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In Blow to Enbridge, Canada to Ban Oil Tankers Off Northern B.C. Coast


In Blow to Enbridge, Canada to Ban Oil Tankers Off Northern B.C. Coast

Nika Knight, staff writer

Canada Transportation Minister Marc Garneau made headlines this weekend when he announced that by the end of the year, a long-promised ban on oil tanker traffic will be put in place off the North Coast of British Columbia—weeks after the government was harshly criticized for its bungled response to a spill in that same region.


Now this is good news. I can not help but feel the Feds realized that they would continue to lose court cases against the First Nations peoples so decided to cut their losses and try and save face.

If you click on that link regarding the Hecate Strait it will discuss a study done in 1977 that concluded said strait simply unsuited to tanker traffic and far too dangerous.

This proposal should never have got off the ground.


Good news for a change.

Now - How about that Liquid Natural Gas terminal located in prime wild salmon habitat near the mouth of the Skeena River, not far from Price Rupert? This is the end point for the approved Pacific NorthWest pipeline - a consortium of Asian powers are behind this - total investment - not one penny of it Canadian - ~ thirty six billion dollars.


Canada doesn't want tankers on their western coast? Well we don't want a pipeline running across our rivers!
Now how do you propose to get your filthy tar sand oils to market?
Or will you finally say: Leave it in the ground to fertilize the trees?
Or will you continue to push for the American government to run roughshod over the little people here since our government is corrupt and will do so if the right wheels are greased. All legitimate and legal, mind you. Since most Americans were not paying attention or too uneducated to see the wool being pulled over their eyes by both sides of the ridiculous 2-party system that is rigged to help only ultra-rich persons, corporeal or corporate, at the expense of all others.
Perfectly Legal by David Cay Johnston


That one's going to be approved. Because reasons.


We need a court to overturn approval for DAPL in the US on the same basis - failure to consult First Nations. Failure to consider environmental health apparently isn't a good enough reason.


Since you express an interest, please see the link below (a complicated political issue):


Thanks. Maybe then Site C won't be built?


My guess is that it will be built. Another river compromised.

Then there is the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline ruling - expected before Christmas.

A tissue of lies and deceit - this is government today at every level.


Interesting that Canada and the US persist in asserting that they need to do away with importing oil and become more energy self-sufficient YET they build pipelines and fill railroad tanker cars to reach ports to EXPORT the oil! No matter the excuses or PR produced to fool the public, there will always be people opposed to the energy companies' environmentally and ecologically destructive operations. We must be grateful for their vigilance, activism, and uncovering the awful truth.

May Enbridge continue to take many more blows to the point of their demise. Perhaps they could change over to producing sustainable energy production: i.e., solar and wind. Enbridge execs drink water while despoiling water that others outside their protected bubbles are forced to drink, wash in, and water their crops. The new Trudeau needs to jump on the bandwagon to save BC and all other parts of beautiful, spectacular Canada from environmental degradation!


Sometimes they're talking about pipelines and tanker traffic. Other times they're talking about oil pipelines and oil tanker traffic. Seems they're well versed in the language of 'legalese.'


Yes, it does.

The only thing they're not dealing with is reality.

However, since we are now witnessing the actual descent into hell with this US election, my views on democracy are changing radically I'm afraid.

In this morning paper, 'Philosopher Cat' says this:

"Democracy...is when people despair of finding heroes to govern them"
-Thomas Carlyle (attribution)


Nice quote about Democracy !
Since over 2000 years we know that Democracy doesn't work ! (Plato)
But since our species is mentally diseased (C. G. Jung) and has completely lost its Social Emotional Intelligence (#HomoSociopathis) we, collectively, are unable to perseive & comprehend any reality.
All our social-economic thinking is a complete delusion and makes ourselves an endangered species.


To iandiwolf:

Interesting thought - the human being as "endangered species".

Maybe that could be formalised by the institution that compiles the 'red-list' ?


Keep you dirty sands oil in Canada and refine it there. No more leaks and pollution of our oceans and rivers for BP and Keystone profits. It is not our oil but theirs.


We are third world now. Our resources plundered for the few.


It is money for the few elite in the world. They destroy and plunder countries for their own profit. It is very evil.


The output of refineries is transported by truck rail and pipeline to end customers, so where it is refined does not diminish the environmental risk it poses, nor will it reduce the amount of CO2 and fugitive emissions from the refining process that goes into our air. In fact that can be far worse.

We need to show the rich, to prove to be hem tha they are in this with us, and that they are not able to buy their safety, nor cleaner air, water or land with their money. This message needs to be delivered soon and often. As long as they believe their money can save them the situation for the entire planet is dire!


We in America are not the end customers for Keystone pipeline and refining but China, Asia, etc. Yes…it all goes around the earth regardless of who refines it.

The keystone owners also want our gas and fresh water for profit. That pipeline could contaminate our aquifer and rivers, etc. if there is a leak. The gas drilling could also leak into the MW aquifer as I understand. The Koch Brothers are psychopaths since they are old and maybe dead by the time the earth is so polluted and climate change they could care less.



I agree on the psychopath diagnosis. It afflicts most people on both right and left. The right because they're all Koch wanna-be rich folks too, and those on the left I similarly indict for ignoring the problem.