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In Blow to Trump and Win for Bears, Federal Appeals Court Upholds Endangered Species Protections for Yellowstone Grizzlies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/blow-trump-and-win-bears-federal-appeals-court-upholds-endangered-species


Now the next step would be to strip Trump and his cronies naked and drop them into the Grizzlies territory.


Grizzly ever caught sight of the Orange Tinge in T-rump’s birthday suit, he probably has his buns done just so, the 16 footer and other bears would head for the same hill with the still Lord Buckley blew about and Jimmy Buffett done told in his own early mischievous and swanky wanky ways before he built himself a Protestant Work Ethic franchise to make Warren Buffett salivate in MARGARITAVILLEs…Gulf Coast to Parrothead Row:

I steer clear of nature’s Apex Predators and their turf. It’s Wall Street’s Apex Predators and their covetous predations that give me nightmares and anxious panic attacks each time the rent in this downwardly mobile 'hood skyrockets…

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Grizzlies don’t eat shit.


The story goes a pair of brothers went to Yellowstone during the late 1800’s and slaughtered elk and moose, selling whatever they could of them and leaving the rest to rot which attracted a larger than normal amount of bears including Grizzlies. The Yellowstone Valley and Tetons are a magical place and like the Grand Canyon there are those dedicated to protect her at all costs. Hands off our Grizzlies! It is one of only a handful of places on Earth where Trumpeter Swans live. Supremes are setting precedents for our bison, Grizzlies and all the wildlife within the Yellowstone basin. Go see it. You will never forget it. peace.


You can see “Yellowstone” on the TV every Sunday night.

Hi TrumpTowerofBabeI:

OH, then the people could grin as Trump had to bare it. : )

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Thank you for some good news today. Will at least keep Donnie Big Guns JR out of there shooting everything in sight. He can bag one in Alaska, though. Miserable effing sociopaths.

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I never said anything about eating them.

Well that’s good, because I’d sure hate to see those Grizzlies get sick.

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And had to “bear” it. :))

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Thank you I didn’t know that.

I read a piece years ago whose author, David Stout, who sadly passed Feb 11, 2020, affected me deeply and stuck with me thru the years. I hope all people with hearts that hunt will have a similar epiphany as David, and end their hunting killing of our animal cousins.

Excerpted from “The Sadness of the Hunter” by David Stout,
NYT 1995

“Perhaps there are other reasons why some men stop hunting as they get older…not because they grow infirm, but because they grow more keenly aware of the finality of all life.
And a personal note on why I gave up hunting. I was not squeamish, say, about slitting the belly of a freshly killed rabbit and dumping the steaming guts onto the damp leaves on a chilly November day, but I cannot forget the day when I was 13 and shot at a big rusty fox squirrel three times before it came tumbling down from the tree, bouncing off limbs as it fell, then trying to crawl away.
And this hunter who would not remain a hunter grabbed the animal by its tail, dragging it to a clearing to finish it off with the gun butt. Then he stood still in the dusk, listening to a chainsaw in the distance and waiting for his sadness to go away. He has been waiting for 40 years”. — David Stout

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Grizzlies Saved This Vietnam Vet’s Life. Now He’s Fighting To Return The Favor. ~https://www.huffpost.com/entry/doug-peacock-grizzlies-montana_n_59a6ce13e4b084581a14c1a3?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009