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In 'Bizarre' PowerPoint Event, Netanyahu Channels Iraq Invasion Rhetoric to Push US Towards War With Iran


In 'Bizarre' PowerPoint Event, Netanyahu Channels Iraq Invasion Rhetoric to Push US Towards War With Iran

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a "bizarre" performance that conjured memories of former national security adviser Colin Powell's infamous weapons of mass destruction speech in 2002, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday theatrically deployed several props and powerpoint slides in an attempt to


Warning, whenever they break out their power point, you know the fascists are looking for war.


It also means that the pricks are selling something they already decided on.


Here we go…


Shades of colon Powell.


The whole world is watching:

No sane country will sign a treaty with the US when it’s a proven fact that we just break them.


At least it’s a step up from the magic marker bomb drawing on poster board Netanyahu used the last time around. But it is all the same. Netanyahu has a hard on for war and he will get the US to do his dirty work with his god damned lies. And mark my words, a large percentage of the moronic US citizens will cheer the war on as it unfolds against the so-called evil doers of the middle east. Those visions of mushroom clouds have a way of corralling the morons as they cheer for their own demise.


Netanyahu has been threatening war against Iran for years. He opposed the nuclear accord with Iran, arguing that when it is concluded Iran would continue its nuclear weapons program. Iran has been claiming it has never had a nuclear weapons program and has no attention of starting one. It comes down to who do you trust and do you trust anyone. One things seem clear and that is the US policy should be avoiding a war with Iran. I think Americans should express that to their representatives in Congress. Hopefully this will not reach the point of antiwar marches such as those that occurred during the run up to the Iraq War. Americans should make it clear now that they don’t want a war before any momentum builds up for war. It appears Iran is following the agreement and we should be extremely skeptical of claims that they are violating the agreement, particularly if the claims come from the right wing prime minister of Israel.


Bizarre isn’t the word!!!


Bibi (as loathsome and obnoxious as he is) is a puppet to the deep state in the US. The deep state has been planning “regime change” in Iran for quite a while. So far it never could come together because of the nuclear deal and Iran’s certified compliance. So now they are going to provoke Iran anyway.

The Persians though have long memories and remember the “spontaneous uprising” that replaced Mosedeq with the Shah. The US, UK, and Israel would do well to remember Saddam Hussein’s war against Iran over their common border and how Iran was more than willing to sacrifice their youth to resist Hussein. Once provoked Iran could make major trouble for all the world through their capacity to rain missiles on Israel and block the Persian gulf oil tankers from keeping the world economies (Asia especially) running on oil.


Bend over Goyim, Nut in Yahoo wants Americans to die for Eretz Israel.


Underpants Gnomes Logic:

  1. Go to war with Iran


  1. Profit


Hey Bibi, Iran has none ,you have hundreds. Give up your nukes first. BDS !


Or maybe vice-versa??


Israel bombed a Syria base the other night killing over forty people. Many of the dead where Iranian and Syrian soldiers. After previewing this video. It appears Israel in using non conventional weapons, possibly a mini nuke. If that’s the case it won’t be the first time Israel as used WMD.


Iran is going to rain down missiles on Israel, what a crock of BS. Israel would use nukes on Iran if that happened. The entire Trump administration are liars and murderers who want the American people disarmed to impliment the total takedown of our freedom. These false flag shooting events in the US are planned and executed by the deep state. Sandy Hook, the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, the recent high school shooting in Florida, the Las Vegas murders last October 1st, the Boston Marathon bombings and on and on. These were all inside job intelligence operations to makes us all defenseless slaves. The US police state are armed to the teeth against the common people of America. Are the American people sleeping while the gravest threat to our existence plays out boldly in our faces? So far yes.


I would not worry too much. If Iran was really so close to getting a nuclear weapon Israel would have taken care of the issue pronto. The “international community” would publicly express their consternation at the attack but be cheering it behind the scenes, just like they did before.


Now we know why “Nobel Prize candidate” Trump is suddenly making nice with Mr. Kim. He has bigger fish to fry than little N. Korea - which does not even have any oil or other mineral wealth FCOL!


Fascist control now is so broad and deep in our nation that they can certainly
set an agenda like this … and on Netanyahu/Israel.

This is despite the fact that this is a liberal nation standing against US/CIA’s illegal
wars of aggression – and Regime Change BS.

And that Israeli’s also want nothing to do with Netanyahu and his henchmen or
his genocide or his goal of striking Iran. How many times has Israel tried to move
to peace and there are been very questionable disruptions – even assassinations?
Liberal Israel has been buried each time.


That picture harkens back to Monty Hall on “Let’s Make a Deal”. I’m guessing that war is behind Door #1, Door #2, and Door #3. Time for Chuck Barris to arrive from “The Gong Show” and do his thing. Bye bye Bibi, you no talent hack.