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In Boon for Big Pharma, TTIP Would Lock In High Drug Prices: Report


In Boon for Big Pharma, TTIP Would Lock In High Drug Prices: Report

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As E.U. and U.S. officials meet in New York this week for the 15th round of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations, a new report warns of how the corporate-friendly, increasingly unpopular deal could "lock in" high drug prices and "help entrench a broken medical innovation system."


It is a laugh to call deals like the TTIP and TPP free trade. Very Orwellian as is so much of the other political phraseology these days.


And if, once again, these cretins ignore the will of the people will we finally, collectively mount a total non cooperation which goes beyond boycotts? If it could defeat the mighty British Empire it could stop the USA Empire.


“TTIP could impede affordability” ?

TPP and TTIP are intended to impede affordability.


Big Pharma is another of Hillary’s major campaign contributors.
We’ll get a single-payer, universal health care system when the old guard, like Hillary,Obama and Tim Kaine, are banished from politics.
Vote for Jill Stein to begin that process.


That’s great news and I guess I’ll have to buy stock in the crime unit to pay for my drugs. Sad.


Very Obamian.


How you think people using pharmaceuticals, perhaps life-saving one, should react to your comment? In most countries and states in the USA, weed is illegal. I simply don’t understand your point.


What used to be the “military industrial complex” is now the “military, political, industrial, pharma, agricultural complex”. Looks like us plain old taxpayers are outnumbered. Wonder what the reaction would be if about 5million of us just quit paying taxes and put the money in a local credit union instead?


Imagine being in a coutry where insurance is mandatory to live and prices being locked in at the high. And what if you dont or cant afford the insurance and you are penalized for $500. How does this system help. All the affordable care act did was monopolize the insurance industry, no offense to anyone. There is absolutely no reason for companies to be competitive. You HAVE to have it. So much for the 67% of poor people that still cant afford insurance. Its not like you hear on the nees the joyous occasion that the aca brought to America with all insuresIf noone has noticed the price hikes, its because of being privalged enough for it not to affect.


I think their point is anti pharma as well as using natural substances.


This threat is real, but using the term “intellectual property” to
talk about it interferes with understanding of the issue. That term
spreads confusion, because it lumps together various disparate laws
that have little or no practical similarity.

Use of the term “intellectual property” clears the path for bad
changes like the TTIP. If you start from the false assumption that
all those laws are similar, you will not understand how each of them
works or what it does, and that often impedes arguing against the

It seems that some of the changes you described relate to other laws
which are not normally referred to as “intellectual property”; that
term is too broad to make sense, but you are stretching it even
further when you try to make it cover all these changes.

When a concept is misleading and pernicious, better that we not use
it. Please join me in rejecting the term “intellectual property”. It
is better to cite specific laws by name, when that is useful. See


That is why for the majority of the country it is illegal and if not is nearly impossible to have access to.


Well, my dear brothers and sisters. Which is it? Is Obama too ignorant to know what he’s trying to force down our throats, or is he wise beyond his years about what HE will gain from doing so?