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In 'Bold' Act of Leadership, Nation's Capital Divests $6.4 Billion Fund from All Fossil Fuels



A bold act of leadership indeed! It's clear our political "leaders" and the way our politics have been corrupted by big-money and big-influence, will result in no real leadership from that sector - except for the Real Deal, Bernard Sanders & all the Sandernistas!
The struggle to survive needs leadership and commitment to the Common Good, not common greed as today's MO.
The longest journey starts with a single step, and with a strong coalition we will prevail.


Also a very practical step. Renewables will be the new oil in terms of money. The original oil people smelled money and invested and developed oil. The current crop of oil people aren't sharp enough to know when the tide turned. All they can do is milk the same poor old cow until it drops dead. The new entrepreneurs smell the money in renewables. Except for a few they probably don't all care that much about the climate and environment any more than the old, original oil people but at least it is where they, and the rest of us, really need to go. They will sing the song of the environment but only some of them will be sincere and the rest we will have to watch as they capitalize on their opportunity (take the baby but watch out for the bath water).