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In Blow to Tar Sands Industry, Liberal Party Sweeps Alberta Elections


In Blow to Tar Sands Industry, Liberal Party Sweeps Alberta Elections

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In what some say is a clear rebuke of Big Oil dominance in the region, voters in Alberta, Canada on Tuesday overwhelming backed the liberal New Democratic Party, ousting the tar sands industry-friendly Progressive Conservatives led by outgoing Premier Jim Prentice.

Alberta is frequently referred to as "Canada's most conservative province," and the Progressive Conservative Party, known as the Tories, have held power there for the past 44 years.


Definitely a good news story, but please correct the headline. The Liberal Party is the name of a centrist political party in Canada and in Alberta. The New Democratic Party, who won the election, while more “liberal” than the previously governing Progressive Conservative Party, are more to the left and are in fact Canada’s social democratic party.


Be ready to support them when the ‘blow-back’ comes


And now our “nattering nabob[s] of negativism” need to be put out to pasture so we can DEMAND that our government do OUR WILL!

Pwr 2 the VOTING peons!


Question is what the Kochs, who own much of their Tar Sands, will do now that democracy has threatened their vulture capitalism. Will they go to the international court like the trade agreements set up?


…or rather, the NDO once was a social Democratic party.


“In Blow to Tar Sands Industry, Liberal Party Sweeps Alberta Elections”

No, the Liberal Party did not win the elections, the new Democratic won the elections.

The geographic and cultural ignorance of USAns is endearing when I see it amongst the idiotic right, but when people who would consider themselves “left” like Ms. McCauley, presumably living in a state with a long border with Canada (Maine - can she even name the provinces it borders?), does not even know the names of the main Canadian political parties, then it is very, very, annoying.


I mean NDP (browser wont let me edit)


Now if politicians here would follow suit and put big energy in its place…But alas no…they have their hands in big oils pockets and heads up big oils asses.


I was reading comments to the CBC regarding this election.

I would estimate 80 percent of the commentary suggested this means Harper on the way out come October and they were stoked about it.


Let’s hope that this is the first step to dumping Harper and his cronies soon before they can inflict more damage on Canada and the world.


So celebrate, but never forget that walking the talk only comes from holding feet to the fire.


Hello Yunzer,

Could you please explain what you mean by “once was social democratic?” I haven’t followed Canadian politics closely enough.

Thank you.


We are applauding here in California! Looking forward to the day when the Tar Sands trains stop rolling through our cities and the destruction of the boreal forest ends. Oh Canada! Well done.


The trade agreement, TPP, should indicate whether or not the Columbia River is (even now) designated a fossil fuel corridor. Foreign investment in “freight” rail, marine terminals and pipeline may become a legal mandate. Build fossil fuel infrastructure or face lawsuits.
Write trade agreements that force restoration of
wasted forestland, watershed and wildlife.


That’s because too many USAns still believe the “no, we can’t” line with respect to electing 3rd party candidates who will “put big energy in its place” …


Happy to see the election in Alberta, Canada reversed politically from right to left against oil fields. The Kochs must be hysterical. This will reduce pressure to build pipelines in the US from Canada. If we can get fossil fuels under control as they are preventing towns from shutting down fracking and running bomb trains everywhere that will be good. The TPP is another disaster both for the environment and our food supply. Major challenge for all of us over the next three decades before the oceans rise enough to wipe out our coastlines.
Banks and insurance companies may stop backing development in these areas of rising water.