, money and human resources have been squandered in a foolish effort to get you the Democratic presidential nomination. (Seeking this nomination contains an inherent contradiction that dooms you to failure, Bernie: while railing against the corrupt establishment, you seek the imprimatur of a corrupt, establishment political party.)
Let Hillary get the useless Democratic nomination – you don’t want it and you definitely don’t need it to win in November.
Therefore, Bernie, you MUST create "Peoples Party 2016" NOW to be effective as America’s first democratic-socialist president.
Here’s what you must do, Bernie –
1. Dump the Democrats NOW.
2. Create “Peoples Party 2016” NOW.
3. Convene Peoples nominating conventions within two weeks in all 50 states. (I suggest having the conventions in every state capital and in every American city with a population of more than 100,000.)
4. Encourage disgruntled Democrats and Republicans to abandon their corrupt parties and join Peoples.
5. Address the Peoples at the conventions in every city with a live video feed.
6. During these conventions, encourage the Peoples to nominate the very best Peoples candidate for every contested elected office in America on November 8, 2016 – federal, state and local. (It’s easy, Bernie: the Peoples platform is your current platform.)
By the very best Peoples candidate, I mean only one thing: someone who has what it takes to win each individual election from the Democratic and the Republican candidate. (No losers need apply – the Peoples candidate must have charisma and passion. Remember, the Peoples candidate only needs a plurality. (See Peoples Party 2016 pledges and Peoples Party 2016 principles at the end of this letter, Bernie.)
In other words, Bernie, you start your general election campaign NOW with mega-rallies ONLY in the BIG cities of Electoral College-rich states - CA, TX, FL, NY, IL, PA, OH, etc.
At the very SAME time as you’re locking up the 270 votes to win the Electoral College, your army of energetic young Peoples MUST get a Peoples candidate on EVERY ballot in America for November 8, 2016. That is the ONLY election that counts. Who cares about what happens tomorrow on Super Tuesday? Ask Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Kerry, Al Gore and all the other presidential losers, what they now think about their success in the primaries. Cold comfort indeed!
Bernie, Peoples Party 2016 is the ONLY way that your new American Revolution can succeed.
For you to succeed in the White House in 2017, Peoples Party 2016 MUST break the Democratic & Republican duopoly in American politics on November 8, 2016.
You will be as impotent as Obama is now unless the Democrats and Republicans are rid from Congress on Election Day. Your legislative agenda is dead on arrival unless Peoples Party 2016 controls Congress.
Bernie, there’s still enough time to do what I suggest: 8 months is a lifetime in social-media politics. But there is no time to waste.
Contact me before you become a footnote in American politics. I want you to win it all, Bernie! I have not felt this good about an American political movement since June 6, 1968 – the night Bobby Kennedy was murdered.
One last thing - “Peoples Party 2016”. (Please, NO apostrophe.) We’ll have fun with the slogans. “Peoples know how to Party.” “Are you a Peoples person?”, “Peoples never bare nuclear arms – even in the bedroom.” “Bern will NOT Bern Peoples.”
Phone Yoko: she’ll want you to use John’s songs at your mega-rallies. “Power to the Peoples”.
So, Bernie, get in touch with the FEC pronto: tell them you’ve come to your senses. Let the ActBlue toddlers have their tantrum when you dump the Dems.
Today is the day for real political change in America. Think big, Bernie. Primaries are oldthink.

Most sincerely,

George Millenbach, RN

Peoples Party 2016 pledges
I pledge to –
1. Persuade Bernie Sanders to immediately announce the creation of Peoples Party 2016, to run as its Presidential candidate and to ask all of his supporters to join Peoples.
2. Tell Bernie to ask Elizabeth Warren to abandon the Democratic Party, to join Peoples and to be his running mate.
3. Adopt Bernie’s current platform to “fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all …” as the Peoples Party 2016 platform.
4. Use social media and the internet to get friends and family involved in Peoples Party 2016.
5. Teach others that the 1% have corrupted the Democratic and Republican Parties.
6. Persuade others to “follow the money” on every issue and to always ask, “Who ultimately benefits?”
7. Show others how a third political party - Peoples Party 2016 – is the only solution for the 99%.
8. Explain that having a Peoples candidate on every ballot – federal, state and local – on November 8, 2016 is necessary to minimize the Democratic and Republican presence in the Senate, the House and the State Legislatures in 2017.
9. Support efforts to have a Peoples candidate on every ballot – federal, state and local – on November 8, 2016 in America. (Bernie and Liz cannot create positive change for the 99% without a Peoples majority backing them.)
10. Recognize that Peoples resources should be focused on the general election – the one that actually counts - and not on the primaries.
11. Ignore the primary elections and to convince others that the primary elections in America do not benefit or represent the 99%.
12. Focus my time, energy and resources on electing Peoples candidates in the general election in November 2016.
13. Acknowledge that 270 Electoral College votes are needed to elect Bernie and Liz.
14. Concentrate my efforts in the Peoples presidential campaign with mass rallies in or near the large cities of California, Texas, New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Arizona, Indiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin.
15. Only use historical facts to teach others about the benefits (and potential risks) of democratic socialism.
16. Agree that “capitalism with a conscience” can benefit the 99% when profits are shared.
17. Teach that “greed-is-good capitalism” benefits the 1% and will ultimately lead to an uninhabitable planet.
18. Recognize that science and technology can be guided to solve our existential problems.
19. Educate myself and others about the real world that we temporarily share.
20. Change our priorities to establish America as a moral beacon for the 99%.
Peoples Party 2016 principles
Follow the Golden Rule – treat others like I treat myself.
Consider the natural and logical consequences of my behavior.
Acknowledge that every human being is unique, precious, mortal and fallible.
Search daily for efficient, practical solutions to the problems that face humanity.
Always tell the truth, based on my current knowledge. (I shall never lie to myself or to anyone else.)
Commit to the welfare of the 99% of those alive and yet to be born on Mother Earth.
Base my actions on what is ultimately best for me, my family, my community, my nation and my planet.
Use only non-violent, constitutionally legal methods to effect peaceful political change.
Use only non-lethal weapons as a last resort for self-defense.


I could be wrong here about each step; I haven't done my usual research and hope people will correct me if I'm wrong--USING FACTS AND CITATIONS.

It seems to me that in order to win the Democratic nomination Sanders has to do better with African Americans. Bill Clinton is beloved in that sector. Criticizing Hillary in terms of criticizing Bill seems like a mistake to me--a foolish dead end that is preaching to the choir and reinforcing Clinton's attractiveness to the group that matters most right now. Those who only read the headline--the vast majority--will become stronger Clinton supporters because of this article.

Those who do read will be met with reinforcements of the frames that help Clinton and hurt Sanders--a list of mentions of words that trigger positive frames and accomplish the opposite of what is wanted.

Wanna do-over?


It's possible that this woman was the vice chair of the DLC, until she resigned to endorse Sanders. Maybe a different caption would be better.


Sorry but Bill comes after both Reagan and GW Bush!


Bill & Hillary are married to each other & to Wall Street & the MIC. Chelsea & Marc are married to each other & to the MIC. Sanders criticizes Wall Street & many of our wars but is too close to Israel. Sanders says Israel has a right to defend itself when it is Israel that causes Arabs to terrorize Israel. He speaks from bout sides of his mouth.


George, laudable points and actions all, I have no disagreement whatsoever. So what we really need now is Time Machine so we can go back 16 years and begin this process. I mean, just consider it, and as much as I wish it could also happen, there is no time until November 2016 to accomplish all you lay out. As you can see by now, the public can not evolve that fast. Senator Sanders biggest hurdle will be getting all these youth voters to the voting booth. The Revolution, while not televised or streamed, will require those kids to show up at the voting booth in HUGE (YOUUUGGEE!) numbers and pull the lever (or punch the button) for Mr. Sanders.

Imho, we HAVE a third party in this country which ALREADY HAS enough organization (at least) to ballot a candidate in all 50 states (as they have been doing for years). That would be The Green Party. When I read your post, I basically thought I was reading a Jill Stein position paper! You essentially quantify the entire Green party platform in your 20 point pledge!

Look, I know the current Green party is taking a lot of knocks for internal disorganization (although my regional group seems to be really run well and is very organized, with awesome, dedicated and forward-looking people), but that is because like any grassroots org there are struggles. Like the local PTA at my son's school, which is always the same 10 people doing everything for years, no matter how much we try to get other parents involved - you get a small group of weary, but dedicated parents who have scrapped for years with little budget and get very little recognition, and then yes, internal bickering, finger-pointing, and infighting sometimes happens. We're Humans and it happens, try as might to avoid it. Yet we can acknowledge it, shake hands and keep working together and onward fight TPTB.

Jill Stein and the Greens are, when you really get down to it, the most visible National candidate and Party which has a platform where Humanity is the primary consideration. They fight hard, year after year and still get little or no recognition in the mainstream. It's sad that after all this time, Jill Stein wasn't invited to any of the nationally televised debates with the other candidates, but that speaks more to how our mainstream politic and media conspire against the education of its own people.

We have a People Party 2016, George - it's called the Green Party!

(Jill Stein being interviewed by Chris Hedges just last week)


HIllary Clinton will be the death of Social Security if she is elected president. I can't abide that. Would a President Trump not do the same? He probably would. So I can't vote for either of them. So if any folks are lining up behind HRC in the primaries, because she seems more electable: For Shame! and Think Again.