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In Bid to End U.S. Complicity in Yemen, Senate Votes on Blocking Saudi Arms Sale


In Bid to End U.S. Complicity in Yemen, Senate Votes on Blocking Saudi Arms Sale

Nika Knight, staff writer

Following peace activists' and human rights advocates' months-long calls for an end to U.S. support for Saudi Arabia's airstrikes in Yemen, a bipartisan bill to block a planned $1.15 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia is currently being debated in the U.S.


Is this really the right time for the U.S. to send billions of $ of more weapons to the Middle East?

Only if they are a war profiteer!


"Is this really the right time for the U.S. to send billions of dollars of more weapons to the Middle East?" said Murphy during the floor debate.

Put another way, was there ever?


Why do they hate us? Duh...


But...the U.S. sells more arms and weapons of murder and mass destruction than the other four put together. BTW, I read Smedley's excellent tome last year. Should be required reading in every high school English class.


Actually the UK, Russia, China and France did not acquire that technology until right after the creation of the UN.


The wings are coming off both political parties is what's going on. Pretty soon they will both crash and burn. A fate that they brought on themselves.


"Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) put it during Wednesday's debate, arguing that "the enemies" in Iran would join forces with Saudi Arabia if the U.S. no longer appeared to be an ally".

Is this man crazy or am I? How in the world would Iranian enemies join forces with Saudi Arabia? The two are polar opposites and Iran is on the side of the Houthi's in Yemen. Is he implying a cooperation between the two countries if the US pulled out? I think not.
Graham is a scourge in our government that must go. He's worse than most.


Graham, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte all share half a mind.


The American Corporations which Manufacture the arms would Kill to keep that sale if they had to.

What's the cost of a few Senators compared to the profits on a Billion Dollar sale?


You are being overly generous.


This on the heels of the news that families of the 9/11 dead and wounded are prohibited from suing the Saudis.


Two war parties, only one way is vote foe Peace, Green at all opportunities! And, resist the imperialist amerikan empire at all levels, in all ways, and at all times, non-violent!


The 'cake' the GOTP baked and the DNC frosted.


The overall landscape of the Dimocraps these days is 'capitulation are us'.


Voting in favor of the arms deal were right-wing senators such as Corker and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) alongside several centrist Democrats, such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). These folks and their followers should be declared 'enemies of the state'.


Did you notice that Hillary's Vice Presidential running mate, Kaine, was listed as "not voting"? We certainly would not want anyone to know our position on anything while running for office.

Also, look at the numbers who voted for selling the arms (71) and against (27) and two not voting. Our MIC certainly has control of the Senate. Surly the House and President too.

The petrodollar is all that is keeping our fiat currency from collapsing. It is one of the reasons for our proxy wars and conflicts. The other reasons are for oil and other raw materials. We will sleep with the devil to preserve the dollar as long as we can.

BRICS countries watch out, even if you are nuclear. Libya was going to start it's own currency backed by gold. That is the reason for us ruining it and killing Qaddafi. It is also the reason for overthrowing Brazil. So we still have Russia, India, China and South Africa to ruin. Maybe we can start a war with India and Pakistan that will overflow to China and Russia in Syria and the Ukraine can be the basis for trying to ruin Russia. Be careful, Russia and China have real military's with equipment that works. South Africa, all we have to do is threaten to take the power from the wealthy white people who really control the country and threaten to really give the power to blacks.


What happened? What was said? Geezer was a good poster. I saw nothing that others who are still here have not done.


and then we wonder why we have constant blowback! this country's foreign policy is in the toilet. now we need to flush the likes of these Senators down there too where they belong. Shameful Diane Feinstein and all you other demo-republicrats. seems all you know how to do is sell weapons and kill people around the world. what a record.


They have to send them somewhere, and the police already have enough.

Seriously thought, I wonder how bad the eventual backlash is going to be. We can't keep butting into the rest of the world's business, keep creating wars, enriching the super richt, etc. forever..