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In Blow to Big Pharma, Treasury Cracks Down on Corporate Tax Dodgers



Now there's a freakin surprise! Imagine a gov agency actually cracking-down on Big-Pharma or their obscenely-priced damn poison junk, other corporate tax-dodgers, environmental rapists-polluters, or banker/wall Street/hedge-fund parasites!
The devil's in the details, but - ""If our analysis is correct, this is a major victory for taxpayers who pay their fair share and who should expect no less from one of America’s biggest and most profitable corporations" - "Americans for Tax Fairness".
I am highly suspicious of Obama Admn "giving" something to the 99% without taking far-more back one way or another for the 1%!
The Obama/Lynch DOJ $20 billion deal/settlement with BP for example!


Hmmmm.... so might a company fire/accept resignation/ redefine the roles of executives, sell holdings to a tax haven base, have the executives then hired by the new company, (a few more stock buy-backs?), have shreholders sell and likewise migrate their funds etc, etc, etc...

I'm reminded of the legacy of medicine, both medicines and the hierarchy of control over the care of the human body, having under the social auspices of a decadent church, declare to be 'witches' and burned at the stake the women who were keepers of millennia of herbal knowledge. Also the vast knowledge originating in the middle east on which much of western medicine is based - the burning of libraries and the colonization and our arrival at predatory capital model of pharmaceuticals today.

Charming. Create a void and then claim that the fix is dependent on ...____________
Interesting especially the criminalization of health problems of addiction particularly with Britain's 'Opium Wars' and its methodological legacies.
Western Civilization: the fix for 'takers' - intellectual property rights; theft of indigenous knowledge of remedies; socialize the funding of the research, privatize the profit.

I do so hope that the western forms of insanity die a quick, painless and permanent death - or just an evaporation, a recognition of the solipsistic irrelevance to real life.


These drug pushing legalized prescription drug monopolies need to be flushed.


There's so much in this country that needs to be flushed. Pharmaceuticals are a good starting point. Imagine yourself with a big broom next time you enter a voting booth. And use it - we all have a good idea from whence the biggest problems stem.


And imagine who has managed to push this agency to do so. A principled 74-year old man and his movement, and this is just the beginning. Go Bernie!


"Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, who had called for the Treasury Department to crack down on such tax-evasion practices, heralded the news on Twitter"

Is this coincidence or did Bernie's called for the Treasury Department to crack down actually help cause them to do so?

It's pretty unusual for a presidential candidate to affect government policy even before being elected.


Thamk you for quitting. As scary as being unemployed is, it must have felt good to say, "No more!"


Drug cartels....