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In 'Blistering' Report, Journalism Watchdog Condemns DNC Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks as Severe Threat to Free Press

In 'Blistering' Report, Journalism Watchdog Condemns DNC Lawsuit Against WikiLeaks as Severe Threat to Free Press

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump continues to wage war on journalism with "violent anti-press rhetoric," the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) published a scathing analysis on Tuesday arguing that the Democratic National Committee's recent lawsuit against WikiLeaks could set the stage for even more al


DNC sez,

“We’ve been beating this horse for a year and a half, and it’s STILL dead.”


Reminds me of watching Joy Reid yesterday hold a town hall meeting on how wonderful it is that Roseanne got fired. Of course the religious fanatic Al Sharpton was there to bolster her moral authority.

Meanwhile Joy said that gay men kissing made people cringe and that gay men were all pedophiles.

But she apologized.

Roseanne’s comments were horrible and ignorant. Therefore…


Why isn’t the DNC actually focusing on the issues that will gain them seats??


The DNC will do whatever they have to so the identity of who called for the hit on Seth Rich is not revealed.


Their new name: The Demorats.


Their agenda: Democrap.


The Democrat and Republican Parties are both effective at maintaining wealth concentration, plutocracy, and imperialism. In addition, the power structures of both Parties treat progressives as enemies of the state. The US will continue to move further to the right as long as these Parties dominate the political power structure in the US. Grassroots movements are promoting social/economic/environmental justice and democracy, but this change takes concerted efforts for a long time.


The Clintonian scum that still run the DNC desperately NEED for Russian collusion to be the reason that Hillary lost and the senate and house are under GOP control. Because if it’s not, and it turns out that it was a long con being played America’s oligarchs that not only gerrymandered nearly every congressional district in the USA but also implemented voter suppression regimens in seven or eight key states, then the corporate democrats that have willingly gone along with these plans will be exposed as frauds right before the 2018 midterm election cycle. And if they are exposed the Democratic Party may very well be vanquished to history’s dustbin.
It may very well come down to this. The democrats will have to prove that Russian hackers, with the Trump campaigns blessing, actually physically hacked voting machines and changed outcomes in specific states in 2016. If not, and Muellers investigation takes until next year (which it very likely could) all the evidence of obstruction of justice and racketeering, which most certainly took place, may have all the flight potential of a lead balloon in a house and or senate still controlled by the GOP and corporate democrats.
In short, unless the earth suddenly opens up and swallows not only the White House and the Capitol building, but the DNC and RNC headquarters as well, we are doomed to grow old in a fascist Oligachy.


Uncle Tom Perez is a shill…a mouthpiece for the Dem establishment sellout wing…the Clinton/Obama/Schumer/Cuomo et al, corporate/banker/Wall St whores serve big-money just as sure as the R’Cons!

The recent stupidity and refusal of the DP co-conspirator “elite” to alter course/direction regardless of loss after loss! That stupidity and arrogance is representative of a party that has lost whatever soul it once (sort-of) had. Perez was the choice for DNC Chair of those sellouts to maintain control - especially, reportedly, Obama - the business as usual swine.

The name of their game is STILL to defend the indefensible: the sabotage of Bernie Sanders primary bid, to create a fantasy to explain the loss of the despised Red Queen to the odious trump, bringing misery and destruction to our republic and world!

The Queen Bitch of the Universe was ordained to win, but her history of evil and corruption, made people choose to take a pass - 42-43% of eligible voters did not. No mystery, no conspiracy, no “Russia ate my homework”, no “WikiLeaks did it”, just arrogance and a corrupted party millions do not believe in and will not vote for…unless for people of class, courage, and integrity…for the issues, not some manufactured personality…we had enough of those with Obama’s Big Sellout…the great progressive fraud!

Both parties serve forces of privilege, usury, exploitation, endless for-profit war and 'defense" MICC mechanisms, and ugly extremism…(read Israeli racism).

The establishment DP doesn’t give a flying rats ass whether they win or lose, as long as they retain power in the now destroyed remnants of the Democratic party; a party that once-upon-a-time sometimes actually worked for the 99% and environment, and workers and the dispossessed, not big-money and profits uber alles…NOT corrupt self interested Goldman-Sachs evil politicians! FRELL 'EM ALL!


Great analysis !

Where is the DNC’s Vice Chairman, the highly touted progressive Keith Ellison in all this?


The vital thing for many of us to focus on right now is the dire plight of Julian Assange, who appears headed to prosecution for espionage, and perhaps execution, by Empire. (When Adam Schiff was informed of Assange’s offer to meet with him, he said “Our committee would be willing to interview Julian Assange when he is in U.S. custody, not before.”)

Ecuador is now headed by a US puppet who’s literally torturing Assange to either death or defeat. Meanwhile, we hear an eerie silence from those who might be expected to offer solidarity. Nobody seems to care about Julian Assange anymore - now that his very life is at stake here.

Did Schiff Just Admit a Secret Indictment?


Time to recognize the DNC for what it is.


“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” - George Orwell

“In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”-Orwell

“The further a society drifts from Truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” George Orwell


Green is the new Blue.


I know that Tom Perez was installed by the shitty people still in charge of the DNC, but I have to wonder if his job is to make the Democratic Party as vile as can be in the eyes of most people outside of that party. Roughly about 30% of the country identifies with the Democrats now, and I can’t imagine those on the left in that party aren’t at least thinking about jumping ship. Just in the last few weeks, there is this stupid, poorly thought out lawsuit, which even hack “centrists” in the party realize is stupid, then there is Perez literally breaking his party’s charter to personally endorses Cuomo over Nixon, despite claiming that the chair of the DNC would no longer do those kind of things. Cause you know, as people mentally competent enough to eat soup, there seems to be very obvious lessons to be learned from the 2016 election for people like Perez. People on this site and on TV want to always wag their fingers at the left, but we were correct about what would happen if Clinton got the nomination, not them, and look at what they had to do to get her over the victory line, only to lose to the most unpopular major party nominee in history, by a long shot.

It is pretty amazing though, after we learned about what that party did in 2016, after we have seen what the DCCC has done in this cycle, after the Hoyer tape came out, and countless other things, this rotten, dying party wants to pretend to be doing this because they care so much about democracy. They could show it by democratizing their own party, and getting rid of things like superdelegates, but I guess this insane lawsuit is far better for people that are really, really bad at political strategizing.

The thing is, Perez cannot be removed from his position. If he was, there is no way it wouldn’t be given to Ellison, and they won’t allow that ot happen. And the DNC chair also gets to look at the party’s books, to see who it is paying, who it has contracts with, etc. No way in hell anyone but an empty crook like Perez would be given that power. So, Perez, the Clintons, Pelosi, Feinstein and the rest will let the party die before they allow it to be anything better than it is.


Every time that I bring up Seth’s murder, I hear nothing but conspiracy theories bullshit accusations.

Anyone who has researched this knows that the Democratic Party Establishment was at the heart of his demise. John Podesta was even quoted as saying, after the leaking of his emails, “…an example has to be made.”


GOP now stands for Greedy Old Perverts, and DNC seems to now be,
DEAD----Now Corrupted-----------I remain a BERNIEcrat


Or one charismatic person can come forward and rally the masses to throw off the shackles which are drowning us all.