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In Blow to Colorado Residents, Anti-Fracking Measures Fail to Make Ballot


In Blow to Colorado Residents, Anti-Fracking Measures Fail to Make Ballot

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Two measures seeking to restrict fracking in Colorado have failed to make the 2016 ballot, Secretary of State Wayne Williams said Monday.


Sounds pretty suspicious ... I hope they plan to appeal. How would the CO Gov. know the outcome a week ahead of the decision?


the ol' extrapolation disqualification gambit. Nader people know this well. Sadly, if the gov't doesn't want your initiative, you have to close out your petitions with about 50% more than minimum just to be safe. Sad day for Coloradans, because there's a lot of public support against fracking there right now.


Hickenlooper predicted initiative will not make ballot: than, Secretary of State's hocus pocus mathematics, and shazam it does't


"with about 90 percent of the anti-ballot measure donations coming from energy companies."

Imagine that!


As the Democratic politician said to the Republican politician, "Frack the people."
Is Hickenlooper a Republican?


So you're saying Hillary is being bribed by the energy companies who are giving her all of that campaign cash?
"Cause if you are, I'm with you Abhaya.


As a signature gatherer for both ballot initiatives 75 and 78, I had less than 1% of the people I approached decline to sign the petitions. Hopefully the leaders of this citizen effort will challenge our Sec of State, in court if necessary. Both our Democratic governor, John Hickenlooper, and our Democratic Senator from Colorado, Michael Bennet, have opposed their constituents on two major health issues, ending fracking here and requiring the labeling of GMO foods. Hopefully, these two members of the Democratic Party establishment will see their political careers ended soon. Bennet is up for election in November and we have a very good Green Party candidate opposing him, Arne Marconi, so we have our chance of sending Bennet packing. It is a sad state of affairs that citizens in our country can no longer have faith in our elections or the counting of petition signatures thanks in part to Hillary Cinton's and the Democratic Party's fraud and trickery against Bernie Sanders. Trustworthy democracy is dead in America!


Surprise, Surprise!! Oil and gas lobby owns Colorado State government, so why would anyone think that the will of the people means anything? Representative government for the owner class, debt peonage for the rest of us. What's new here in the good ole USA?


So both the Democratic governor and Democratic Senator Michael Bennet are wholly owned subsidiaries of the fossil fuel industry?

Why should we reelect these two incumbents?
Because the alternative would be worse?
Seems like it would be much the same.
Twiddle dee and Twiddle dumb.


No, we, as I said, have a good opponent for Bennet in Arne Marconi. The best of the worst voting is fear voting! "If we don't change our direction, we will end up where we are heading" is a good quote I saw the other day. Take heed.


No, Hickenlooper is a frack'n pretend Democrat.


So Hickenlooper knew it wouldn't pass huh? He has been involved in every effort to stop the fracking here. He has gone against the will of Coloradans on this and another one that would have passed but he pulled it.
I can't wait till he comes up for a vote, I will work very hard to see that he and Michael Bennet and Jarid Polis never get elected again. They have worked to sell us out to big oil and gas and any other corporate interests that come around. So I'm sure they did something to make sure that fracking never hits the ballot, they would lose just like they did with the marijuana law.
I am just furious.


I too will be voting for Arne Marconi. Remember when Boulder and Longmont and a couple other towns were trying to end fracking and Hick pulled it? They supposedly set up a council where citizens and companies were to decide on fracking issues. Haven't heard more about that other than that the citizens held no authority. With Dems like these we are losing the battle, it's no wonder the Republicans won so many seats here in 2010, .


Another form of election fraud perpetrated by officials with a bias. The same thing is happening in Ohio, this time with a repub Sec. of State. Both parties are so .......corrupt.


Fracking is protracted suicide. The proponents know it, and could not care less.

They have misled the people once again, but credit where it's due, a very good job they've done.

They've had people put their fear of high gas prices, etc., over the safety of the water they drink
and the air they breathe.

Other counties in the U.S. have succeeded, so that is a good sign that sanity may come.


Many people don't know that the name "hickenlooper" is derived from a term in an ancient Teutonic language dialect referring to a forbidden act with a sexually deviant and highly repulsive breed of farm animal...or so I have been told.


Any initiative with signatures needs the collectors to validate the signees. We are in a place where the gov works against the people. 1/4 is really a high rejection rate. When it's appealed, the rejections can be challenge by checking the validity.


I have a fracking shirt that would go well with the group opposed to fracking. Will mail you one if you like.
Can you give me a mailing address and to whom?
James Anton
5108 Bonneville Dr.
Arlington, TX. 76016


Agreed. I was on my last "second chance" for Dems. Mark's hapless campaign was the final straw for me. No more Dems.....ever. Polis stinks, a real sellout. Bennett? Oy! Perlmutter's ok sometimes, bit it killed me that he supports killery.