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In 'Blow to American Consumers,' Trump-Appointed Judge Sides With Trump on CFPB


In 'Blow to American Consumers,' Trump-Appointed Judge Sides With Trump on CFPB

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Who knows what deep damage Mulvaney will do until the D.C. Circuit can right this wrong."


Well the judge’s ruling will have to be appealed!


I don’t know why she doesn’t just appeal immediately. BTW: I thought judges were supposed to uphold the law!???


Don and his wrecking crew doing exactly as they said.
“Our” politicians continue to watch it all happen.


GOP stacking Federal Courts with right wing “activist judges” (a label the GOP has been fond of for many years) is already paying off for the 1% and their corporations.


This is how oligarchy functions.


I believe that we shall be seeing a lot of these right wing decisions. It remains to be seen as to whether we have impartial judges or not and that don’t look good. Any idiot who can confuse speech and power in regard to money doesn’t impress me with their thinking.


Has been for a while now, think Wall Wart.


What else do you expect in a country that is owned lock stock and barrel by the oligarchs. Why do people keep on voting? Because they are imbeciles. Massive general strikes and boycotts are the only thing left. Adios USA.


Leandra English with a private security force should just occupy the director’s office. It is within her jurisdiction to do so. At this point this may be what is needed to resist the growing fascist movement.


He just denied the stay. The conflicting information needs to be sparsed and examined.


Judges who are bought, serve their master, not the law.


This is of course, correct. The issue of who to run the agency wasn’t even examined. Much of what is being said is what people see, they see a red button marked HOT and push it without facts. I didn’t agree with his denial of the stay, I thought she could show damage but the judge saw it differently. There are other courts and another day.


“parsed” Thanks for the clarification…very helpful!


A QUALITY judge, this recently appointed, would recuse himself in an issue where his appoint-er is a party to the suit. So, Judge Hack, we’re already onto you. May you slip on your own slime.


" Why do people keep on voting?"
Damn good question: Like someone said: IF VOTING MATTERED IT WOULD BE ILLEGAL!


Progressives against voting, sounds like a great plan! I’m sure conservatives will be shaking in their boots.


Much ado about nothing, as this is just another one of Obama’s toothless Tigers to be euthanized. Like the rest of the impotant Dodd-Frank act, the CFPB has accomplished little to nothing in its short life.
Face it fellow liberals and all manner of other democrats. Obama, Nancy, Chuck, and poor hapless Harry Reid had a chance to change America for the better. They failed miserably. And now their lack of action, their lack of vision, back in 2009 has created this GOP golem that will complete the sale of America to the Oligachy.


Seems like there is a definite “conflict of interest” in that this judge owes his position to trump. One would think that he would not be allowed to preside over a case that involves his benefactor…but then, that’s probably just me being silly.


I would ask instead, “Why do people keep voting D/R?” Voting outside the “two-party” box can be seen as part of a much larger strategy of non-cooperation.

Otherwise agreed.