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In Bid to 'Make Life Even Easier' for Oil and Gas Giants, Trump Moves to Roll Back Methane Regulations


In Bid to 'Make Life Even Easier' for Oil and Gas Giants, Trump Moves to Roll Back Methane Regulations

Julia Conley, staff writer

In a move transparently aimed at alleviating the $146 billion fossil fuel industry of the cost of cutting down on its environmental pollution, the Trump administration is making its latest attempt to roll back Obama-era regulations for methane emissions from oil and gas wells.


It’s a little hard to understand why this country is gripped by such insanity that the leaders would act to bring on catastrophe faster and it would have widespread political support. I think part of the explanation is many people in power are simply crazed by greed. Another part of the explanation is that the right wing media has systematically fed lies to people for decades and it has reached the point where on the right where truth is meaningless and anything can be believed. The sane view is methane emissions must be curbed and the burning of fossil fuels must be rapidly reduced. But those with the insane view have achieved power with a lot of help from Russia.


“This administration never misses an opportunity to do the wrong thing.”
–Tom Steyer

Just Don’t do it!
–The world to Trump


The PRECIOU$$$$$$$$ economy is now much more important than life itself. Now everyone go back to working like corporate slaves and spend your wondrous abstract wealth on wondrous meaningless things that help disconnect you from reality. Reality meaning things like a healthy life supporting ecosystem.


They are ultimately going to lose it though.


One man appears to have all of this power and billions upon billions of us seem to have little or none. Something seems very wrong here and there needs to be a reformation where the people’s needs are brought forward and addressed in a life sustaining way.


Sorry but Trump is like an out of control drug addict who we allow to continue using even though it is destroying the whole family. Of course, the republican party and all of the corporate beneficiaries are supplying the drugs because they can take advantage of an out of control person.


It’s 9-11 and time to worship fear once again. We do it a few times each year.With 9-11 it is fear of olive skinned people. Then we just have to have our day of worship for Pearl Harbor Day to make sure we are fearful of anything foreign. And of course the recognition of Jesus at the end of each year to remind us to be fearful of our souls.

But in Trump’s world of capitalistic money whores, we need (not) fear the oceans rising to flood stage permanently with the release of the Arctic methane, along with our livestock methane, and the drilling and mining methane.

But we will be safe in our underground, waterproof, golf course club houses that can resist a bomb attack, flooding, and the zombie apocalypse. Perhaps at Maralago FL. You will need a boat to get there though. G


Possibly delusions of male supremacist religions/“Christianity” – which we constantly
see on display as they sacrifice all of our lives for their delusions.

Trump continues with his henchmen in charge of our agencies to make life more dangerous
for all citizens – and all of our children.


I’d love to be able to steal into the White House one evening with a tank of Methane, a hose, and a candle.

I would light the candle and place it by his head, hook the one end of the hose to the Methane and shove the other end up you know where, open the tank and leave.

That, would make life even easier.


This is the sort of thing that makes me angry to see the news shows keep covering the dumb-ass Russia investigation instead of informing everyone of the extremely bad actions this administration is taking every day that will affect us and coming generations. Mueller can do his job and get back to us when he’s done; in the meantime, this is the sort of thing that will kill us.

Listen to Rachel Maddow or the other talking heads on the MSM and you’d think the only problem right now is some nebulous theory about Russia from the election 2 years ago and that the people on the White House staff are fighting amongst themselves.


A number of countries in the world depend on fossil fuels for a major part of their income. So it is going to be hard to break this.