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In Bible Belt, Sanders Seeks Common Ground on Morality and Justice


In Bible Belt, Sanders Seeks Common Ground on Morality and Justice

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Avowed democratic socialist and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders on Monday gave a rousing lesson in morality to thousands of students at the conservative Christian college Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.


One of his best moments. It was absolutely smart to lead the right away from their incessant focus on cultural wars and to focus on the very pressing problems facing all of humanity. Kudos to him. Now an appearance on Pine Ridge, please. Perhaps this may make him uncomfortable because of the similarity with the First Nations and the indigenous people of Palestine but this will be a real show of moral courage. How about it Bernie?



What a brave man. To campaign in the Conservative Funny Farm. It’s a shocker that Jerry Faldwell’s Crowd even considered introducing a self-described “Socialist” at all.

Maybe this generation isn’t as tainted by Red-Scare Propaganda like the rest of us were?

Maybe there is hope for America after all. Sanders is the man.


So what is your solution?


Bernie is not “perfect” on every issue. But how can he not be viewed as monumentally better when he is dedicated to taking on our plutocracy. There are seeming insurmountable problems in our world - climate change, grossly distorted distribution of wealth, war and so on. But, even though I agree with you that Bernie is off-base on the Israeli/Palestinian issue, that issue is not what is going to destroy my planet and our lives, so I say cut Bernie a little slack and look at how much better he is than any other candidate.


Why is “injustices” in scare quotes - implying that these are so-called injustices? They look like real injustices to me. Can the CD editor correct this?


Senator Bernie Sanders did exactly what you ask for in December, 2014. A vote was taken on the Department of Defense bill that authorized $560 billion dollars for the military. Senator Sanders was one of the few Senators that voted against it. The stated the reason that he wouldn’t vote for it was: " At a time when our national debt is more that $18 trillion and we spend as much on defense as the rest of the world combined, the time is long overdue to end the waste and financial mismanagement that have plagued the Pentagon for years."
Almost anyone can give a great speech against the MIC; Bernie is that rare individual that took bold action against it with his vote. As others have stated repeatedly to you and others that search hard to find fault, he may not be the perfect candidate but he’s light years ahead of his competition.


One of my favorite parts of Bernie’s speech came when he quoted, at length, the Pope on economic justice issues, very gutsy. The audience was quiet, but always polite, during the speech and question and answer period. Liberty University does this kind of thing often, I surmise, I remember Senator Ted Kennedy speaking at Liberty.


For every $1 Billion invested the economy responds by creating 40,000 new jobs. Redirecting 15% of MIC, PIC, Security and Police State monies to a host of pressing/more important issues would generate millions of jobs. Investing/redirecting 25% of these monies would put you in the ball park of 6% unemployment under A6 measurements. That’s how you can change things. By getting very close to real full employment you can get the Joe & Mary Bring Your Lunch To Work Crowd to buy in, instead of selling each other out. The money is already in the system, for the most part, except for the offshoring tax dodges, tax code scams, etc. Atheists and devout evangelicals can work side by side, I’ve been there in that type of workplace, when rights and obligations are respected, and there’s a chance for all to keep the rabid dogs from the door. The economic rabid dogs, anyway. For real rabid dogs at your door, please call 911, or a brave civil servant of some type. :wink:


So would Hillary (our former Sec of State) be better? Or the Republicans? That is the reality and at least Bernie criticized Israel and wants to get us out of the Middle East and cut the military budget. He did not vote for the war in Iraq which isarel wanted so much and that makes him better than Hill or Jeb by a whole lot.


this isn’t exactly new. Falwell’s invited some guest considerably to Sanders’ left over the years. If you want to see brave (and funny) watch Ted Kennedy’s address to Liberty Baptist I think in the 1980 run.

Falwell was a complete jackass on tv, but by all accounts wasn’t a bad sport in person. Kennedy liked him. Although I’m not sure if that’s a character reference or not under the circumstances.


I think he’s the best of the bunch so what should we do throw rocks at him or try and change some of his views? Peace


I’ve looked at his opponents and they look to me to be one scarey bunch. I wouldn’t allow them to drive my car, never mind run the country. That being said, let’s assume that you are correct in your assessment. What is your answer to the dilemma we find ourselves in? Please don’t suggest a third party candidate… been down that road. Doesn’t get us to greener pasture. Occupy Wall Street… the authorities crushed that movement and showed that any similar revolt will be delt with very harshly. Needs to be someone not bought and paid for by the oligarchy currently running things. Very few leaders fall into that category. So what’s your solution???


How the hell do you think a relatively radical voice gets to stay in a position of power? You gotta have some BIG pockets in your corner. I totally forgive these fairly egregious transgression in the light of the total farce of all the other contenders’ broad and total capitulation to the Holy Grail of modern politics. Money. Go pedal you condemnations somewhere else. We’re all full up, here.


For all those Bernie Bashers there’s a new sheriff in town, possibly. Mark Cuban, multi-billionaire is thinking of running as a Democrat for President in 2016. He can’t be bought, in theory, but he sure as hell could buy up all of the Green Party and still have billions left. :wink: If you don’t feel The Bern, take Cuban for a turn.


Sanders isn’t a “democratic socialist”.

He’s a pre DLC liberal for the most part domestically, and a facilitator of militarism for the most part globally.

And I’m sure being a staunch supporter of Israeli apartheid had nothing to do with his appearance at a training ground for “Christian” Zionists.

Common ground, indeed …


Got my bumper stickers. :O)


What makes you think the middle class would have to pay more in taxes? Global hegemony concerning the status quo will cost the 99s a bundle. Maybe even their lives, too. Or, haven’t you heard of the alredy here/coming environmental collapse? See Napa County ( home to lots of 1%ers ), California for details.


Well, actually no - he is behind Stein …


Isn’t Hillary a zionist also?