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In Bid for 'Dystopian' Surveillance Power, Facebook Asking Big Banks for Customer Data

In Bid for 'Dystopian' Surveillance Power, Facebook Asking Big Banks for Customer Data

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Apparently not satisfied with access to its users' call history, text messaging data, and online conversations, Facebook has reportedly asked major Wall Street firms like JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo to hand over their customers' sensitive financial data as part of the social media giant's ongoing attempt to become "a platform where people buy and

Give frat-boy Zuckerberg the finger and delete your account.


Oh Zuck, you are so smart. We should cut you up to see what makes you tick [tic].


Just as those who, despite warnings aplenty, have chosen to leave their money in criminal mega-banks like Wells Fargo, those who maintain FB accounts are skating on some pretty thin ice.

BDS the US! And cancelling your FB accounts is as good a place as any to start.


It is clear what is going on here. China has a social media platform that permits virtually all financial transactions a person does. It is a one stop for everything platform. It is not yet in the US but Zuckerberg’s great fear it will come to the US and Facebook will not able to complete. So he is trying to copy this Chinese platform to head off trouble for Facebook. He wants to create the social media platform for everything which already exists in China.

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Let’s just say “Facebook has been a cesspool” and leave it at that! If people haven’t already seen what this monster of greed is they better get it quick…and get out…

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Another reason to never, never, ever to sign up with FB. Glad I never did.


The financial credit reporting system is already very dystopian, filled with inaccuracies, and prone to making significant errors with people’s information, FB’s “social credit reporting” gambit will result in the same kind of expensive disorder. Ebay ended up printing it’s own virtual money with PayPal; will Facebook invent its own kind of social currency?(it sort of has, already).

Anybody still on facebook is in denial of reality itself.

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Aren’t consumers protected from banks giving out financial data? when did that go away. But of course, Zuck could just hack that banks for our info like others have done.

This is the most ridiculous I cannot not even fathom, I, I, I, OMG


I never joined facebook-----my friend looked up an ex and I was shocked at how much a stranger could read from just that non-private part. ICK on facebook.
But h,ey facebook’s Zuckerberg, I have a better idea. Don’t all politicians have FB accounts? Now, Mr. Z., if you want to see how your program of prying into the bank accounts of citizens and how that works, let’s just start with the Congress people on FB. How much $ do they have? What are they spending their money on? Who are they seeing socially? This would be great for religious ;leaders too, because some of those private lives…LOL-----primetime x-worthy!
By the way, Mr, Z. let’s start with you also…what are you doing with your money, and who are you seeing—that seems fair, right? : )

It will be like great discoveries in medicine-----great advances were made when scientist-doctors tried the cures on themselves FIRST! Go for it, Mr. Z, and you too Congress, because if you want this done to WE the People----- then lead by example and maybe for the next YEAR, FB will be the EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT THEM— place to go. Doesn’t that seem fair? : )
I mean if Facebook and the banks and all their employees can totally diss the 4th Amendment--------oh wait-----if these commercial groups can do that------ is the FIRST AMENDMENT NEXT? What about the rest of the amendments…oh Mr Z, America is totally ZUCKED!!! : 0


“All your database are belong to us”

Only way to deal with this is to have corporations pay a fee to their users, customers etc. for any data they save or sell. Apple gets a third of Apps, a third to people of any bit of data sold would be a great start. Otherwise you can’t stop them.

Nothing surprising here necessarily. Facebook is doing what is was created to do: farm data and get paid by selling it.