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In 'Blockbuster' Ruling, Judge Says Youths' Climate Case Against Trump Administration Can Proceed to Trial

In 'Blockbuster' Ruling, Judge Says Youths' Climate Case Against Trump Administration Can Proceed to Trial

Julia Conley, staff writer

Twenty-one children and young adults were looking forward on Tuesday to bringing their climate lawsuit against the federal government to trial in the coming weeks, following a U.S. District Court ruling arguing that the plaintiffs have made a convincing case that the Trump and Obama administrations have failed to curb carbon emissions even as they knew of the pollution's myriad harmful effects.

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This is excellent news! Wonder when the MSM will pick it up…Thanks W.O. for the Carpenter clip. That and this article have resulted in a morning of warmth and hope - the first in longer than I can remember.

May the Children Prevail…


I hope they win their case.
I’m sure the “government” will appeal it and hopefully lose, but further appeals will happen until it reaches the Supremes.
At that point, I’m sure we all know what will happen.
Our Nazis have gained control of the courts just as Hitler did in the '30’s. I’m sure they’ll use them the same way.
But, I hope the youth’s case is rock solid and will expose what they are facing to the world. Perhaps it will spread world-wide.
It would be great if it just spread to We the People, and We acted collectively to cure the problem(s).


Beautiful! Thank you.
Many hearts!

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When the courts excellent decision is appealed and reversed.

Power To The Young People!


I think you and I are simpatico and I treasure all of your hearts.


What to do? Mercy Mercy Me


I see the tears still flow.
Sadly, thanks…


When Chris Hedges got a judgement against the Obama administration ruling the NDA as illegal, officials were sent overnight to the judge’s location to ensure that the ruling never saw the light of day.

I do not remember the exact details, but Hedges tells of the exact sequence of events in at least one interview.

The ramifications of Judge Aiken’s a ruling are simply that the case can proceed. IF the children win, the verdict will effect every single thing that we do, and especially the relaxing of regulations that Trump is orchestrating to let businesses have their way.

The thuggery that will then ensue will delight the fascists everywhere.

We don’t have a chance.

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In Russia, before the Revolution broke out in earnest, a huge group of people marched down a square, protesting lack of food if my memory is correct.
A contingent of Russian soldiers was ordered to shoot them down.
*They turned around and shot their officers giving the order.
*I hope, should there be a similar occurrence here, the reaction will be the same, or that they will at least “about face” and march away with arms reversed.


Why Republicans and Corporations and the Media Are Failing Us On Climate Change - SOME MORE NEWS

Speaking of Fascists, check out this channel I discovered recently:

If You Don’t Want To Be Called A Fascist, Stop Supporting Donald Trump, A Fascist - SOME MORE NEWS


I would like to join the lawsuit! If millions of us joined, that would send a strong message no matter what the courts rule!


This is my other pick. We hear pleas of “fish full of mercury” and “Don’t kill the whale” and people think—“wow, they were so ahead of their time”-----musically Yes (!), but conceptually, they were grounded in their current days.

"Rejoice they sing
They worship their own space
In a moment of love, they will die for their grace
Don’t kill the whale

If time will allow
We will judge all who came
In the wake of our new age to stand for the frail
Don’t kill the whale."



Some of Judge Aiken’s other rulings:

On September 26, 2007, Judge Aiken declared unconstitutional two portions of the USA PATRIOT Act that deal with the government’s power to conduct certain surveillance without first obtaining a warrant. The decision received national attention and came in the case of the Brandon Mayfield lawsuit against the federal government for false detainment following the 2004 Madrid train bombings, in which Mayfield was uninvolved in the bombings. In the decision, Aiken held that those provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act violate the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

On October 7, 2015, Judge Aiken resentenced Dwight L. Hammond and his son Steven D. Hammond to five years in prison with credit for time served for federal arson, the mandatory minimum for that crime. The Hammonds had illegally set fires on their ranch which burned 140 acres of federal land. U.S. District Judge Michael R. Hogan had sentenced the Hammonds to 3 months and 1 year in prison respectively, but Judge Aiken ruled that the minimum sentences must be followed. Armed militiamen led by Ammon Bundy occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge near the Hammonds’ ranch in protest of the ruling, demanding that the Hammonds be released and that the hundred-year-old wildlife refuge be given over to local control. The defendants in the case were granted a full Presidential pardon by President Donald J. Trump on July 10, 2018.

Kids are facing a problem – hunger, starvation. The world’s food production is dropping now and will be squeezing humanity hard long before these kids get to die of old age.

Mr. Judge, you couldn’t look at your own kids at the dinner table and tell them what’s going to happen to them, could you?

I am so happy that you are in my orbit.

Thx for the link. That guy must’ve had too much caffeine. Good points. Be ready to hit “pause” every few nanoseconds.