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In Blow to Unions, Anti-Worker Bill Heads to Wisconsin Governor's Desk


In Blow to Unions, Anti-Worker Bill Heads to Wisconsin Governor's Desk

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Voting along party lines and following nearly 24 hours of continuous debate, the Wisconsin Assembly on Friday approved anti-worker legislation that bans labor contracts requiring workers to pay union fees.

Republican Gov. Scott Walker, a presumptive 2016 presidential candidate whose assault on organized labor is ongoing, said he "looks forward" to signing the bill on Monday.


What can you say other than Walker is your basic shithead…assBag…


Of course the bill was written by Alec, Walker wouldn’t be capable of writing it himself.


The bottom line is that RTW is possible only if enough people allow it.Did you think that asking Walker nicely to reconsider would have any impact? Walker knows he can do whatever he wants.The occasional protest at the capitol doesn’t bother him. Wave your signs, “stand in solidarity,” but get back to work on Monday.


Elected by the “hard-workin’ people of Wisconsin.” How can you save people from themselves? Think about it: WI went from the hard right with Tommy Thompson in the 1980s, to his pal Scott McCallum, to conserva-Dem Jim Doyle, back to the hard right with Scott Walker. Republicans have a long record of being anti-labor. During these years, our family farms have fallen like dominos, and most of our family-supporting manufacturing jobs have left the state. Walker simply picked up where Thomson left off. What Thompson did to the poor, Walker is doing to the middle class. Unless Walker trots off for a position in DC with the next administration, WI is sure to re-elect him.


Maybe that “75 years of labor peace” is one of the reasons this bill could pass?

“No justice, no peace”, as the saying goes …


Indeed, that is the great issue. People are very susceptible to propaganda. The discovery of how to manipulate people is one of the great accomplishments of 20th century psychology and we are seeing the results of this accomplishment all around us today. I do despair of people catching on in time to prevent much disruption and bloodshed. People will figure out they are being bamboozled, but i wonder what it will take. And the longer it takes, the more awful the upheaval which will follow.